Featured July 3, 2008
Mature, 231 pages

lba's humour comic has such amazingly funky stylised art, this stuff would work brilliantly on T-shirts. His humour style is unique, cutting, ironic and sly: Dry and wry. Rated M.

Featured June 30, 2008
Mature, 161 pages

Dirtheads is a comic about three twenty-something guys doing their part to cut the crap in the world. Gooch goes on a quest for reimbursement and reveals the ‘pretend’ service practices of modern businesses. Vince starts dating ‘a reader’ that he tries to impress by sounding more intelligent than he is, and finds that things work better when he's not putting on an act. And Manny… well he's just an overeducated loser with high expectations.

Featured June 26, 2008
Mature, 267 pages

Inept police, inept villains… is anyone in How Unfortunate capable of doing their jobs? Let's hope not, because things are pretty funny the way they are. Part cop movie, part Powers, part Naked Gun- read about what happens when a team of strangely powered (and poorly named) baddies goes up against a couple of reluctant cops and their also-reluctant ex-baddie super-powered partners. (Sounds complicated, but it's not!)

Featured June 23, 2008
Mature, 104 pages

Why is it so hard for people in love to just love each other? Making decisions based on their perception of the other's best interests, or ignoring the one better for you because you like the other better, or not taking someone seriously… It's all a bit of a mess really. Nothing Really Serious is a comic about the frustrations of love when the participants aren't on the same page. Lovely art too!

Featured June 19, 2008
Teen, 1 page

Like several other great pieces of media, Manifestations starts with an awesome plane crash. Things only get more interesting from there. The creator of Devoid Of Life brings us a terrifying story of ghosts, monsters, resurrected cats, and other wild and scary things crawling around behind the back of reality (although ‘reality’ is a questionable concept, here). Smart, spellbindng, and looks amazing!

Featured June 16, 2008
Mature, 603 pages

Meet Sarah, a girl who is constantly under pressure from her family to find a boy and fall in love with him. Just one problem- she fancies girls. What's Sarah to do? Her new friend Janey invites her out for some fun, but Sarah can hardly enjoy it as the entire time she's wondering whether she should tell Janey how much she really likes her… unfortunately romance isn't the only thing in her life that is difficult for Sarah.

Featured June 12, 2008
Teen, 43 pages

Intergalactic love and war on the beaches of Hawaii… as Wizer gives free surfing lessons to blonde bombshell Kona (who is interested in more than a 'beach bum, to his dismay), spaceships battle in the stratosphere above them. Forgive the excitable punctuation early on, because this comic looks absolutely lovely- especially the water- and has a pretty interesting story developing.

Featured June 9, 2008
Mature, 62 pages

Military and psychic rescue teams arrive too late to save Lancelot unit, who are found gruesomely dead in a mansion infested with paranormal dangers. It doesn't take long for them to realize they're in way over their heads…. Compelling storyline and amazingly detailed art will remind you of Hellboy and Guy Davis's BPRD work. The black-and-white style is a treat to look at, and you should see the color pages!

Featured June 5, 2008
Everyone, 194 pages

Leo is an orphan- he never knew his father and his mother was killed before his eyes. Life is tough for him. The police are always after him- at the beginning of this comic, they've almost caught him. A very odd guardian angel comes to his rescue just in time to save him from the police and from another very odd man in water-filled platform shoes. Lots of great fight scenes ensue! When things calm down, Leo learns that he hasn't quite been as alone as he thought. The guardian angel was sent by his father… Zeus.

Featured May 29, 2008
Mature, 58 pages

In the void of space, humanity explores looking for life and trying to charter new worlds. Don't believe everything you've seen on Star Trek. What's out there waiting in the dark abyss of space doesn't want to be found. With stunning art work and lighting sloo captures the lonely atmosphere of space as our broken crew tries to survive annihilation at the hands of a menacing alien race.

Featured May 26, 2008
Teen, 170 pages

It all started on the fateful day that Epsilon1-F4240 (he calls himself Humphry now) had his turn to empty the rubbish bin at Regalia Accountancy Inc. On this fateful trip to the basement, he acquired a hat. The hat changed everything. Who knew that robots led such complicated lives? The art style in this comic is pleasingly simple, and the writing shines with humor and wit.

Featured May 22, 2008
Everyone, 131 pages

Thog is a caveman who was nearly killed by a mammoth stampede caused by an alien probe. The aliens felt responsible, so what did they do? They fixed him, of course. Now Thog isn't like any of the other cave men anymore. He's special. He does his best, but it just isn't good enough… Thog Infinitron is a hilarious comic of the first caliber. Why aren't you reading it yet?

Featured May 19, 2008
Mature, 149 pages

In Junction City, there are men and women with strange powers and abilities, the Omega Humans. Ostracized by society, many turn to crime, while a few are employed by JCORP to keep the city safe. But can a corporation be trusted with law enforcement?

