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What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
Peipei at 12:11PM, Dec. 24, 2008
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I think the weirdest dream i've ever had was one where I flushed a serial killer down the toilet when they broke in to my house o.o…It was quite strange xD.

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SeriousQuiche at 12:15PM, Dec. 24, 2008
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I think the weirdest dream i've ever had was one where I flushed a serial killer down the toilet when they broke in to my house o.o…It was quite strange xD.

That is strange… but what an amusing way to end a villain's life!
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kyupol at 6:14AM, Dec. 26, 2008
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I just woke up and here's a vivid dream I just had.

I was walking down the road with this old truck driver dude. I told him something about beating the red light. I forgot exactly what I said but I remember what he said: “You gotta do what you gotta do, mate” (this dude had a British accent)

And then he went on talking about how some friend of his got a $1000 ticket for doing something stupid (details I forgot) that caused another guy to lose his arm.

Next scene, I’m driving a car that looked like a 1940s kind of car. As I checked my rearview mirror, there was this lady whose face was obscured by shadows. I could clearly see her silhouette though. It was Claudita (yes. That fictional comic character of mine in BK and MAG-ISA). As we were driving along, I asked her about Diana (the woman I really loved and wanted to marry but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it).

And then I kept on saying “Claudita, what happened to Diana (name changed)?”

She wouldn’t answer. I kept on bugging her.

And then I came to realize that it was Diana who was sitting at the back seat of my car. She angrily kept on telling me that its all over. That I should stop trying to get back with her. That there is no absolute fucking chance that I’d ever get to be with her ever again. I was like “WTF?!? How did she get there? I swear it was Claudita at the back of my car!!!”

I replied: “But I have no intention of getting back with you. The past is the past and I’m putting it behind me.”

“Liar!” She shot back. “If that is the case, you shouldn’t have asked about me! If that is the case, you shouldn’t have even thought of me for a split second!!!”

And then we kept on arguing back and forth until I was forced to admit that I still have feelings for her. And how I really loved her and how she’d always have a special place in my heart until the day I die.

And she got angrier and angrier and angrier.

Next scene, I was in the office building where my brother works. Then Diana was there. She was telling me to stop wasting her time. Blablabla… that she doesn’t love me… blablabla… that I go screw myself. Etc. etc. etc.

And then she just walked out on me.

Then I walked out of the building trying to look for my car. I couldn’t find my car. Panicked, I was thinking of calling up the taxi or taking the bus to get home because my car isn’t there.

I tried breathing heavily. Then there was a voice in my head telling me.

“Everything is illusion. The love you feel for your ex-girlfriend is just energy. It is just vibration that can be controlled at your will. It is an illusion and you’re trapped inside an illusion. You should dispel it. Release yourself from that illusion.”

And then I followed its instructions. Breathe. Concentrate. That emotion is just an illusion. Remove it. Dispel it.

Then the next thing I know, I don’t feel anything anymore for Diana.

And the irony of it, Diana drove by to pick me up. She was driving a red car.

I entered the car. Then I kept on telling her that I’m sorry for my demeanor awhile ago. And then I talked about being suckered in by my own human weakness of just falling for her. You know, about how you associate the face of someone with a certain feeling. And that’s what I felt for her. LOVE. I lovED her.

But this time around, I wasn’t feeling the same way towards her. I could look her in the eye calmly without feeling the slightest bit of my initial feelings for her. Because I remember that day when I tried to get back with her, I just loved her so much that I was being a stalker of some sort and she even threatened to call the cops on me. Now I could look her in the eye and hold that gaze. Without feeling it a single bit.

Then she was like. “That’s ok. Its all fine now.”

I replied: “Yes its fine now. I’m no longer inside the illusion.”

