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H_ll? Naw. It's Hell. "Hyena" like the animal, "Hell" like the place.

The Good:

Punk Rock.
Mardi Gras.
Breakin' stuff.

The Bad:

American Idol.
Ice in my whiskey

The Ugly:


Comics By HyenaHell

  • Abstract |
  • 19 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Hyena Hell's sketchbook/ journal. Empty space is the enemy.
  • Real Life |
  • 75 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
We've all been there: you go out and have a few too many, and the next thing you know, you're waking up in a gutter in some sort of alternate universe. S'ok, buddy. Happens to the best of us. Beware: contains lots of bad words and copious cross-hatchin
  • Fantasy |
  • 4 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Fan art for "The Hub".

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Comics Recomended By HyenaHell

A hard-working woman in a demanding field, Ms Sanders does her best to bring vampires to justice, defend werewolves from slander, and help the Bride of Frankenstein get a divorce.

What happens when a Grizzly Bear awakens from hibernation, to find the world he knew being consumed by zombies?

Deadfingers is a story about an indigenous girl and her tribe, struggling to salvage its independence from the imperialistic mainland. Features magic, knife fights, guns, robots and everything else you'll find in the alternate universe.


A dysfunctional family, a marriage to a stranger, and a literal dead-end job. And a GOD, too? This wild, wacky romantic comedy is Greek mythology like you've never seen it...and from the most unlikely perspective you'd find!

The Third Annual Drunk Duck Awards is over! Thanks to everyone who helped make this year's event an amazing success ^.^

Incredible Adventures in an Impossible Land

Transgender/Lesbian Romance! A little sophistication, a little punk rock, sexy butch women and a hapless everywoman protagonist in a lesbian demimonde.

Louder Than Bombs is a comic that can be inane, humourous, and even disturbing. You really take your good days with the bad days. It's our take on the world and how we take on the world all while being ourselves, being: Louder Than Bombs.

Classic odd couple scenario, a Punk Rocker rooming with an Indie Kid. Funny Stuff, right? Right?! ...Well I like it.

Pinky TA is a diesel-punk comic set in an alternative version of the 20's. It features the sexy Pinky, war, blood, steel, and fire!

This is not the tale of a young boy turned hero by happenstance, but the story of his arch-enemies as they strive to put right a world in chaos. Who are the "real" villians in their world? Faceless dictators? Zombie invaders? Or pop-culture itself?

the misadventures of Bones, the back alley,thrash metal mutant mad man and his side kick friends, Puke,Charlette the Harlot and Jack the Ripper.

Wacky, crazy, and surreal adventure!

Have you hugged your cannibal today? See the most up-to-date pages at

The Ends is a story about a man who awakens in a world where time itself is unraveling. He must journey through a surreal world filled with strange creatures and haunted machines to find the only thing he still remembers: the woman he loved.

Meet Kazimieras, a 13-year-old Lithuanian boy growing up during the Soviet occupation of his country. In color.

A surreal victorian era dream comic, that can be non-linear at times.

Craving an engaging and epic tale rendered in eye-catching art? We(ave) will deliver these things to you. Regularly. A fantasy web tale by MeHighLow (story) and Manda (art).


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robzidious at 6:08PM, Feb. 12, 2009

Wow featured! Nice going and very well deserved!

Aghammer at 7:53AM, Feb. 12, 2009

Big congrats on getting featured!! Well deserved.

joshof13thfloor at 4:27AM, Feb. 12, 2009

Cograts, my friend. You deserve it. (btw, I've been pimping you a little over there on the adult oriented website we originally met on)

ShinuZero at 11:51PM, Feb. 11, 2009

Gratz on the feature!

madisonchance at 11:16PM, Feb. 11, 2009

Congratulations on The Hub becoming a featured comic! Your comics are beautiful!

Ryuthehedgewolf at 11:00AM, Feb. 11, 2009

I have no idea how! :D

mbloom at 9:43PM, Feb. 10, 2009

Thanks for being so awesome! =D

ShinuZero at 9:55AM, Feb. 5, 2009

I really appreciate it, especially all the help you gave me on the forums. :]

robzidious at 6:14AM, Jan. 27, 2009

Yeah I was having problems adding comments the other day too. Thanks for the add! Really digging your stuff.

ShinuZero at 8:34PM, Jan. 26, 2009

Thanks for the friending I appreciate the crits. Good luck and keep crankin out pages!

Aghammer at 6:10AM, Jan. 20, 2009

So full of myself! I meant, and how are you doing my friend ? ;)

Aghammer at 6:08AM, Jan. 20, 2009

Hey Hyena, thanks for the comment. I've been working crazy hours on a job related gig (nights and weekends for no extra money).. hopefully I'll have time to get back to the duck soon... I miss it. :)

Rutter at 4:50PM, Jan. 19, 2009

Thanks for checking out Rutter

Metal_Breakdown at 12:14PM, Jan. 15, 2009

No problem, thank for adding me back!!

joshof13thfloor at 6:09AM, Jan. 11, 2009

You know me, I'm THE bad penny...I always turn up sooner or later, lol. ;)

CharleyHorse at 9:02AM, Dec. 29, 2008

I forget about these comments blocks. The Hub rocks and so do you Hyena H_ll.

Aghammer at 1:11PM, Dec. 10, 2008

Hope all is well my friend... loving the Hub :)

subcultured at 12:41PM, Dec. 9, 2008

whaaaat? yer a comment virgin? well, I'm just gonna have to pop that cherry. ^_^

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