Featured May 15, 2008
Teen, 420 pages

Welcome to the hallowed realm of Asgard, where the Norse pantheon hasn't quite grown up yet. Thor needs to be baby-sat, Loki gets in hot water with dadlike blood-brother Odin, and blind Hod can't ogle the Valkyries with the rest of his friends. Meanwhile, Odin's sacrificed eye (given to obtain the secret knowledge of how to stop the baby's crying) is plotting revenge… as well as it can anyway, being held up by the trolls, giants, dwarves, and svartelves…

Featured May 12, 2008
Everyone, 304 pages

Meet Melvin. Melvin is just your average American living in Japan. Big ears. Big Nose. Big… Hilarities. Raw Fish takes us on a journey to Japan through Melvin's eyes. Drawn by Corey Dye who himself being an American living and working in Japan shares his experiences as cultures clash. If you wanted to know more about Japan, this comic is a nice place to start.

Featured May 8, 2008
Teen, 52 pages

Omega Chase is the story of Mack Baron, a man who knows who he is but doesn't know where he's supposed to be. Currently, he's the sheriff of a 19th century Texas town… but he also vaguely recalls being an officer on a 24th century starship… and an archer in a band of medieval adventurers. He'd love to sort it all out, but a zombie horde has just entered town, and he is Sheriff after all…

Featured May 5, 2008
Mature, 303 pages

There are aliens behind the tavern. Hitler's grandmother has taken ill. A talking pencil is running for mayor. And Panic River's nuttiest citizen is taking the rap for a murder he didn't commit. David A J Berner calls Roy Barley, “A surreal carnival of the grotesque.”
For Mature Audiences!

Featured May 1, 2008
Everyone, 97 pages

Ahab from the literature classic Moby Dick gets a re-envisioned in this moody stark black and white comic where we follow our titular character as his journey carries him from his battle with the legendary white whale to the dark illusionary world at the bottom of the sea. The ghoulish atmosphere alone will capture you and pull you beneath its waves.

Featured April 28, 2008
Mature, 549 pages

That's right, it's a comic about beautiful women who wrestle each other for fun and profit. Is there a problem with that? I didn't think so. Of course there is more to Rival Angels than that. For instance, main character Sabrina Mancini is stuggling to get her career going despite professional and personal rivalries… But really, a comic about revealingly-clad babes getting all rough and sweaty with each other? What are you waiting for? (Admit it, you wish this comic was yours.)

Featured April 24, 2008
Everyone, 180 pages

Cosmic warlords have come and they want the “engines” and they will do anything to secure them in their grasp. But what are these “engines” they are searching for and what evil purpose do they have planned once they obtain them? A small band of forgotten and broken heroes may be the only thing stopping these tyrants in their tracks. With a comic universe rich with varied characters and genre blending perfection, ttyler delivers one action packed roller coaster ride that you will never want to get off!

Featured April 21, 2008
Everyone, 202 pages

Welcome to Pinkerton National Park where the inhabitants’ lives are more than just wild, they are out of control! Come on over and hang out with happy go lucky Buckley, sourpuss Tucker, and Steve, the guinea pig with an identity crisis!

Featured April 17, 2008
Mature, 36 pages

Fantastic art and compelling writing tell the story of three men who are beyond human. A wild half-man who seems to like stopping evil a little TOO much. Another man who recklessly puts himself in death's way and has an important secret to protect. A third seems like a typical lazy moocher, until his black cloud of emotions get the better of him. What do they have to do with each other? Perhaps the prophecy will answer that…

Featured April 14, 2008
Mature, 47 pages

Bairei is a bit of a player- well, more of a sleaze really. However the one woman he wants (the woman dating his rich adoptive father) he can't have… meanwhile the beautiful Rui has decided she needs to expand her circle of friends (the old ones are getting kinda catty). This manga-styled comic has all the guilty pleasures of a soap opera and none of the feminine hygiene commercials. Reads R-L

Featured April 7, 2008
Everyone, 148 pages

It's Opey's first day at school and he's a little nervous. Not because his dad seems to be a real weirdo who gives bad advice, or because the city he lives in (which he's never seen before) is some sort of manic psudo-future populated with robots and clones… but because he's afraid the other kids won't like him. You actually feel bad for the poor guy as he realizes people are afraid of him because he looks like a bomb. Fun, absurd, sad, and smart- oh and it looks nice too.

Featured March 31, 2008
Teen, 44 pages

Fun to look at, fun to read, Starsign is just fun all-around. Siblings Petre and Mia are occultist weirdos who like to fight zombies and demons and seem to have some rather disturbing (yet strangely fitting) personality quirks to boot. Amazing use of color and design, lots of entertaining action, this one will go on lots of Favorite lists!


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