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A comic about everyone's favorite pirate-themed 80s supergroup, Adam & the Ants!

Three nerds in the UK. Lots of tea, biscuits, and dragons.

It's a fantasy comic loaded with unashamed homages to my favorite horror movies, featuring a colorful cast of characters, and for some of them I mean that literally. The cast is mostly non-human, both mythological creatures from folklore and original creatures. A lot of friendship and found family, and a few rampages of revenge.

A supernatural drama about the consumption of love, desire and power plays out in this demonic love triangle! A Platinum Studios comic!


This is a story about a little girl, Lila, and her life once she befriends two aliens.

A story of an unbreakable friendship between two girls when faced with one of their deaths. A manga story of friendship and love in a battle against childhood cancer and death.

A group of friends who do all sorts of stuff. Stuff that someone over the age of 25 would never ever do. So its pretty much awesome.

Gary James gets more than he bargained for when he finally finds a vocalist for his band Misery's Child in the shy, introverted Alex Chase. Contains shounen-ai and yaoi, if you're not into that then this comic's definitely not for you ^_^

Things haven't been going well for Tom. His girlfriend's dead, he's a criminal, and he's discovered latent fire-bomb powers. What to do, what to do? Sounds like the perfect time to join a covert organization of political assassins! By Kristen Gudsnuk

Even in a magical world, unexplained phenomena can happen. That's where Eredicus, Aries and their colleagues come in. They explore the paranormal in a world of fantasy, mythical creatures, and strong magic.

It's just a sweet romantic drama about making new friends and changing stubborn views and attitudes. ~ Shonen-ai / boyslove / yaoi / romance / drama ~

Is an awesome comic involving 6 friends. Many charries come and go, but this is filled with plenty of MPFU's and possible drug substances.

A character-driven superhero comic, set in the UK? One that's not a spoof? Oh, you'll be wanting Shades then!

Sarah is a fairly ordinary person who just wants to lead a quiet life but seems to have a habit of getting herself into extremely complicated situations! Contains themes of an LGBT nature.


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simonitro at 1:01PM, July 14, 2008

thanks for the add... and I would assure you, our friendship will last eternity.

Cross at 8:12PM, July 5, 2008

Thanks for the add! =D

xdrinkmercury at 3:04PM, March 7, 2008

thanks so much for the add :]

TerryTerrier at 12:47AM, March 3, 2008

Allo!!! just feeling like saying I love UK 2!!

demi luv at 6:49AM, Feb. 27, 2008

Thank you for the add! ^-^

dreamwatcher at 8:00PM, Feb. 25, 2008

can't wait to see more of your Seargent and the Majors comic XD!

Akki333 at 11:21AM, Feb. 18, 2008

thank you for the add as well. Your comic is awesome and very interesting!!!XD

shino at 10:23AM, Feb. 7, 2008

^w^ thanks for letting me be your freind!!!

Lucarioman_EXE at 2:28PM, Jan. 24, 2008

thanks for the add!

DarkChibiShadow at 8:11PM, Jan. 15, 2008

Hey, thanks for the add! Glad to see you like LIFE/DEATH! You also like a lot of comics that are by a lot of friends on mine! (ELO, Cross Overxx, simply sarah) ALSO MISERYS CHILD ROCKS! BOO-YA! :3

logjam at 12:49PM, Dec. 7, 2007

Thanks for the add!

Kristen Gudsnuk at 12:21AM, Sept. 17, 2007

you are awesome and your avatar makes me very happy ^_^ such a kewtie fox!!! (or maybe it's a cat!)

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