Featured May 15, 2008
Teen, 420 pages

Welcome to the hallowed realm of Asgard, where the Norse pantheon hasn't quite grown up yet. Thor needs to be baby-sat, Loki gets in hot water with dadlike blood-brother Odin, and blind Hod can't ogle the Valkyries with the rest of his friends. Meanwhile, Odin's sacrificed eye (given to obtain the secret knowledge of how to stop the baby's crying) is plotting revenge… as well as it can anyway, being held up by the trolls, giants, dwarves, and svartelves…

Featured May 12, 2008
Everyone, 304 pages

Meet Melvin. Melvin is just your average American living in Japan. Big ears. Big Nose. Big… Hilarities. Raw Fish takes us on a journey to Japan through Melvin's eyes. Drawn by Corey Dye who himself being an American living and working in Japan shares his experiences as cultures clash. If you wanted to know more about Japan, this comic is a nice place to start.

Featured May 8, 2008
Teen, 52 pages

Omega Chase is the story of Mack Baron, a man who knows who he is but doesn't know where he's supposed to be. Currently, he's the sheriff of a 19th century Texas town… but he also vaguely recalls being an officer on a 24th century starship… and an archer in a band of medieval adventurers. He'd love to sort it all out, but a zombie horde has just entered town, and he is Sheriff after all…

Featured May 5, 2008
Mature, 303 pages

There are aliens behind the tavern. Hitler's grandmother has taken ill. A talking pencil is running for mayor. And Panic River's nuttiest citizen is taking the rap for a murder he didn't commit. David A J Berner calls Roy Barley, “A surreal carnival of the grotesque.”
For Mature Audiences!

Featured May 1, 2008
Everyone, 97 pages

Ahab from the literature classic Moby Dick gets a re-envisioned in this moody stark black and white comic where we follow our titular character as his journey carries him from his battle with the legendary white whale to the dark illusionary world at the bottom of the sea. The ghoulish atmosphere alone will capture you and pull you beneath its waves.

Featured April 28, 2008
Mature, 549 pages

That's right, it's a comic about beautiful women who wrestle each other for fun and profit. Is there a problem with that? I didn't think so. Of course there is more to Rival Angels than that. For instance, main character Sabrina Mancini is stuggling to get her career going despite professional and personal rivalries… But really, a comic about revealingly-clad babes getting all rough and sweaty with each other? What are you waiting for? (Admit it, you wish this comic was yours.)

Featured April 24, 2008
Everyone, 180 pages

Cosmic warlords have come and they want the “engines” and they will do anything to secure them in their grasp. But what are these “engines” they are searching for and what evil purpose do they have planned once they obtain them? A small band of forgotten and broken heroes may be the only thing stopping these tyrants in their tracks. With a comic universe rich with varied characters and genre blending perfection, ttyler delivers one action packed roller coaster ride that you will never want to get off!

Featured April 21, 2008
Everyone, 202 pages

Welcome to Pinkerton National Park where the inhabitants’ lives are more than just wild, they are out of control! Come on over and hang out with happy go lucky Buckley, sourpuss Tucker, and Steve, the guinea pig with an identity crisis!

Featured April 17, 2008
Mature, 36 pages

Fantastic art and compelling writing tell the story of three men who are beyond human. A wild half-man who seems to like stopping evil a little TOO much. Another man who recklessly puts himself in death's way and has an important secret to protect. A third seems like a typical lazy moocher, until his black cloud of emotions get the better of him. What do they have to do with each other? Perhaps the prophecy will answer that…

Featured April 14, 2008
Mature, 47 pages

Bairei is a bit of a player- well, more of a sleaze really. However the one woman he wants (the woman dating his rich adoptive father) he can't have… meanwhile the beautiful Rui has decided she needs to expand her circle of friends (the old ones are getting kinda catty). This manga-styled comic has all the guilty pleasures of a soap opera and none of the feminine hygiene commercials. Reads R-L

Featured April 7, 2008
Everyone, 148 pages

It's Opey's first day at school and he's a little nervous. Not because his dad seems to be a real weirdo who gives bad advice, or because the city he lives in (which he's never seen before) is some sort of manic psudo-future populated with robots and clones… but because he's afraid the other kids won't like him. You actually feel bad for the poor guy as he realizes people are afraid of him because he looks like a bomb. Fun, absurd, sad, and smart- oh and it looks nice too.

Featured March 31, 2008
Teen, 44 pages

Fun to look at, fun to read, Starsign is just fun all-around. Siblings Petre and Mia are occultist weirdos who like to fight zombies and demons and seem to have some rather disturbing (yet strangely fitting) personality quirks to boot. Amazing use of color and design, lots of entertaining action, this one will go on lots of Favorite lists!

