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Dear Sir/Madam,
You have been randomly selected to follow the continuing adventures of Dave (what is me) as he sets a course to high adventure in the wonderful world of wide web via his webcomic (what is roastytoasty). Please take some time to peruse the onboard entertainment. Thankyou.

Please address all complaints to deepest darkest Australia.

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Champagne comedy served in two half pints. The completely random adventures of Campbell and Henderson. *WARNING - may contain zombies, aliens, acorns, jellyfish, anti cloud sentiments and possibly a punchline or two.

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Just a bunch of random comics I make occasionally when the mood strikes me. Mostly I draw stick figures. Occasionally I put some effort into it. Updated whenever/infrequently.

Caggage's cute exterior hides a surreal, manic depressive variety show drawn from haunted nightmare visions and general malaise. It features two little guys, an orange thing and a squidkitten.

Hi I'm Carly, and for some reason I scare the Buh-Jeezus outta people! Not intensionally, they just think I'm weird. But I'm a really nice normal person. With lots and lots of friends! Lots of 'em, yup, lots. Who? Um, people too important to tell you

From the creator of "Shiny Things" comes the story of an anthropormorphic lamp who is chosen by God to become the next savior of Earth. Updates Tues and Thur

Because it sparkles so brilliantly. Comics by Keegan Basset Updates Monday

Back for the first time... it's the most normal comic a guy like me could do. gather th'family around the computer screen and share some quality pork.

Fitting in isn't easy, especially when you're a big green monster trying to reform. With a little help from his friend Bigfoot and his human roommate, Tad, the Atrox just might make it after all

Where the Cute Things Go is a webcomic about the lives of several small creatures: Happi Paper, MomoCheet, Pudge, Frankie, Fat Cat and Evil Landlord, and their friends and aquaintances along the way of life.


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tinytinykingkong at 11:21PM, May 8, 2008

Roasty, Great work on roastytoasty. Keep up the good efforts and thanx for the add

Joe Vegas at 12:46PM, Jan. 16, 2008

sir roastly i especially enjoy your comic, it makes me chuckle to the point of brain matter discombobulating. thank you graciously for all those laughs

MegolaTheGreat at 6:56PM, Nov. 15, 2007

lol Hey! RoastyToasty is amazing XD

F_Allen at 6:58AM, Nov. 14, 2007

cheers for the add, wicked stuff - frank [url=]Dream Music[/url] check it out if your got time

Joe Vegas at 12:57PM, Oct. 23, 2007

i think it depends...if you get aressted, you might have to be necissarily, what happens in Vegas, does not ALWAYS have to stay in Vegas...unless you're dead

bouncybricks at 1:01AM, Oct. 21, 2007

hey, thanks for the add And thanks for taking your time to comment me!! YOUR SUPER!!...and so are your comics!!! they're so CUTE!!! LATERS!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!

Chaz McRich at 3:02PM, Oct. 17, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

leopardprintstars at 5:44AM, Oct. 5, 2007

*continued from last comment* i am writing to inform you that you are awesome. thank you for taking the time to read this mail.

leopardprintstars at 5:43AM, Oct. 5, 2007

dear sir/ Madam/ Kitten.

Ersatz at 3:08AM, Sept. 24, 2007

I hate dirty milk with fake name! Oh, and keep up the good work, you're style is luvverly!

Conned at 7:00AM, Sept. 2, 2007

Thanks for the add toasty! I do enjoy your comics so very much so keep making them!

Captain_Rickets at 9:15AM, Aug. 5, 2007

And that new sound will be played on the didjeridoo!

Captain_Rickets at 2:56PM, July 31, 2007

My dear dear sir you do not need to buy me anything. The gift you give me is the pure joy that I receive after reading any and every Roasty Toasty comic. A part of me wants to kill you, and eat your brains, so I can gain the great power that resides within. But another part of me wants to look at pictures of kittens with LOL captions. And that side wins out...for now...

kawaiidaigakusei at 6:28PM, July 29, 2007

I am a complete Dave fan right from the start! Your art is so simple and clean and your writing is so funny I keep on raving about roastytoasty to all my friends who are interested in webcomics. I love both Campbell (with crown) and Henderson (without)

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