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What made you first join Drunk Duck?
JustBeChaotic at 7:33PM, Nov. 17, 2010
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I actually found Drunk Duck in 2007 through a user on an avatar forum who posted her webcomic from her homepage, linked to this hosting site. It wasn't until a year later that I decided to come back and keep track of it by signing up (who unfortunately stopped posting by the time I joined.)
Originally, I was going to post a big series here, but it was so poorly planned that I took it down after while. And here I am, at my second shot, because I love reading and making comics. -w-)b
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itsjustaar at 3:31PM, Dec. 2, 2010
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For awhile, I've been mostly a browser of the site. xD My friend and I used to do comics in high school, which were pretty (if not in a big way) popular. We continued to do some, even crossing over, with our characters from each series - and kinda stopped after a few RPs together now and then with pals from school post-graduation.

When our site went down a long while back, we weren't sure what to do since then. It took awhile to get motivated to do them again, and after a few hits and misses finding a good site, I read about DrunkDuck. :3 From what I've seen, not only is the community pretty friendly, but there's a lot of talented artists and writers here! I'm impressed! ^^

I can't wait to begin setting my pages up for the comic in due time. :3 This is gonna be great! (and thanks for the verification, too! ^^) This place has exactly what I need.
“Keeping Up with Thursday” - Updated Every 3 Days!
“ZombieToons Must Die” - hiatus. D:
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Data at 4:40PM, Dec. 10, 2010
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Hi, I'm Leo. I'm half of a team that will become an ongoing comic strip.

I joined, and I'm sorry if this bursts anybody's bubble, because it was free.

Now, it's proven itself to be an amazing site.
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Genejoke at 2:04AM, Dec. 11, 2010
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I joined, and I'm sorry if this bursts anybody's bubble, because it was free.

That is a key thing for mist of us so don't worry.
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Kelpie Of The Loch at 11:58PM, March 11, 2011
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The circumstance of my joining is a bit odd. I followed a link in a craiglist ad that brought me to one of this site's comics. “Modest Medusa”, I think it's called. But the real reason I joined is to become Medusa's new internet pal.. er.. friend. At least I think we will be friends, but Jake seems to think we'll get along well.

Sorry to unload like that, I'm just nervous, it's not easy meeting a fellow monster… and I hear she can even swim. I hope this solves the drowning problem I've had with past friends. Oh well, who's up for a bar-b-que?
NAW! It's a joke… I'm not horse, I swear… stop looking at my shoes.
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Sayomi at 1:10AM, March 19, 2011
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@Kelpie Of The Loch: Ha, ha! Jake said about that in one of the pages that he did to advertise M.Medusa. Lol.

I got on here 'cos my brother was on, and I just have do do the stuff he does.
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BffSatan at 6:54AM, March 31, 2011
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I woke up one morning hungover, naked, covered in vomit, and logged into drunk duck.
I already had about 50 pages to my name too.
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ayesinback at 2:31PM, March 31, 2011
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Lefarce leforced me

*that is a total lie*
You TOO can be (multiple choice)
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Lojik at 4:47PM, May 9, 2011
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my reasons for joining Drunk Duck are simple “I CAME I SAW I WANTED MY OWN COMIC!!!” also I needed a base of operations in my worldwide takeover :robo:
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faustus112 at 2:23PM, May 14, 2011
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I liked the name of your site.
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Snevilly at 8:41PM, June 17, 2011
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Around five years ago I was reading this webcomic called “Unlife is Unfair” by Amelius and it was hosted on some other site. There was this hilarious, but really poor design change on the host's side. One day everyone went to see UIU and there were piles of cartoony, naked men and women across the edges of the page…like….they just decided one day to make that the new footer for the website. She was already hosting Charby here, I think, and posted something linking here when she announced she was moving her comic because of the saucy images (completely unedited man and lady bits everywhere! And they were all piled on top of each other like some weird “party”.) Once I came here there was just so much to look at and I haven't finished looking at everything yet, so I'm still around.
One or two of them might just make you giggle: My Instagram, project Blog, and RPG Blog
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Night3 at 7:08AM, July 19, 2011
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Buddy of mine started reading Comics at this site. I had the Misfits going on another site, but they did not have and active superhero readership. Here i found a whole comunnity around it so i decided to post here too. Also i found a few great comics to read as well.
The last Super team you want to call.

Hope your insurance is paid up.
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Banes at 10:30AM, July 19, 2011
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I joined about three years before posting my first comic. I guess I wasn't ready. But I joined to post a comic. Read some first.
DD seemed like a fairly straightforward way to upload comics. Three years later, I found that it actually IS a straightforward way to do it!
It's nice because it's a pretty big community of artists/readers, and seems like a fairly lively, fairly friendly place.
Love the Quackcasts, too.