Featured March 27, 2008
Teen, 136 pages

A lovely black-and-white comic, Cloud Eagle incorporates both American and Japanese style elements to tell what is turning out to be an interesting story. A group of teenagers focused on protecting their urban turf have trained themselves to be superior martial arists and a force for other gangs to fear. This time they may have to deal with more than they bargained for, with a kidnapping and a plot to consolidate gang factions.

Featured March 24, 2008
Everyone, 127 pages

This suspiciously adorable comic consists of the brain bubbles of an artist- all those little, random thoughts and ideas that a person can't get out of their head. It's cute, it's simple, it will give you a little smile on update days. You might even learn something- like even the gloomiest angst-ridden person is still a slave to a mew-ing kitty.

Featured March 20, 2008
Teen, 154 pages

A manga-styled story based on the tale of Faust, a man who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for power and knowledge. The beginning of this comic focuses on Claire, the woman who for some reason feels obligated to the young doctor despite the village's hatred of him. Then again, they have a point- why ISN'T he doing anything about he plague? He seems to just mope around and drink coffee all day.

hiro by sage
Featured March 17, 2008
Everyone, 124 pages

From the fella that brought us Blip and Action comes the story of Hiro, a boy who is learning martial arts at the Oyama School of Defense. Things aren't so serious though- he's not THAT great (yet), although he does try to stop a pink ninja from bullying a kid. When he gets picked on by the rest of the rainbow ninjas he has to explain his side of the story, but…

Featured March 13, 2008
Everyone, 29 pages

A young boy, convinced of his own uselessness, sits down near a bridge in the snow to have a good mope. Soon he gets a strange visitor, Death, who takes the boy with him because he needs an apprentice. The boy must have promise, although Death finds him annoying and stubborn (and probably whiny) from the get-go. how is this going to work out?

Featured March 10, 2008
Teen, 195 pages

A boy wakes up in a London overrun by zombies and other monsters… sound familiar? Well, this comic is nothing like certain movies. In this case, the boy is a monster himself and finds other monsters to team up with in order to first survive, second save the world… Deceptively simple art and a number of endearing characters (not to mention a good ol' monster story) make this a great read!

Featured March 6, 2008
Teen, 123 pages

Te Gustan los comicos del web espanoles?
*snicker* well even if you do, speaking even a single word of Spanish won't help you understand this very funny (but spooky strange) comic! Super cute simplistic art, recommended on a very high LOL to panel ratio!

Featured March 3, 2008
Mature, 121 pages

Like any good silent comic, Action doesn't have any words. Wait, let's try that again. Action is all about action. It's a story conveyed through visuals only- but what visuals they are! The art (kinetic, striking, beautiful, scary) moves things along in this spine-tingly tale of a man battling the supernatural. Mostly it's just really cool!

Featured Feb. 28, 2008
Teen, 45 pages

At every college party, there's someone who shuts themselves in the bathroom and starts throwing up. (At least, that's where you hope they do it.) In this case, it's a girl… with a sword? Who is this failed ninja and how did she end up here? Fun story and likable art- also, Master Buddhafist has a wicked fro.

Featured Feb. 21, 2008
Mature, 33 pages

A pharmacist is run over by a tram and ‘repaired’ by a couple of kind-hearted, experiment-minded hicks. Okay, maybe they aren't hicks, but they're freckled and they have the accent. Abigail takes a very forward fancy to the pharmacist, who doesn't protest too much, but her brother Earl doesn't approve… Rated M!

Featured Feb. 18, 2008
Everyone, 32 pages

In the abandoned ruins of a stony castle, high in the mountains, a young shepherd honors his dead parents. His world is at the end of an era. Things are not completely quiet however - he is interrupted by a battle between a barefoot knight and an enormous warrior. A professional-level fantasy comic with tons of atmosphere!

Featured Feb. 14, 2008
Mature, 88 pages

This unusal and somewhat abstract comic follows the dream of a sleeping stone… or is some of it not a dream? The page-by-page progression of events is certainly dreamlike, describing a continuing chain of actions which build upon each other (with quite a few visual symbolisms to boot). A black dog, a white figure, and a letter…

Featured Feb. 11, 2008
Teen, 134 pages

What if DD webcomics were tv shows, and its characters (or rather, the people who play them) were celebrities? This community project aims to find out! A myriad of ‘actors’ are invited to a mountain resort to get away from the stress and demands of playing their DD roles. Now they have to get some kind of break from each other!


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