Then I woke up (literally).
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Tcb at 8:50PM, Dec. 27, 2008
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OOooo i wanna add i wanna add :], My weirdest dream is thata pigeon got stuck in my room-_- I HATE PIGEONS!!! so i was so damn scared cause it was flying around going crazy. even when i opened the window for it to leave it wouldn't leave T.T
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vexx78 at 9:04AM, Dec. 29, 2008
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My turn to share:P The weirdest dream I had was when Kevin Spacey came in to my room and molested me. OMG, I was so traumatized by that dream. It seemed so real and in the dream i couldn't move or anything. I still can't watch American Beauty with out that traumatizing dream popping up. Good thing it was only a nightmare.
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Sea_Cow at 11:19AM, Dec. 29, 2008
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Oh, you have no idea how crazy it gets in my mind when the lights go out. There are a couple of really fucked up dreams I've had.

One was when I was like 5 years old. My parents had this creepy-ass golden mask that they kept at the bottom of the stairs, which sucked, because the only TV in the house was down in the basement. So, in my dream, I randomly woke up because I had the need to piss or something. In this crazy little dream world, the only bathroom in the house was also downstairs. So I open the basement door and see the mask, right in front of me. As if that wasn't freaky enough, the mask then opens its mouth, and it's got snake fangs. While it's hissing at me, I run downstairs(Hey, when you gotta go you gotta go) and go to the bathroom. Only it's not a bathroom, it's a kitchen and the Swedish Chef is there. But this is no friendly Swedish Chef. He sicks this fucking huge dalmatian dog on me. I think this must have been right after I saw Toy Story for the first time. The dog in that movie put the fear of god in me. I can't really remember after that, but most of my scary dreams at that age ended with me hearing huge footsteps, like Godzilla or something.

Second dream, which was actually not that long ago. I am at a big water park. There are rollercoasters, waterslides, watercoasters and whatnot. Everything seems just spiffy until I go into the haunted house. A creepy gypsy lady has me put my hand into a bag to feel the human brains inside. Only it's not a human brain, it's a Tyrannosaurus Rex brain. The T-Rex starts attacking New York, apparently being controlled by some faggot in a floaty ball thing. I hide in a bathroom, but it rips the roof off of my house. Fortunately, the government nukes it before I am eaten. But then, the floaty ball faggot turns out to be a velocitaptor with hair and a samurai sword. I kill him with a telephone pole and the dream ends.
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Highwind017 at 7:13AM, Dec. 31, 2008
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I kinda forget my dreams when i have them, Xp but ive kinda been having this one dream quite a bit. Not all the time but ive had this one dream a few times.

Im sleeping like normal in my bedroom, I cant see anything since ive got my eyes closed, i have this 6th sense when i sleep were if i sense someone near me when i sleep, I wake up. If im with people i dont quite trust (Say camp or something) i would wake up all alert and sometimes i might punch them in the face if they were near enough since i dont like to be disturbed when sleeping, Thats if im not sleeping for a certan ammount of time.

So im sleeping like normal, then i wake up because i heard something, Like something hitting my window. I check to see but it was nothing. I felt a little hot so i open my bedroom window a bit and went back to bed. I slept for a little longer before i felt a small pain, like a bite on my neck. I quickly opened my eyes and this girl in a black dress, was biting my neck.

She noticed that i woke up and smiled at me, and started sucking at my blood. I paniced at this since i didnt know what was going on, nor have ive had a girl bite me in the next or suck my blood (In my dreams that is or in real life). She pinned me down from escaping and continued to suck my blood. She wispered in my ear not to struggle. She was a vampire and she was a bit hungry, Lets put it that way. after a while. She finaly lets go of my neck, I felt tired and my sight was blured, More tired than ever, Like if you havent slept in so long and you cant keep your eyes open. I couldnt keep myself awake. i felt drained and slowly fell alsleep.

Before the Vampire girl went out, She kissed me and went. When i finaly fell alseep, I woke up. i was scratching my head about it for a while. quite weird. Ive had a few dreams about that vampire girl. xP
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Disgruntledrm at 7:31AM, Jan. 2, 2009
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For as long as I can remember, my dreams have always had a story and an over-complicated plot.

