Featured June 1, 2009
Everyone, 120 pages

Laura and her mother have moved from Seattle to a place even more rainy- the village of Deluge. Laura's mom has been offered a new job at their hospital, which is probably so well-paying due to the unique nature of the rain the townspeople for some reason put up with, instead of doing the sensible thing and moving away. At first glance a semi-storybook comic for younger ages, a number of dark elements are emerging. The curious story and appealing art in this one will keep you reading!

Featured May 28, 2009
Mature, 55 pages

The world as you know it has ended. Everything has ended. Even time itself! …sort off… Things aren't working as they should, not your body, not your mind, not civilisation, not the world, not… time. The world is almost OUT of time. Jason wakes up dead in this hellish place and if he can survive, maybe he can save it.
Surreal, sometimes funny, sometimes ghastly, The Ends is an extremely professional piece of polished work. Rated M

Featured May 25, 2009
Teen, 41 pages

Do you feel like something a little out of the ordinary? How about the wandering (and incredibly depressing) dream imagination of Traume Von Magpie? One after another, Traume keeps dreaming. Innocent jaunts end in frightening nightmares, most of them namelessly creepy. His surreal adventures are fittingly rendered in a sort of Victorian cartoon style, among others, with several mind-bending pages worth a close study. Unique and well worth a look!

Featured May 21, 2009
Mature, 366 pages

The story of a monkey, his brother, a goddess, and a frog living on an island where things go from weird to bizarre!
This full colour comic by Keon Brown is hilarious! The island adventures of Angry D Monkey and his friends are a joy to read about. If you're anything like me, this one should keep you laughing for a while.

Rated M for merriment!
…What? I couldn't think of any other word for “funny” starting with “M”. :(

Featured May 18, 2009
Mature, 234 pages

Chainey is dead, but he's also alive, he doesn't know why until he meets Maggot Boy, also known as Davey, and his friend Sam, a necromancer. Davey is an “Aware”, that's a zombie who can think, he works for chief Necromancer Lazaro, keeping the city safe from the mindless hordes who threaten it from the outside. Keeping the normals safe… But they're not the only awares in town and they're not all as nice as Davey.
Maggot Boy is drawn in a lovely hyper cartoony, almost Disney style by Flipsidered, who lives in the very same city as me funilly enough. Read Maggot Boy! rated T+

Featured May 14, 2009
Everyone, 203 pages

Robomeks! This stylish comic centres on 3 teenage robot mechanics whose job is surprisingly dangerous and exciting. A colorful and funny action comic with a lot of neat design moments (such as the flamenco robot who fights with his feet). In the current story, the Robomeks are called in to corral some malfunctioning music bots only to find that, of course, things are not all as they seem. A run in with a competing agency, a kidnapping, a standoff, and a high speed chase later…

Once you've read what's here on DD, there are another 75 pages of earlier material on the Robomeks website (which is linked to from the comic)!

Featured May 7, 2009
Mature, 280 pages

This is one whose feature is long overdue… Mainly because we assumed it was done already :)
Thrash metal Bones works in the back alleys, disposing of dead bodies for serial killers. But this idyllic situation is not to last. Bones is soon thrown into all sorts of trouble, everything from vicious riots, to dip in a reservoir of human waste. Bones and his fellow inmates of this heavy metal world are thoroughly gross, base, disgusting creatures, but that's what makes them and Putrid Meat so endearing and funny.

Putrid Meat is drawn brilliantly by Pit Face, and the coloured pencil colouring really enhances the grim, gritty, grotty feel of the story!
Beware, not for the faint of heart. The title says it all. Rated M.

Featured May 4, 2009
Mature, 300 pages

Herbert is a powerful, conniving demon who loves the ladies. Unfortunately Hell wants him dead (or as close as demons get) for about 4000 years of back pay on his souls which didn't get condemned due to a technicality. As part of his escape, Herbert is stuck, powerless and human, in a village where he has to do miserable things like “work” and “get beat up by women's fiancees.” An entertaining story, lively art and genuinely funny writing! Put it on your favs!

