EXTRA: Cast List

usedbooks on Aug. 13, 2011

I decided to write a pre-arc summary for the benefit of potential new readers (fat chance, I know XD ).  The entire time I wrote this script, it felt like a play (I almost called the chapters “acts;” there are four), so I chose a program cast list as my summary format.

I wrote this specifically for people who have not read UB at all.  Hopefully there is enough info for new people to follow along. For the rest of you, maybe it's a good refresher.

(I used the most recent images I could find. Alas, Fudo has been absent from the story for a long time. It was the best I could do. :P )

Anubis: Just vague enough for the perfect job description!

amanda: Good point. He probably trusts Seiko's judgement, and you can be sure that it's a special phone number (possibly not traceable).

ghostrunner: It's true. ~_^