Featured Dec. 18, 2008
Mature, 1221 pages

Orn is a young, “spirited” girl in an indigenous village. She isn't much loved by her father, who isn't quite sure what to do with his problem child. With few options, he gives in and teaches her the family trade: hunting and forging knives. She's pretty good at it. Just when things are getting settled, a new element appears- the threat of the village being desroyed by… robots? But Orn has other problems… Check this comic out for its atmospheric art and unusual story!

Featured Dec. 15, 2008
Everyone, 109 pages

Five classical composers suddenly find themselves swept into the 21st century. They have no choice but to acclimate. Yeah, it's pretty far-fetched (and not too historically accurate)!
In the inimitable style of Antcomics (the creator), she brings these historical figures to life in vivid colour, sets them loose the the world and lets them get into all sorts of trouble.

Featured Dec. 11, 2008
Teen, 301 pages

Funky comic. Funky art. Funky stories.
Jeff, his alter ego Powerjeff, his chia sheep Chia, its baby (Baby Jeff - don't ask), and his nemesis Jeremiah the fart-mutant have wacky little episodes together. Going to highschool can be tough for some, but not for these guys, it's a continual, marvellous journey of hilarity!

Rated T+, By Json

Featured Dec. 4, 2008
Mature, 31 pages

It's not often that a comic with less than 20 pages gets featured. Most comics haven't proven themselves in this time. The Death of Sydney Walls is a happy exception, and you will want to get in on the ground floor of this one. Accomplished art, tight writing and above all an intriguing story put this fast-paced comic on the fast track to the front page!

Featured Dec. 1, 2008
Teen, 105 pages

Meet Much. Much, the Miller's Son- who is leaving home to make his way in the world for the eighteenth time. But this time is different. This time he's taken for a criminal, rescued from a hanging by Robin Hood (as cheating Robin's alibi), and made to join his relatively inept band of men… where his bounty grows, he is exploited for profit, and where he finds unrequited love in the liberal, short-skirted Marion. Much has a hard life but he kind of brings it on himself.

Featured Nov. 27, 2008
Teen, 452 pages

The adventures of a man who has found a dimensional portal in his closet that he believes will lead him to his lost love, Beatrice. He finds violence and war, strange peoples in a strange land.
Drawn in his own peculiar and highly individual style, Darrell's comic is truly an epic! A muscle bound world of old school adventure and battling action.
Rated T+

Featured Nov. 20, 2008
Mature, 234 pages

In another world ruled by a corrupt theocracy, a small group of religious pilgrims must race to find the Seven Lost Keys of Abraham before they can be destroyed by the very church to whom they belong!
Samurai action, high drama, and high adventure. This is an interesting, non-manga take on the Samurai genre.

Featured Nov. 17, 2008
Teen, 417 pages

Bernadette is a lowly (and clumsy) maid in Lord Wellesley's manor. The other maids don't like her, and are quite glad to see her sent off to a neighboring estate… one that is repudtedly populated by vampires. Although frightened, Bernadette receives some courage (and a huge crucifix) from the kind, noble, handsome, sparkling Lord Wellesley- and off she goes into the night. What does fate have in store for our terrified heroine? You will have to read to find out!

Featured Nov. 13, 2008
Everyone, 380 pages

Who doesn't like a good old-school girly scifi story? Whoever they are, I don't want to meet them. Lovely Sohpie is the contented curator of the Museum of Lost Things (a place after my own heart). She isn't burdened with the problems that plague most people… and things get downright interesting when the handsome Meson practically falls into her lap. Sohpie's Nurse Nebula comics advise her in love, but who can help her when things get more complicated? Like with the Nano-Bees?

Featured Nov. 10, 2008
Mature, 64 pages

Go A Viking is an epic fantasy with Vikings, magic, blood, battle, and high adventure! By Bravo1102, this detailed saga features a mature, intelligent storyline, with compelling characters. But most striking of all is that it's all done with photos of meticulously dressed and posed figurines in historically accurate gear on perfectly staged and lit sets! It's like a movie. Take heed: this comic has an M rating.

Featured Nov. 6, 2008
Teen, 73 pages

Mitch and Steve are roomates living in Austin. They get along as well as you could expect - Steve's idea of a ‘veggie friendly’ meal for Mitch is a chili dog with sprouts on top; Mitch doesn't care how cruel the girl he's sleeping with is to Steve, because she's hot. There's a little bit of everything here: geeks, anti-geeks, trucks, music, Lance Armstrong…. The comic isn't about class struggle, it's about struggling to have some class.

Featured Oct. 30, 2008
Teen, 177 pages

Klutzy Tenkyo never expected a new friend to just wash ashore one night, and things only got weirder: from crazed robots to ghost ships, Punk-Pink is a whimsical comedy-adventure not to be missed! -That's how its creator Hapoppo describes it, and that's pretty spot-on actually. Punk Pink is also gloriously cute, colourful and engaging, with gentle humour, a story that's easy to get into, nice art and a broad appeal. Rated T+

Featured Oct. 27, 2008
Everyone, 483 pages

The world of Lego Space is a pretty funny place. In this photo comic you'll be introduced to all aspects of the Lego Space universe and meet the hilarious characters within it, from the twins Lance and Vance to Lego Space's own Fonze: Commander Schwartz. Interestingly, Kdog (the creator) has not only created an interesting and fun little SciFi universe, he also displays a massive collection of the Lego Space toy range, and supplies interesting titbits of trivia about it. Rated E for Everybody, especially those that grew up playing with Lego!