I think one of my weirdest dreams was also one of my favorite, and I wished for the longest time that I could dream it again. I was four years old, and in my dream my dad dropped me off at a new daycare where everyone wore togas. Don't ask me why, we just did. The daycare was run by a wrinkly old man who also worked part time as a gravedigger. Anyway, as the dream progressed and I made friends…people began to disappear one by one. Eventually we discovered that the guy who ran the daycare was actually an ancient evil vampire. So all of the kids teamed up to vanquish him. We thought we did, but then there was a huge earthquake that killed at least half of us, and he rose up from the bowels of the underworld, twice as strong as before. By now there were only three of us left. Me, an older girl with long dark brown hair, and a younger girl with blonde curls. There were a dozen ceramic swans hanging from the ceiling, like those boats you see out on a lake. So we climbed these red satin curtains to get inside one of the swans. The ceiling opened up, and sunlight poured into the building…killing the daycare guy once and for all…and our ceramic swan took flight into the sky, so we rode off into the sunset.

Looking back now, this dream very well could have been influenced by my dislike for the lady who ran the place. Mrs. Cutler. She was always finding reasons to send me to time out. Once, my shoes were on the wrong feet…and she paddled me!
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aegnation at 4:55PM, Jan. 21, 2009
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I just had a weird dream last night.

I was being chased by Cannibals. I knocked one of them out (Knee to the face), but the other managed to somehow chased me inside my house and bit a chunk out of my side. It was quite realistic… ugh.

Next thing I know, I grabbed a knife and stuck it in his gut. I asked how he liked that and called the cops. I then sat down on the floor, covered my bite wound and watched the cannibal on the ground, bleeding.

I have no clue why I had this dream. o_O

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Hakoshen at 12:45PM, Feb. 2, 2009
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I walked into the living room where I was immediately beset upon, and subequently brtually murdered by the furniture. The couch, the rug, the coffee table, the ceiling fan… they got to me first. In the end nothing was left but a bloodied and mangled corpse reaching for the sky. Awfully messed up dream for an 8 year old to have; must have been some bad haloween candy.
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Aurora Moon at 9:02PM, Feb. 2, 2009
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Today I dreamt that I was a part of the TNG crew.

there was this faceless alien who took over the ship, and brainwashed just nearly about everyone on the ship into thinking that he was the captain of the ship.

The only ones who wasn't brainwashed was me, captain picard, Data and worf. And we had to go into hiding, because otherwise the other crew members would stun us and bring us to the alien.

For some reason, the Captain ordered that all of us do a gratuitous shower scene… so all four of us wound up sharing an shower together while we continued to talk about the alien, and to figure out what he was up to.

But then some other crew member came into the public showers, and we were discovered.

Then in the blink of an eye, all of us were fully clothed, dried, and standing before the alien.

It was then the Alien revealed his reason to take the ship for his own–he was the last of his own kind, and since humans were the closest to his species biologically, he decided to impregnate the whole crew, even the men in order to produce more of his kind.

Picard then came up with an solution to his problem and then the incident was resolved peacefully, much to the disappointment of worf and me. We both wanted to get into a good fight, it seems. I just wanted a chance to use my phaser gun, which I hadn't even used for this whole time.

I remember worf clearly saying: “oh come on! I haven't even had any good-fashioned hand combat in a month! As an kinglon, I feel myself growing weak.”
and I responded: “I wanted to use my brand-new phaser to blow up something! I haven't used it this whole time, How do you think I feel?”

And that was the end of the dream.
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makosuite at 12:11PM, Feb. 3, 2009
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A few days ago I dreamed that I uncovered a conspiracy at my University to train Idiot Savants to do supernatural things in order to take over the country. Of the two specific folks I saw, one could lift anything on the face of the earth, and the other could create project images of geometrical shapes in the air. Strange enough.