Featured April 30, 2009
Teen, 57 pages

In the words of Ludeshka: “…out with the old, in with nothing”
a story about the end of the end of the world.
This is an extremely interesting, dark piece of work. It's a little confusing too, but in a good way! It's about forgetfulness (the permanent kind), and death. You could almost call it Gothic. Waleran, a chubby, dorky boy grows into a thin ascetic necromancer because he wants to be a healer, but all healing magic is lost. Dimentica is a powerful force, wiping away people's memories… And the roaches must have there food!
February had 30 days. Where did the missing ones go?

Featured April 23, 2009
Mature, 81 pages

Endless Winter is a dark, desperate sci-fi action story of the best kind! Lots of daring do, self sacrifice, guns blasting, double-crossing, fancy uniforms and sexy spaceships! This thing has battles, murder, revenge, drama and not much comedy, but it doesn't need it. Captain Cray and his crew of ex-pirates operate in a very hostile universe, do do what they have to, to survive.

Enjoy the detailed beautiful black and white artwork by rainingbells! Beware though, this work is on the violent side of the M rating at times.

Featured April 20, 2009
Everyone, 75 pages

Mystery Bread is about a crime fighting loaf of bread and his sidekick Bagel Boy! These champions of justice and right thinking people everywhere work tirelessly to foil the schemes of master criminals like “Exclamation Man!!” and to keep the general populace safe from evil forces.
In this bread themed metropolis, someone is killing the bakers, and that's BAD news for the baked goods, um people… things. They Must find the murder before it's too late!

Featured April 16, 2009
Everyone, 35 pages

As Timeloss is still pretty new, it isn't fully clear what's going on… scenes are just long enough to give a few tantalizing hints before the setting is changed and readers are dropped into a new situation. Would ‘frustratingly interesting’ be a good description? The art is fantastic, and enough is revealed in the writing to make a reader incredibly curious as to what's going on and what will happen next. There appears to be a number of worlds involved, some sort of tragedy, and a few particularly interesting characters- if you're a reader who likes to get in at the beginning, then Timeloss bears watching!

Featured April 13, 2009
Teen, 63 pages

If you are anything like normal people, you have a fond rememberance of a specific genre of book known as Choose Your Own Adventure. A Hard Boiled Detective is a hefty slice of nostalgia-flavored cake on a modern place setting. Use links in the author's comments to make your way through the story- at the risk of ending it early! (Easy enough to backtrack though, for you cheaters.) Help Mark Jock, the best darn detective in the city, manage a new partner and solve a difficult case (and be entertained by the humor and pure fun of it). Why aren't more people doing these?

Featured April 9, 2009
Mature, 228 pages

My Thingie is a funky cool looking funny autobiographical comic by Azerisii. It's about him, gay stuff, fun stuff, serious stuff, general stuff… But basically it just LOOKS so great and it's a really interesting way to make a journal/blog/comic/thingie about someone's life. Fancy seeing the world from the perspective of a young gay British fellow? Well now you can!

-Rated M. There IS poop. -_-

Featured April 2, 2009
Teen, 0 pages

In this place the last surviving carriers hide from the evil queen and her draconian regime. She denies them their magic and keeps the whole population in thrall. But rebellion is stirring, perhaps Echo and Lilly, a young carrier, Have a chance to join with the freedom fighters and find some hope of a better world?
The art is gloriously lush, in a fully painted style, and the exiting story dives straight into the action! Top fantasy comic!

Featured March 30, 2009
Everyone, 193 pages

Amelia is a rather unladylike lady, stifled by Victorian society, whose primary source of entertainment is consorting with low criminals and swindling her peers out of as much of their money as she can. She cannot abide her uncle, the family patriach (a boor and a great one for rules) but eventually her antics push him too far- and he contracts to have her murdered. Fortuitously, the man he's hired for the job is the boss of Amelia's closest lowlife friends, and she is forewarned… but will that do her any good? Funny story, charming art (with some lovely architecture/settings), and likable characters!

