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kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, March 14, 2016

Usedbooks has been a member of the Drunk Duck community since early 2007, which means she has been sharing, contributing, and participating in this site for the last nine years! She has always been a creative addition to many community projects on the site such as the original Comic Remix, Pay It Forward, the DD Fashion Show, the Christmas Gift Art Exchange, and is a very important contributor to the annual Drunk Duck Awards.

A lover of all things science-related, usedbooks studied biology in school and uses her experiences to write the hilarious comic Gelotology that science lovers would appreciate! Usedbooks is also known for her appreciation for mammals of the order Rodentia as she has many years of experience raising pet rats. She was able to channel her interests into a webcomic and produce the short story, "The Quiet Field".

Above all else, the comic that usedbooks is most known for on the site shares the same name as her username, Used Books. It is a crime drama/noir story stars a group of three female friends from a book store: Seiko, Kaida, and Yuki. This is a very long running comic and has over 1300 comic pages in its archive! Usedbooks finds inspiration to write mystery themed stories because of her love of classic novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. She is also influenced by contemporary animated television shows such as Lupin III and Detective Conan.

Please check out usedbook's awesome comics on Drunk Duck!


"A weekly comic strip about a science expo – including all of the ologies! (Plus some istry and ics to.)"

Pay It Forward

" A guest art trading community project. Receive art. Draw art. Rinse. Repeat."

The Quiet Field

"Based on a short story usedbooks wrote for her mom in January 2009."

Used Books

"Faced with troubled pasts and uncertain futures, three women must choose forgiveness, justice, or revenge. Closely guarded secrets and old foes threaten their friendships and their lives as they attempt to live peacefully in a used book store."

Used Books Lost Tales

"Spin-offs, prequels, and other short stories from the Used Books world."

Visit usedbook's CuriousV website for more of her comics and other ventures!



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Ozoneocean at 7:57PM, March 14, 2016

Congrats Usedbooks! And well done Kawaii on that amazing newspost!

usedbooks at 4:46AM, March 14, 2016

Thanks for this feature. I'm touched. Now I'm remembering aborted projects. Turns out it's hard to come up with a gag a week. I don't know how people do it. Even harder to turn a short story into a wordless webcomic. XD But At least I have five solid years of scripts waiting to become part of Used Books.

usedbooks at 4:43AM, March 14, 2016

@plymayer: Me too. You'd think all the hilarious misinformed pseudoscience nuts would give me inspiration, but they have mostly been stealing all my punchlines.

plymayer at 12:45AM, March 14, 2016

I have been a huge fan of Used Books and her comics since first finding DD. Just wish Gelotology updated more.

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