I argue with the several professors that have started this organization, and in time I escape and report the incident to the American government. Soon enough to trade is busted up and I am a hero around campus. And just as that is happening, I get a phone call from Barack Obama.

President Obama says that because of my discovery, they are going to turn my university into the new White House. So Barack Obama moves down here, we hang out, and Florida Gulf Coast University becomes the White House.

Strangest. Dream. Ever.
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Ladyknight17 at 10:56PM, Feb. 12, 2009
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Strangest dream I ever had was being trapped in a red car with my siblings while some guy who was trying to kill us all was driving. But he kept trying to kill us in odd and really ineffective ways. Like…with a balloon sword, and then throwing toy cars at us. At some point he went away and the care changed into an animal…though I can't remember which kind. And we all made our way back to a house I haven't lived in since I was 6, where saw I dog that's been dead since I was 5 alive and well again. And for some bizarre reason Batman chose to visit…but in a pink version of his suit…because I guess he thought it would be more frightening then black. *shrug* I have no explanation for this…
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Drasnus at 6:59AM, Feb. 13, 2009
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There came a knocking at my window, I was in bed. Outside, was a floating corpse. He was covered in maggots and he had long, greasy hair which hid his face. His torso was floating, so his limbs and head hung limp. I gave him permission to enter. He then described how he was going to eat the back of my neck and head, and how when he did this, he would vomit maggots.
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dragonki at 3:07PM, Feb. 13, 2009
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The rabbits killer

I remember a dream that was freaking weird.

I was walking on the road.

I saw the bust moving, I got near of it and I saw a rabbit.

It jumped on me and starts to eat me, like if a bear was attacking me or a wolf.

He rips off my right ear and I saw the blood on the grass. I started to run but then there

Is more rabbits coming out of the bust and then, I end up there. Killed by a group

of rabbits.
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Freegurt at 4:18PM, Feb. 13, 2009
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Oh jeez, every single dream I have is just way too messed up. If people saw most of my dreams, they'd probably sign me into an institute.

Anyway, I'll just pick the most recent one…

Lets see, I was Altair from Assassin's Creed but I had magical girl powers which granted me the ability to turn into a giant fluffy wolf and fly.

The Swedish apparently decided to take over the snow covered forest that I resided in and I (Altair) brutally murdered every one of them on their big, badly built boat. Then I laughed as the boat sank in a river.

The Swedish got angry and chased after some girl where I told her to jump on my back as I turned into the fluffy wolf and we flew away….while sparkling.

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Backstaber at 4:45PM, Feb. 14, 2009
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I had this dream about a year ago now, and I have forgotten most of it. I'll start off from where I remember (that's always a good place to start):

The Spanish American War didn't end with Cuba and the Philippines, we went all the way to Spain itself and was pretty much kicking ass. I remember there being two armies, (I wasn't much of a factor near the end of the dream, which is the only part I can remember) and they separated and went different ways. They eventually met up again but one of the armies was captured, and aparently the other was also surrounded now.

A screen appeared out of nowhere and a voice talked and showed images of bearded men, important men apparently who run the government. Saying the entire war was a lie and that they were led into it. (I had just finished reading the book 1984) Then the voice went demonic and my own ears began to pop constantly and everything went red. (assumed death?) But the demonic noises continued and I freaked out and woke up.

This did not stop the noises or the popping of the ears, my breathing was intense but shallow. It eventually went away, but that became my #1 freakiest dream ever, and only because of the end, I have had several other dreams that have freaked me out, but not that much.
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Evil_Snuffkin at 6:41PM, Feb. 17, 2009
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Last night I dreamt I was being chased by a really fast Pyramid Head. I was yelling how excited and happy I was that he was chasing me. Somehow I kept just managing to jump out of the way of the great knife as he tried to cut me up and avoided all the nurses too. All the Silent Hill monsters scare the hell out of me so god knows why I was so damn pleased having everything want to kill me!
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vexx78 at 9:03PM, March 5, 2009
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Ok I had a weird dream about chasing down a killer and then eating human remains with him for some reason. My goodness that was chilling. I still can't eat ribs :(
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humorman at 9:22PM, March 5, 2009
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This one:

Billy vs. Tree – The epic struggle of boy versus tree.
Sonic Colores – It looks like it's going to be a good game because I love how the way it makes me grow.
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Katch at 1:11AM, March 7, 2009
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i'll keep it short cuz my dreams are ridiculously vivid and usually come with story lines~
weirdest one so far would be the time i drempt i was at a circus carnival kinda thing~
my two best friends were there and my boyfriend, thing is…it kinda ended up being a nightmare~
My best friend was a scary clown
My other friend Sar was a depressed wreck in a teddy bear suit (the kind that give you balloons) and my boyfriend ended up being a violent drunken DJ
o_o dunno…
Something goes here
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Mister Kent at 1:55AM, March 7, 2009
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Whoaness…some messed up ones here!

Katch, your sounds like it would make an intriguing comic.
Like…Donnie Darko + Friends + scary carnival music looping in the background…

My oldest remembered dream involved the Virgin Mary sending the Guards from Wizard of Oz (“Oh-ee-oh! E-OOOH!”) in the Mos Eisley Cantina. I kid you not - I was delighted and terrified and scarred for life. It sounds like a Mad Libs dream if there ever was once, but it was so vivid. Thing is, I never found out how I ticked Mary off for her to send her goon squad out, but whatevs - she never caught me. Freakin' cyclone of mixed messages in the mind of a 6-year-old gay nerd, is what that was. Yeesh.

I had a recent one that was morbid and sad, but sort of touching. There's this customer at work I've been talking to a lot lately, went to elementary school with her son. She just came back from a vacation. In my dream she visits me at work. I ask her about her vacation. She says it was fun, but the plane crashed on the way back. She died in the crash–and she told me this herself right before she smiled, waved, and proceeded to shop in the store. I was filled with this feeling of, “Wow, she just died and could only manifest to one person and she chose me…I'm so touched!” I dunno where I got that last part - waking delusions, I suppose.
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CatCatDragoo at 7:07PM, March 7, 2009
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I had a dream that I was in a fridge in a landfill once before… OnO I was running out of air and it was cold! But when I woke up my cat Cage was sleeping on my face and my blanket was on the floor… =n=;;

…. Does that count?? D:
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BffSatan at 10:07PM, March 7, 2009
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A few nights ago I had a dream where I was playing my epiphone Les Paul (that's a guitar for thoose of you who don't know) and I thought to myself, "gee, maybe I should play a different guitar in my large collection. (I don't really have a large collection of guitars, that would be cool, but I just have the one) But then I realised I had foolishly left them all by the bank of the Brisbane river. OH NO! I ran to start picking them up and put them in my house, some of them were on some kind of boat/lighthouse (a mix of the two) and it was drifting away. I jumped onto the boat/lighthouse and began to pick up the guitars, just then I realised my girlfriend was about to fall off the boat/lighthouse (I don't actually havea girlfriend, but in my dream I did, as well as the large collection of guitars, so this was a pretty awesome dream.) Anyway, I saved her but lost a guitar. (or maybe it was the other way around)

My dreams mean nothing.
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Aleks55 at 7:38PM, March 8, 2009
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I would say that my weirdest dream would be either, that my webcomic actually got views, or that I fought giant chicken people from outerspace (I really did have a dream like that)
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IndifferentlyEvil at 4:07AM, March 10, 2009
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I had a little fun dream a while back.

Now anyone who looks at my stuff knows I likes me them zombies. So one day my brain decided to show me a zombie movie.

There were a few of us - about 5 I think - all standing in an office in the city. It was cucicles as far as the eye can see. We are standing at the window looking down at the scene below - people were turning into zombies, the running kind, and were chasing people down and eating them. So we were safe up in our office with all the zombies down there and us safe up here.

