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Hey my name is Rob and Im the uncreative mastermind behind Im Not Bob, a gag strip based loosely on my own cynical views on pop culture and life in general.

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Humor and cynicism told through a point of view which you've never thought of because you never cared.
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Delightfully inappropriate and offensive stick figure comics.

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In the near future, a technology that allows people to exchange minds between their bodies has emerged. Through the life of Alex Lee, ANATTA explores the identity revolution brought about by the global exchange of minds.

Follow the misadventures of aspiring actor Mick Nardelli as he faces auditions, day jobs and just life in general. Quirky, character-driven and offbeat. Updated weekly (usually on Wednesdays).

In the world of Harkovast, magical races battle for survival against the Nameless armies of the West. Betrayals, intrigue, warfare and unrelenting bloodshed will determine the fate of all nations. Epic fantasy adventure, with furry / anthro characters.

A state between death and resurrection. A place known as Purgatory. When redemption is you only chance at being saved, will you obey Heaven's everyword? After death before judgement is when our lives are truly measured.

A Drunk Duck featured comic and winner of the Drunk Duck Awards for Best Humor Scenes and Most Deliciously Offensive. Plus the artist is an Adonis of a man. Handsome, charismatic, suave. He saved my mom's life once! All in all, this is one awesome guy.

For over a billion years the Phantom Lord and his force of Mastors have kept order in the Universe... but a new threat is on the horizon! A tale of interplanetary intrigue and heroism! Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Even 7 years after his father's death, Randy Miller has had a pretty tough life. Now, teaming up with his old friend Randy sets out to change the world forever with his new invention- a self aware robot. The only problem is his robot is... "different".

"...out with the old, in with nothing" a story about the end of the end of the world.

or "What Happens When You Eat Breakfast in Bedlam"

After a long slumber, The legendary Apple of Discord again reappears, this time as the fuel behind a humor-based joke-a-day webcomic updating Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays. Do you dare take a bite?

We've all been there: you go out and have a few too many, and the next thing you know, you're waking up in a gutter in some sort of alternate universe. S'ok, buddy. Happens to the best of us. Beware: contains lots of bad words and copious cross-hatchin

YO! Comix is your average story about two average guys and their average know, like kidnapping an Everquest obsessed friend and taking him to Mexico, chasing gremlins, going to hell, and aliens. You'll Enjoy it for sure! READ IT NOW! NOW!


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ShinuZero at 9:53AM, Feb. 5, 2009

Thanks man, I really appreciate it! When they ask, I'll tell em Rob was with me from the start! xP

bishounen1012 at 7:59PM, Feb. 3, 2009

hey! I'm the artist of the2ndredbaron working on INTERIM STATE! thanks for liking the comment please do check it regularly and leave a comment! you have a nice set of comics here! keep it up!

Jabali at 4:19AM, Jan. 24, 2009

Thanks for the add! :D

korosu at 11:58PM, Jan. 23, 2009

Thanks for the add! :D

Exzachly at 9:38PM, Jan. 16, 2009

.... I has...... friend??

Metal_Breakdown at 11:08AM, Jan. 15, 2009

Heya man! Thanks for bein mah friend =3

ShinuZero at 7:55AM, Jan. 14, 2009

Thanks for the add. You have a hilarious sense of humor

Mushroomcomix at 2:43PM, Jan. 13, 2009

Thanks for the add!! And the recommendation of YO! Comix, much appreciated!!

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