Featured Nov. 26, 2007
Mature, 151 pages

The concept of luck was sentenced to walk the Earth as a human. She doesn't know why. But she's not alone. Meet Marlin Sainlevie, owner of a massive corporation and the man-made galaxy it controls. He's evil incarnate - and Luck's only hope. Whirlwynd paints with a surrealy beautiful pallet. Noir has never looked more colourful! (Rated M)

Featured Nov. 21, 2007
Mature, 3 pages

In Human City, super-powered beings are bank-rolled by the town magnate to take down criminals. Only these ‘heros’ seem to have no moral code. They bully their way through and never, ever hold back. It makes you wonder who the bad guys really are!
Nice detailed drawings and some great action here! (Rated M)

Featured Nov. 19, 2007
Mature, 65 pages

“The play of warp and weft create the tapestry of Daidal; neither is anything alone, and the whole is more than the sum of the parts….”
If you are looking for something different, try this one! An amazing. surreal story of adventure and magic. Every page is like a painting!

Featured Nov. 16, 2007
Everyone, 96 pages

Amber owns a pet shop containing a neurotic hamster, a psychotic gerbil, a germophobic snake, a dim-witted lizard, a budgie that thinks he's a hawk, and lots of other interesting and funny stuff! Stop by and check it out!

Featured Nov. 14, 2007
Everyone, 57 pages

Give a photo of your living space, work space, play space… whatever, and Conned draws herself in your photo! Check out this wonderful idea for a community comic!

ELO by pastel
Featured Nov. 9, 2007
Everyone, 116 pages

This is a story about what happens when a little girl befriends two aliens.
pastel masterfully uses several different drawing styles, and the story is just a seriously cute and fun read! It's okay, Mr. Macho Guy, you can go and enjoy it too! We won't tell anyone. ;)

Featured Nov. 7, 2007
Teen, 75 pages

Simon lives a dull life, works as a clerk at a dead-end job, and just generally gets by with no aspirations of greatness. Until one night a mysterious looking cat creature changes his life forever! Nice art, clever dialoge! Check this one out. Rated T

Featured Nov. 5, 2007
Everyone, 38 pages

When an unexpected event triggers dormant powers, the super-humanly charismatic SUPERCHUM is born. Now it's up to him and his super-powered friends to save themselves (and possibly even the world) from a diabolical gathering of the un-friendliest of super-villains. If you like classic superhero comic book art and storytelling, you'll love Superchum!

Featured Nov. 2, 2007
Teen, 76 pages

Greedy, sadistic upper management, a produce manager that has ‘Nam flashbacks, stupid customers, secret chambers, and lots of slackers working for minimum wage. There’s always something funny going on at The Corner Store! Thank you! Come again!

Featured Oct. 31, 2007
Teen, 208 pages

The exact cause of the infection is still unknown (or… is it?). Now several Drunk Duck users AND their characters have turned into flesh-eating (and cheeto eating) Zombies! Dang it. I hate when that happens.
How will this all resolve? What will happen next? Nobody knows for sure. Be sure check out this cool community comic!

Featured Oct. 26, 2007
Teen, 1158 pages

Been Better is a comic strip based on the almost-happeneds, I-wishes, dreamed-it-ups, and wouldn't-it-be-funny-ifs of creator Jimmy Purcell… who claims it's an autobiographical comic, but there's no way it can all be true. Like a slice of life comic, but with more punch - with the extra flavor that an overeager and slightly mad cast of characters can add. (rated T)

Featured Oct. 22, 2007
Mature, 1205 pages

The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan are a band of unlikely (and unlikable) outlaws living in the woods. (Their land is also oppressed by a greedy ruler and his tax collector.) Unlike a similar group of outlaw heroes, they have no scruples and even fewer social graces. They don't mind a bit of banditry when they can get it, and they spend an awful lot of time being drunk… (Rated M)

Featured Oct. 15, 2007
Teen, 43 pages

What happens to your creations when you die? Do they experience and afterlife? Find out as two college students discover an old film reel and accidentally open a gateway to hell! The fate of mankind is relying on a forgotten cartoon star, Mr. Scootles.
Do yourself a favor and read this one from the beginning! (Rated T+)