Featured Oct. 23, 2008
Mature, 104 pages

Don't you just love to talk crap with friends? These five guys sure do. They're sitting and drinking on their verandah, surrounded by crushed cans, having one long, extended conversation discussing all the most important and pressing matters in the world from “If you were stuck in a mall during a zombie apocalypse, what Saturday morning cartoon characters would you want to be with?”, to what kind of plumbing do the Fantastic Four have to use to handle their fantastic crap… It's funny dammit! Rated M.

Featured Oct. 20, 2008
Mature, 60 pages

Sometimes a forum can be like a high-school, and sometimes, a high-school can be like a forum. Whatever Top Drawer High is, it's hilarious! Done in a style reminiscent of American 1960's cartoons, Renga Studio's characterisation of forum behaviour here is both subversive and utterly ridiculous, as well as being funny as hell. The denizens of Top Drawer high will probably never graduate, and they probably won't care. It's an interesting place to visit, but no normal person would want to stay there.

Featured Oct. 16, 2008
Mature, 199 pages

A story of great houses set in a feudal world of high fantasy and murderous intrigue. Powerful families vie for position and advantage using dark sorcery, sharp steel, and treachery to further their cause. Young Mirame and Mitsume are all too deeply involved.

Featured Oct. 6, 2008
Teen, 147 pages

In the future, AI technology has been cracked and there are a number of projects underway… including the mysterious Sophia, who is currently in danger as her lab and its scientists are under seige from a group of soldiers who want to stop them. This all has very much to do with some events and people from just a few years in the past, and the author skillfully intersperses these different plot lines. Amazing art and compelling writing, there are still very many questions to be answered!

Featured Sept. 18, 2008
Mature, 158 pages

Poor Sunhra. Not only is she a fugitive, but she picks up her getaway ride with a guy who is incredibly self absorbed and so hung up on his past all he wants to do is find the perfect chick so he can dump her. At least Sunhra is having none of his crap, not even when he decides to abandon her in the middle of nowhere. There's an interesting side plot happening as well, but it hasn't been tied in yet. Intriguing!

Featured Sept. 15, 2008
Teen, 127 pages

In a city not sure whether it's modern or turn of the century, Victorian-punk Cricket must take care of the alien Creature, kidnapped and left with her by her now-dead brother, member of an underground worker's rights group fighting the morally questionable fatcats controlling the city's industry. (Got that?) Cricket makes a rather poor job of her guardianship- she dresses Creature up in some ragamuffin clothes, but she's not fooling anyone… including her enemies.

Featured Sept. 11, 2008
Teen, 1 page

Meet Dr. Argon. He's balding, has bad teeth, angry insomniac eyes, and some rather frightening claw hands. Why the white lab jacket? Well, it's because he's a misanthropic mad scientist supervillain. He's forced to live peacefully in the suburbs and he hates every minute of it. It isn't long before he decides the best thing for him to do is… go back to his old ways. Of course.

Featured Sept. 4, 2008
Teen, 68 pages

Pandemonium, Inc. handles supernatural problems, big and small. That doesn't mean they've got things easy. (However, as hipsters with magic powers, they make them LOOK easy.) One of their number has got a prophecy hovering over his head, and we all know how those work out. Colorful, strong art style, interesting story and fun dialogue. Check it out!

Featured Aug. 28, 2008
Everyone, 61 pages

This comic, although just getting started, will appeal to all types of readers. A Twist in the Tale is a collection of enjoyable short stories which, as the title suggests, have all got a twist of some sort. The genres change from story to story and the comic promises to have a little bit of everthing, given just a bit more time. Great black-and-white art and direct, rapid storytelling. Very Twilight Zone-ish!

Featured Aug. 21, 2008
Teen, 340 pages

Cwen's father is a powerful man who lives on a floating island and has dragons for servants. He has built his own empire, so it's only natural that he exiles his children so they aren't a threat. (Right?) Cwen is one such exiled child… but she has come back, with the intent to take over the place. There's just a couple of problems… This fun comic is brought to us by the creators of 3rd Party Fantasy and Vampire Phantasm X!

Featured Aug. 11, 2008
Teen, 155 pages

If you have crazy freaks as the villains of your city, then maybe you should use crazy freaks to try and stop them. Lucky Dawg is one such man… thing. Actually… he's a werewolf. The pro-level art is wild and colorful, much like the characters. There's just something really satisfying about reading a comic about a happy wereworlf, no matter how crazy and violent he is.

Featured Aug. 7, 2008
Teen, 122 pages

Batman and Robin, Moose and Squirrel… all the great duos are pairs of animals. Well, meet Kat and Dogg. In the style of 80s-90s American comics, Kat and Dogg are mutated humans (as part of a somewhat misguided attempt at helping humanity) who, along with some team members, are still pretty new to the game. When they find another mutant to add to their group, it turns out they aren't the only ones interested in him- high drama and lots of fighting ensues. Dynamic, pro-level black and white art.


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