usedbooks on Aug. 9, 2010

It's new character time! This scene was originally going to be over the phone and/or have a “shadowy figure” but the whole thing seemed too corny, contrived, and maybe a little lazy. For those that like “mystery,” I apologize for ditching my mysterious and sinister shadow figure in favor of a face-to-face meeting in a cozy den. Heh. Oddly, the dialogue is unchanged from the dark, mysterious version.

Peipei: In this town, evil might be safer – unless you have evil friends out to stick it to you.

Tantz: Aw. No sympathy for violent scumbags? How sad.

Warpedwenger: I'm sure we could think of a few things…

amanda: Alas, my paints and canvases are all in storage – where they belong. XD (I'm simply no good at that stuff, as much as a wish I was. I have all kinds of unused art supplies.) I will bring my Jiro plush, but he's MINE. ^_^

ghostrunner: Sometimes, but he hides it well.

DAJB: Thanks, but that's pretty much just how I write – even term papers. Heh. In this case, however, I had to remove some revealing dialogue (pertaining to Raidon's motivations). They were unnecessary for plot right now, and I can go into those later. (That's how my story ends up so long…)

Jonko: I didn't want to stretch out this chapter, since it's a “conclusion” chapter. In fact, that scene was an afterthought. I added it to make a few other things a little more clear (including Raidon's emotional motives/drive), and it serves that purpose.