usedbooks on March 17, 2014

Sorry for the update delay. Having a lot of expenses coinciding with life changes (I'm moving for work at the beginning of April), and then I caught a cold and was useless for a few days. With the upcoming move, I might slow down updates. Expect one or two a week. I'd rather do one a week than take a hiatus.

Plus, this page was a pain to draw. Crowd scenes. :P I did had to change and cut a few lines. Originally in panel 3, Joe asks what is going on. Seiko tells him, and he's alarmed, “Why is the bomb squad there?” But I changed it to just Seiko asking about it.

Cameos on this page from Ice Pick and The Devon Legacy.

plymayer: Thanks! Thanks are about to escalate.

Anubis: Lol. My sister went to get her birth certificate once and wrecked the car on the way home. dun dun DUUUUUUN

Peipei: Joe's research was years ago, so this is probably not related (unless he's involved, which is possible).

crazy_goodfellow: Thanks. It was a tricky scene to work though, but I did have fun playing with panel layouts and speech balloons.