Featured March 26, 2009
Teen, 134 pages

You HAVE to check out this comic. Comedy action at its most awesome! Bear must get revenge for his dead mate against the hordes of green, stinking zombies! Watch as bear fights like a big brown shaggy demon, using all the weapons he has at his disposal. I don't know what else to say about this except it'd make a cool cartoon. This is a funny cool colour action comic by Zaymac. Rated T+

Featured March 23, 2009
Teen, 113 pages

A man finds himself in the desert, overlooking an outpost-city. Its name is the only thing he knows. This stylish post-apocalypse comic follows the fighter as he enters the city and tries to figure out who he is and just what is going on. He is joined by a curious and untrustworthy dancing robot who wants him to do a mysterious job…

Featured March 19, 2009
Teen, 100 pages

Don't you love cat girls? I do. This is a world full of them!
It's a dark, stormy night. The Amana family is being slaughtered by the mysterious and savage Zara… This is a land where supernatural forces hold sway, gods intervene in the mortal realm though champions known as “Sekait”. Dark things are afoot!
The strength of The Legend of Setar is the artwork, it's phenomenal, Mutation's colour skills are gorgeous. It's like looking at a jewel.

Featured March 16, 2009
Mature, 278 pages

Harkovast is an epic fantasy tale set in a land populated by various peoples and under threat of a dark and overwhelmingly evil force. All your favorite fantasy things are here, but Harkovast is… different. Consider this: The main character seems to be a knight, getting on in years, who occasionally forgets who he is, where he is, and what's going on. Facial scars show he has not once but twice just missed having his head sliced in half (he's missing various other bits of himself too), he yells Huzzah when he runs enemies through, and on top of it all, he's got a rather unnerving lazy eye. If that doesn't inspire your confidence, I don't know what will.

Featured March 12, 2009
Everyone, 43 pages

The Paper Heroes are a silly bunch of funny heroes. There's Shape, Meteor, Raven, Pirate, and others, all with there own special skills and comedic talents. There isn't much more to say about them really, it's a good looking humorous gag comic about silly superheroes. Highspeed comics has a great cartoony, bouncy style, good humour, and nice characterisation!
Rated E!

Featured March 9, 2009
Teen, 68 pages

Anatta has already made waves here on DD by being a smart, fast-paced comic with a story to tell. Many details of Anatta's word are withheld- but we do know that it's more technologically advanced than ours, and struggling with the moral dilemmas that always come with knowing just a little too much. In a world where one person can swap minds with another, identity becomes a tricky issue and people get homesick for more than a bit of land. What kind of person is Alex, a woman who rents the use of her body to others?

Featured March 5, 2009
Teen, 165 pages

With their world under attack by fleets of spider ships both Aya and Takeo try valiantly to defend it. That is until Takeo is harvested by the vicious spider robots. The loss of her beloved leave Aya saddened, but determined to protect her world and her people from the spider menace, however, not all the people of her world share the same goals… Meanwhile Takeo survives as a prisoner of the Spiders.

AyaTakeo is a full colour manga style story comic by Sonia Leon and by Lloyd Prentice. Rated T+

Featured Feb. 26, 2009
Mature, 184 pages

Living With Insanity is a gag comic written by David MH and currently drawn by Paul Salvi.
The strip is about a young guy called David and all the silly things that happen around him. He lives with a couple of girls as his flatmates, one's a witch. Oh, there's also a robot head and a cat. Gag comics about people's lives are pretty common on the net, but a few have something special… I love the dry humour and deadpan delivery here and David's art is super lovely! And it's Australian. :)
Rated T+

Featured Feb. 23, 2009
Teen, 176 pages

Randy is a boy with two arms. One of them is a robot arm, which he got when his inventor father's evil partner killed his father, took over the company, and had the father's invented robot arm grafted onto the wounded son he intended to cut out of any inheritance and also leave with the medical bills. Got it? Perhaps coincidentally (or perhaps not) Randy is very interested in building robots. The result is an adorable little fellow who used to try to kill people but doesn't any more. Meanwhile, Randy's best (girl) friend from childhood returns and is already getting the mack put on her by Randy's biggest rival. Drama! Cute, funny drama!


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