Featured Feb. 23, 2009
Teen, 176 pages

Randy is a boy with two arms. One of them is a robot arm, which he got when his inventor father's evil partner killed his father, took over the company, and had the father's invented robot arm grafted onto the wounded son he intended to cut out of any inheritance and also leave with the medical bills. Got it? Perhaps coincidentally (or perhaps not) Randy is very interested in building robots. The result is an adorable little fellow who used to try to kill people but doesn't any more. Meanwhile, Randy's best (girl) friend from childhood returns and is already getting the mack put on her by Randy's biggest rival. Drama! Cute, funny drama!

Featured Feb. 19, 2009
Everyone, 59 pages

Tim is a poor little turtle. He's newly hatched and hankerin' for the sea! His little instincts tell him to push for the big blue ocean but no matter what he does or how hard he tries, he just can't seem to stay there for long!

This story is only just developing here, but I hope you'll look forward as much as I do to seeing how things progress and seeing if poor little Timothy ever does find his home in the sea.

This is a beautiful, charming tale. It's funny and cute. rated E for everybody!

Featured Feb. 16, 2009
Mature, 103 pages

Not everyone likes comics with a gritty story, huge plot, and message to send. Simpler comics just about people and their lives are also appealing (especially if they have art as pretty as Good Taste's). This is obviously a character-driven comic - they have clear, believable, interesting personalities and relationships and most of the story so far is about them interacting with each other. There's more to tell here which will be got to in its own good time- that may seem slow to some, but others may appreciate the lighter tone and the feeling that the writing hasn't been overworked. Mainly, it's just fun to read.

Featured Feb. 12, 2009
Mature, 75 pages

The Hub.
There's this poor GUY, he's just out to have some fun, you know? Maybe meet a nice chick, go back to her place and have some MORE fun… But it doesn't work out that way. Instead he ends up drinking all night and wakes up in a strange place, like you do. Except this is REALLY the wrong place. Maybe the wrong universe!
He ended up at the hub. And met some great people.

Beautifully, painstakingly detailed! Hyena Hell's work is reminiscent of the master etchers and draughtsmen of the 18th and 19th century. The story is a trip: Through Alice's looking glass into place that's strange, and yet strangely familiar.

Featured Feb. 9, 2009
Everyone, 97 pages

Is ‘superhero horror’ a genre? Blood Reign and Devil Jack takes you back to the ‘90s indy comic days when the shelves were stocked with fresh takes and new experiments in style and content. It may remind you of Spawn with its demons, curses, and supernatural powers. Most pages are lushly colored using traditional media- and the black and white pages are so skillful you won’t miss the colors. Fantastic art, a wide array of strange and interesting characters, and loads of action- don't miss out.

Featured Feb. 2, 2009
Teen, 784 pages

After the vigilante Blackhawk dies, his sidekick Canary (Wade) is left mentorless and super-wealthy. Wade isn't sure what to do with his life now. He resented being Canary but it's all he knows… so rather than do something sensible, he dons a new costume (Acrobat), subjects himself voluntarily to public high school, and tries to keep himself busy. Superteams don't want him, his schoolmates don't like him, and he just can't decide whether he's doing the right thing. A fun array of heroes and villains, Deadpool-like comebacks, engaging art and more-than-just-superhero story make this comic tops! The art is rough the first few pages, but vastly improves very quickly, so steady on.

Featured Jan. 29, 2009
Mature, 100 pages

Tozzer! It's a funny, well drawn, nice looking little humour comic. This is how the authors describe it:
Welcome to the world of Tozzer! Whether you're a fan of films, games, TV shows or pop culture in general, you'll find something to love in this sick, twisted, land of opportunity.
That's pretty accurate. It's quite funny and takes a few well aimed swipes at various things from movie making, video games, even to humour webcomics! I think you'll agree that this is a tasty treat. It's on the short side too so it won't overwhelm you at this stage. ;)

Featured Jan. 26, 2009
Mature, 139 pages

Daqueran is a handsome fellow (and a bit of a jerk) who travels the lands slaying dragons, bathing in springs, brushing off girls, doing deeds for unicorns, chatting it up with naked sirens, and carrying around his companion Tik (a tiny, adorable chameleon octopus). The comic is in its early days so the story is still developing but it's clear there's a war brewing with the dragons, a fearsome and well-drawn lot. This classic fantasy comic is gorgeously illustrated digitally and with watercolors. Each fantasy creature has been individually designed, often with a refreshing take on the standard.

