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Comic update:

Comico an Killap: suspended.
Comico The Hedgehog: ended.
Sonic In The House: ended.
Pokemon Sinnoh Blast: suspended.

Comics By comico

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  • last: July 6 2011 |
Killap in his first comic ever!!!
  • Fantasy |
  • 35 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
The mighty Comico in action!!!
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  • 10 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
The new trainer in Sinnoh's journey!
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  • 2 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
See what happens in Sonic's house!

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Queensarah's Mighty Power

Comics Recomended By comico

Well, this is my Sonic Sprite Comic. It's supposed to be a Sonic X comic style but then I thought how much people hate Chris (me included) so it's kind of Sonic X without Chris & co. (YAY)

The mighty Comico in action!!!

Megaman is in Grave danger... All the baddies come back from thier deletions and all team up on Mega.. Will Lan,Mega,and thier friends survive the horrible twist, or will they all suffer? Find out by watching the comic!

Navi's from a different net demision are attacking...

The first (Successful)sprite comic of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platnium (To my knowing) most sprites are customs by me Tries to update every Mon, Wedns, an Friday.

This is a PoKeMoN comic based on the Fire Red/Leaf Green series but told at a different perspective

It's a megaman battle network comic. It's about a criminal organization and of course people like official and megaman will try to stop them.

Various things occur in this... I don't know yet.

Chaos is Back and Sonic's in Trouble. Back being an affectionate nickname and Trouble the place where Sonic is located.

A 14 year old guy discovers a Sonic online game called "Sonic Advanced Online" and makes new friends online, and finding real world friends too. A group of players plan to hack the game to their will, and it's up the NeonRush and friends to stop them.

A Sonic sprite comic that is 3 years in the making. Join Sonic and his friends as they go on hilarious adventures to strange for the video games. Prepare to enter the insanity that is Sonic & Tails Corner. Please? you know you want to.

Sonic's on college... WITH SHADOW AS HIS ROOMMATE?! (this story is not in Another Sonic Comic's Storyline)

SDC is about Sonic and his contest against some random called the Watcher. With help from his resentful sidekick, Tails, and self-styled villain Shadow (with his sycophantic brothers), chaos is sure to follow.

Sonic and friends get sent to the Megaman universe. Dr.Eggman follows them and teams up with Dr.Wily. Now Megaman and Sonic must team up to defeat the doctors and everyday life.

Take one happy-go-lucky hedgehog, an disgruntled emerald guardian, an ex-weapon of mass destruction and put them in the same house as a fox that makes giant robots in his spare time. You'll see clone armies, vampire girlfriends and stanist weddings. Fun.

Action, Comedy, Adventure

A sprite stips comic created taking ispiration by the sit-coms with characters from the Sonic game (and some others). Gags and laughs are waiting for you!

We've just arrived in the beautiful *insert planet name here*. It's is crisp, and warm day outside with a temperature of Ninety-one Fahrenheit, with a slight chance of doom and destruction raining from above. Not to worry Sonic will clean up the mess.

A comic about Sonic!

Sonic wars, where the battles last longer than the acts

sprite comic on mega man or Megaman or rockman battle network. Most of the custom sprites are by me. It is the story of a new criminal organisation called the Delettion against Mega man and his friends and a new do-gooders organisation called the Moon.

shadow silver and bloof, enuff said

A funny Sonic comic with fight scenes and hilarious scenes.


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xVegitox at 1:37PM, March 9, 2009

Where've you been? And how's it going?

xVegitox at 6:41AM, March 7, 2009

WOOOT your back!

xVegitox at 11:44AM, Feb. 1, 2009

Wuts up Comico. I have returned from like 2 years of not coming here lol

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