But there was a catch. The zombies had developed an extremely acute sense of smell, and we watched them use it to track, hunt down and mutilate some people. Then someone took refuge in our building and the zombies were storming the place.

We ran. For some reason I was calm - the others followed me cos I had a plan - get to the top of the building - there was something for us up there that will help. Unusually my brain hid what it was even from me.

We led the zombies a merry chase, locking doors, up the stairs, even at one stage prying open the doors of the elevator (power was out at this stage) and climbing the cable - the zombies seemed not so good at fine athletic stuff. Some people hid, others left the group, one fell down the elevator shaft, screaming the whole way.

Finally we burst onto the roof - at that stage there was just the two of us left - We could here the guttoral screams of the zombies climbing the stairs to our position. The other person looked at me as demanded to know my plan.

I looked at her as the zombies started running onto the roof towards us, and I told her my plan - what I was running up here to do.

I came up here to throw myself off - it was the easiest, least painful way I could commit suicide - I didn't want to die feeling the teeth of those inhuman bastards close around me.

This lady, this stranger, started crying and hugged me, then the dream ended, the zombies close, us standing on the edge.

That was about 3am in the morning. Had trouble sleeping the rest of the night…

Rarely had dreams before with a coherent plot, even less often were ones with an ending (only one other I can remember) so this one has stuck with me a while.

Personally I want to write it as a screenplay for a cheap (to make) zombie flick. What do people think?
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vexx78 at 8:02AM, March 10, 2009
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Humorman that was some fooked up stuff. “I'm a demon” lol classic.
Life's a game…
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Kristen Gudsnuk at 10:54PM, March 11, 2009
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I had this amazing dream once… it wasn't particularly weird (my dreams are always very weird) but it was very moving. I woke up so sad!
It was about this man on a cruise ship that floated in the sky, and he meets a woman there and they fall in love. They spend countless blissful days on the ship, but grow restless. There's an astrological phenomenon scheduled to appear soon, and the way that people travel in my dream is through these warp hole things. So they decide to get away, to risk it all, as a way of testing if they're meant to be together. When it's time, they jump from the deck holding hands, and float into a tunnel of water. Their hands get slippery and drift apart, and when the man wakes up, he's naked, on a cold gurney, in a dank and dimly lit room. He jumps up and searches for his girlfriend, and then finds her body, flayed, her empty skin laying in a garbage. She's been butchered like a steak, tied into little parcels.
The end!
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PIT_FACE at 7:03AM, March 13, 2009
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this isnt the weirdest one i've had, but i just had it about 30 minutes ago.

there was all this other shit that happened before hand, but the more vivid part is towards the end. i was in the room i used to have when i was a kid and the door knob made a noise when i shut it all the way, which prompted a man waiting at the end of the hall to run down and bust into my room.

he was a well built new york mobster type in a leather jacket that wasnt to flashy. he talked like a new yorker anyways. he hudled me in the corner of the room and said he was going to rob a bank and if i said anything he'd kill me and he said it like he'd be happy to do it. as he was talking he held a small pistol up to my mouth and i was scared shitless.
i said i wouldnt tell and as a promise that i wouldnt, he could break my arm. i was crying and shaking and he said yeah, of corse he's gonna break my arm, but he didnt do it right away. he took my arm in his hands and kinda played around with it while he talked and tried to keep me scared. he was bending my arm around as if to show me the different ways he could break it. and finally i got so scared i couldnt take it anymore i threw my foot up to kick him in the head and when i did, i actually kicked really hard in real life and woke myself up! hahaha!
i woke up in the dream before i made contact with him i think, but i'd like to think i knocked that bastards eye right outa his damn head.

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Nintendude at 11:34AM, March 14, 2009
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I once had a dream that I was dreaming of having teleporting powers.
It was awkward waking up.
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