Featured Jan. 22, 2009
Mature, 115 pages

Humanity fights its last global war to decide which evolutionary road it will follow… Darkness or Light. And a mysterious woman will become the new messiah!
Novusgenesis Hype is an awesome future war Sci-Fi action comic featuring battle scenes, funky mecha, wry humour and one of the sexiest heroines on Drunk Duck! This is one exciting, good looking, hardcore piece of eye and mind candy. Mostly a “guy” comic though so beware. Translated from the original Spanish by its creator Scorpious (Rigo Jimenez), Novusgenesis Hype is well past due for featuring!
Rated M

Featured Jan. 19, 2009
Everyone, 73 pages

Hatpire doesn't pretend to be anything other than a cute wordless comic about the adventures of a vampire who wears a hat- which is what makes it so enjoyable. Hatpire has many rather tame dreams and adventures (such as becoming a pimp-pire, building a treehouse, visiting Gramp-pire, and the story of how he got his hat), two good friends in hat-cat and plague-doctor-bird-guy, and of course a great hat. It's all guaranteed to be very adorable.

Featured Jan. 15, 2009
Mature, 238 pages

Stylish and fun, Kung Fu Komix is an hilarious retro-tastic martial arts actionfest. It has krak, punch, bamm, boom, and DOOM. Curtis and Luis save Alex from ninjas, and decide to help him rescue his girlfriend from the bad guys, who just happen to have an army of ninja and are themselves kung fu masters. Will Kung-Fu Town ever be the same again???! You down? Like a mamma-jamma! Really, I'm not kidding about it being hilarious.

Featured Jan. 12, 2009
Teen, 156 pages

Brad Stone, world-famous actor, goes from movie-hero to the real thing overnight. As he starts down his path as Relik, a dark superhero with a past shrouded in mystery, he quickly discovers the consequences - and risks - that come with his new-found abilities, and that nothing, not even victory, is guaranteed when there are no “retakes”.

Retake is a very exciting and dark superhero comic done by both SympleSymon and MrHades. It features a surfeit of action and heroic deeds.

Featured Jan. 8, 2009
Teen, 214 pages

Mastorism is a universe run by the billion-year-old Phantom Lord, a guy with amazing powers and a fiery head. He's brought peace and prosperity to the planets in his universe, with the help of his Mastor police force (who are essentially all the other people in the universe with special powers). Suddenly, all the universe's planets are tapped of their energy and a certain Phantom Lord and his Mastors are disinclined to help. Things are not looking good…

Featured Jan. 5, 2009
Teen, 102 pages

This is a manga style comic about a young Spitfire pilot in WW2 and the crisis of concious he has about the war, killing, and his part in it. The art is mostly grey tones and it looks really good! The planes are drawn beautifully and the action pics are cool. It's interesting to see British WW2 pilots as manga shounen and the story style reminds me more of something from WW1 in feel. In all it's good looking work with few panels on each page so the art is nice and big, and it's a pleasant, easy read.
Rated T+. read Spitfire

Featured Jan. 1, 2009
Teen, 186 pages

Jeremy was voted by his classmates as the most likely to die alone in space, his mother isn't very supportive, and his supervisor is a cruel and unreasonable bastard. This makes being an astronaut kind of hard. Escaped (in a way) into a land of strange-talking giants, he has no idea what is in store for him next. Featuring bright and colorful art, funny characters- and cute guinea pigs.