Logic at 4:05PM, July 19, 2011
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Im not even sure…It was like 2003ish.. But ive looked around and drunkduck pretty much goes harder than most other comic hosting sites ive seen..
check me out.
Allyndn at 1:16PM, July 26, 2011
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My cousin had a really stupid comic on DD. I'm not dissing him; that was actually the name of the comic ( The idea of a comic on the web was brand new to me. I became fascinated by DD. It was like to comics what had been to music. A total level playing field for independent creators. I was designing a computer game and made a comic using screen shots from the game and Comic Life ( For a lark, I posted the comic on DD. I don't remember if I joined so I could bookmark my favorite comics or so I could post my own comic. The two things happened within a few months of each other, so I don't remember which was the “definitive” reason why I joined. 
mraab at 8:37AM, July 28, 2011
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I was looking for online comics a few years back, which (via Google) led me to, and from there it became pretty apparent I would have a better time exploring the world of online comics by going to the various comics hosting sites rather than hanging there, although it IS a great resource. Since many of the comics I was interested in were being hosted by DrunkDuck, Smackjeeves or ComicsGenesis, I went to those sites first. There are a buncha wonderful comics out there that aren't necessarily hosted on one of those sites, but as a gateway to great creator-driven work, The Duck (and others) can't be beaten.
liltoon at 12:52PM, Aug. 4, 2011
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I've been doing comics for years - since college. 
I did many comics trying to get syndicated for a newspaper.
I started a website with WordPress and Comicpress to show my comic Liltoon. I got a little burned out and quit for awhile so I am here to show some of my work and get to know other cartoonists. I think everyone needs encouragement sometimes and I hope this is the place.
Don't do your webcomics alone like I did - make sure you have an audience of peers to keep you going.
Glad to be here.
Brian Powers
Liltoon creator
Emma_Xross at 10:33AM, Aug. 17, 2011
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I joined back in ‘06 to start publishing my comic somewhere it might actually get noticed, worked out well back then, my comics weren’t much but it was nice to have people besides my friends looking at them and giving me comments, I've pretty much posted every comic I've started on this site since then :)
antcomics at 2:35PM, Aug. 23, 2011
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I needed a good, user friendly place to archive my comics. I have been doing comics for years for my own enjoyment. Several people suggested I post them online. In 2007, when I finally got a scanner, I started posting my comics at Deviantart. Someone from DA suggested Drunkduck to me, I believe. I have been here ever since.
I was glad to finally have a place where I could not only post my work, but befriend kindred spirits in the comic field. I have gotten a lot of very helpful feedback from other Duckers over the years.
Toddamus Prime at 3:06PM, Aug. 26, 2011
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I joined while looking for a forum to share ideas with. I didn't expect to find a place where writers and artist could link up. I'm a lot more excited about this now!
D Comix at 3:01PM, Sept. 13, 2011
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I've always liked to draw stuff and comics are one of them.  I always wanted people to see the comics I drew and Drunk Duck was the perfect place to host them.
Freedom Fighters (Ongoing)
Skooland (Updates Mondays and Fridays)
Mad Chicken Auto (On Temporary hiatus)
swoobie at 5:41PM, Sept. 15, 2011
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I'm a newbie, but I actually joined because I listened to a podcast that featured someone who had a webcomic here on Drunk Duck.  She touted the great forums, support system, and feedback she'd gotten on her work.  At the time I was considering several sites to upload my comic on, but I ultimately decided to use DD because of that podcast and her positive words about the community.
And how could I omit the name “Drunk Duck”.  That name is just AWESOME!  Sounds like a dance move or something involved with a frat initiation ceremony.  Love it!  That also tipped the scale for me.  Something wild, something creative in the name.
sagittarius at 6:13PM, Sept. 29, 2011
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Before DD, we tried SJ publishing our first webcomic with my sister leading the first chapter but people didn't like it as they mock her artstyle so stopped by to DD, published again and liked it. This site never mocks or criticize one's artstyle…love you guys! ( ‘w’)-b
Eddie Jensen at 8:13AM, Oct. 12, 2011
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I was 11 and sick of my geocities site. True story.
if I was a teapot I think I'd be orange.
HabilisOrian at 11:14PM, Nov. 6, 2011
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DrunkDuck was the first place I was ever recommended to go to host a webcomic, been off and on it ever since. I joined back in '07 when I attempted to draw in the Anime/Manga style (which I sucked at).
This time, definitely doing to stick around.

Gary Boyarski at 7:37PM, Nov. 7, 2011
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After researching other webcomic hosting sites, I found that this one was designed the best.  The other ones seemed to scattered, and messy.
I also liked the name. It's a good fit with my comic.
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Pun_3X at 10:10PM, Nov. 17, 2011
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Mine's pretty simple.  I've been building my webcomic and had been updating quite a bit since late 2006.  There were a couple of image-hosting sites I went through over the years that either died out or changed format, or some such.  I finally decided I wanted to have an actual place to store the comic that was more website than image storage.  Someone recommended Drunk Duck and I took a look around.  Pretty much liked what I saw and how relatively easy it was to upload everything, and so I brought it over.  So far, so good!
passionfly at 3:09PM, Dec. 1, 2011
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Hi I'm Kate from the UK… Fishsoup is my first ever attempt at a webcomic
or any comic of any sort come to think of it. So to be honest I dont have a clue what I'm doing yet! That's why I'm here, I'm here to learn, socialise, try and get some feedback on my work and just to generally enjoy the experience :O)
fern at 11:54PM, Dec. 18, 2011
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I wanted to stick it to LeFarce.
Chris chris at 11:33PM, Dec. 30, 2011
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When I first considered making a comic, I asked a few friends if they knew of a good webcomic hosting sites. I got a list and Drunk Duck was on it. I checked each site out, tried to create an account on a few. Ones I did succed in making an account I tried to upload a comic. Most of the other sites were way too complicated for what my simple mind wanted to to. I wanted to make an account, create a comic and simply upload for the day and future dates. DD did exactly that with little to no effort. (yay!) I've loved it here ever since.

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