Featured Oct. 12, 2007
Mature, 39 pages

For the most part, unearthly creatures of the night have become productive, law-abiding citizens of Cornerstone City. But in a supernatural town, crime can be exceptionally horrific. That's why you need a special task force made up of Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, and the like to go after the offenders. This comic will pull you in and not let go! (Rated M)

Featured Oct. 10, 2007
Everyone, 127 pages

Say… Are you an obsessed Adam Ant fan that is planning to make an extremely well drawn and hilarious fictionalized version of Adam and The Ants? Well, too bad! The position is already taken, and nobody could do it better! Ladies and gentlemen, one of the the best post-punk rockers is now in comic form in all of his face-stripey goodness. Whether he knows it or not. ;)

Featured Oct. 5, 2007
Mature, 15 pages

It's hard to put a finger on what makes Killing Tree Quarterly so fun to read. Is it the unique and skillful art (including some awesome use of negative space)? The fast pace? The colorful wayout west dialogue? The no-goodness that so many characters are up to? Maybe it's the flavor of its slight ridiculousness… Rated: M

Featured Oct. 3, 2007
Teen, 253 pages

What becomes of a nation's heroes after they've won the war that lost an empire? There is intrigue and mysteriously dark doings on the crowded streets of modern day London. Will the heroes of the past prevail against the threats of today?
Shades has action and stunts aplenty, a story full of hidden twists and a foreboding feeling of "more to come'! Rated T.

Featured Sept. 26, 2007
Mature, 203 pages

A series of stories out of the head of a classic-style cartoonist, told to the figments of his imagination that accost him for beer and violent stories. A walrus with evilly glowing eyes, the planet of the babes, a nun a bit too knowledgable about the perils of hell, and more… it's all good fun! (Rated M)

Featured Sept. 24, 2007
Everyone, 196 pages

Usually when there is a duo, one is smart and one is dumb. However Campbell and Henderson are both kinda dumb… in a likable way. They get along well with each other at least. Amuse yourself at their expense - there are random other funnies sprinkled throughout the archives, too. (Rated E)

Featured Sept. 21, 2007
Teen, 116 pages

Zoe Perks and David Baker face the threat of the mysterious plague of lycanthropy, which originated with a virus and cannot currently be cured. Both of them have a special resistance to the disease, but life in their changed world is hard… they must make ends meet and take care of a little girl while facing monsters, getting hurt (repeatedly), and navigating the hidden history of the virus. (Rated T)

Featured Sept. 19, 2007
Teen, 176 pages

Everyone has a specialty. Naomi's is worth going to war for – at least that's what A.D., the most powerful science and business corporation in the world, reckons. So who is Naomi and why is she so important? And what exactly is A.D. up to? (Rated T)

Featured Sept. 17, 2007
Teen, 92 pages

Know what sucks? When the girl you like is possessed by the Lord of Kaos. Yep, that's a drag. Know what's fun? Being able to read about another poor schmuck it happens to!
A supernatural drama about the consumption of love, desire and power plays out in this demonic love triangle!
Watch out! You might just get consumed by CONSUMED!
(Rated T+)

Featured Sept. 14, 2007
Everyone, 175 pages

Kai is a young girl who has inherited her grandfather's ancient, mystical sword. She's a bit of a happy-go-lucky little rapscallion who joins fellow adventurers to face the many dangers that inhabit their magical world. A classic fantasy adventure manga with a good dose of humour!

Featured Sept. 10, 2007
Teen, 35 pages

The story of Penny Copper is that of magic in the age of machines. Penny is a down-and-out magi reduced to performing for children on streetcorners to earn enough to eat. Not only does she have her own trouble, but she seems to have stumbled into an entire mess of someone else's problems, too… (Rated E)

Featured Sept. 7, 2007
Mature, 191 pages

Heavy Metal techno dystopic future. The art is amazingly detailed, fully painted and full of rich atmosphere. The story is dark and dense. In this age the young are king and the world is not as we know it, poor Lizzy is only just now discovering the full extent of its darkness.

Rated M


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