Featured Dec. 29, 2008
Teen, 24 pages

Goblin (that's his name) is deep in a pity party when his friend Ranulf drops by, inviting Goblin to try a new hallucinogenic drug he's been growing in his basement. Perhaps wiser people would have turned him down (because of course things go wrong), but where would the story be if he had? Eye-pleasing art, interesting characters, and a story that promises to turn very strange very quickly!

Featured Dec. 22, 2008
Teen, 185 pages

Faults is… random. I don't like that word, but it's best here. This comic is all over the place, but it's funny and the art style is colourful and awesome. What's it about? Well it's a humour comic about a bunch of young friends and the amazingly stupid things they do, don't expect a story here. It's just humour and cool looking art!

Rated T+

Featured Dec. 18, 2008
Mature, 1221 pages

Orn is a young, “spirited” girl in an indigenous village. She isn't much loved by her father, who isn't quite sure what to do with his problem child. With few options, he gives in and teaches her the family trade: hunting and forging knives. She's pretty good at it. Just when things are getting settled, a new element appears- the threat of the village being desroyed by… robots? But Orn has other problems… Check this comic out for its atmospheric art and unusual story!

Featured Dec. 15, 2008
Everyone, 109 pages

Five classical composers suddenly find themselves swept into the 21st century. They have no choice but to acclimate. Yeah, it's pretty far-fetched (and not too historically accurate)!
In the inimitable style of Antcomics (the creator), she brings these historical figures to life in vivid colour, sets them loose the the world and lets them get into all sorts of trouble.

Featured Dec. 11, 2008
Teen, 301 pages

Funky comic. Funky art. Funky stories.
Jeff, his alter ego Powerjeff, his chia sheep Chia, its baby (Baby Jeff - don't ask), and his nemesis Jeremiah the fart-mutant have wacky little episodes together. Going to highschool can be tough for some, but not for these guys, it's a continual, marvellous journey of hilarity!

Rated T+, By Json

Featured Dec. 4, 2008
Mature, 31 pages

It's not often that a comic with less than 20 pages gets featured. Most comics haven't proven themselves in this time. The Death of Sydney Walls is a happy exception, and you will want to get in on the ground floor of this one. Accomplished art, tight writing and above all an intriguing story put this fast-paced comic on the fast track to the front page!

Featured Dec. 1, 2008
Teen, 105 pages

Meet Much. Much, the Miller's Son- who is leaving home to make his way in the world for the eighteenth time. But this time is different. This time he's taken for a criminal, rescued from a hanging by Robin Hood (as cheating Robin's alibi), and made to join his relatively inept band of men… where his bounty grows, he is exploited for profit, and where he finds unrequited love in the liberal, short-skirted Marion. Much has a hard life but he kind of brings it on himself.

Featured Nov. 27, 2008
Teen, 452 pages

The adventures of a man who has found a dimensional portal in his closet that he believes will lead him to his lost love, Beatrice. He finds violence and war, strange peoples in a strange land.
Drawn in his own peculiar and highly individual style, Darrell's comic is truly an epic! A muscle bound world of old school adventure and battling action.
Rated T+

Featured Nov. 20, 2008
Mature, 234 pages

In another world ruled by a corrupt theocracy, a small group of religious pilgrims must race to find the Seven Lost Keys of Abraham before they can be destroyed by the very church to whom they belong!
Samurai action, high drama, and high adventure. This is an interesting, non-manga take on the Samurai genre.

Featured Nov. 17, 2008
Teen, 417 pages

Bernadette is a lowly (and clumsy) maid in Lord Wellesley's manor. The other maids don't like her, and are quite glad to see her sent off to a neighboring estate… one that is repudtedly populated by vampires. Although frightened, Bernadette receives some courage (and a huge crucifix) from the kind, noble, handsome, sparkling Lord Wellesley- and off she goes into the night. What does fate have in store for our terrified heroine? You will have to read to find out!


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