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Creator Interview: Spooky Kitsune

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, Feb. 17, 2024

Today's Creator Interview is all about the fantastic Spooky Kitsune! They are a recent addition to the DD family and a prolific one, with two webcomics hosted here already!

But you don't want me to tell you about it all! Let's hear it from Spooky Kitsune themselves and get to the first question of the interview! As last time, the questions aren't all by me. They are also by the DDers that have come together to list potential questions for these interviews in this thread. The name of each contributor will be mentioned next to their question. Please consider adding to the list so I can keep the interviews a community affair!

Now, let's get this party going!

1. Let’s start with the basics! Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi! The name is Spooky kitsune! But you could call me spooky, I'm from the good ol' USA! (Yee haw) in one of the deep south states. For a good chunk of my existence I've been drawing! For the longest time it was just a hobby, just something I could do to blow off some steam. Till one day a friend of mine told me about this thing called “writing” and I figured out I could write down all my OCs! And make stories! :O So last year I decided I would make comics even though I'm kinda young, like going to school Young but right now I have a lot Time to improve my art and writing so it's kinda sucky right now cuz this whole comic thing is pretty new for me. But don't hold any punches with criticism. I really need it!

(Obligatory note by me: Please don't give any punch to an artist during criticisms, unless it's made with sangria)

2. Now, give us a quick overview of your comics! What are they about?

My current comic Vacman is about a vacuum demon who wants a friend and a human struggling to cope with the death of their family. It has themes of uncommon friendship and the concept of selfishness and selflessness. I'd say the one shot is around halfway finished.

And my other comic Throw Away (which is currently on hiatus indefinitely) is about the retired bandit king who just wants to live a quiet life but soon gets back in the life of adventure when a mysterious traveler is injured on his property. Yeah it only has one chapter and I don't see myself continuing it anything soon unfortunately

3. Who is your comics’ target audience? Have you ever been surprised by the audience you ended up appealing to, or does your comic reach your exact target? (by Amelius)

To be honest I don't really have a target audience. It's just a hobby for me and I kinda make ‘em for myself, but I put my works out there so if there’s anyone else who likes the same niche things I do then they have something to read. But I was kinda surprised that Vacman got featured! I was like woah! Ya know?

4. How much of your daily thought goes into your works? (by Andreas Helixfinger)

This might sound bad but…an ungodly amount every morning I wake up I think about it, when I'm going to sleep or just have some free time I think about it, I constantly come up with new ideas that my hands can't keep up! I've daydream for as long as I could remember so I'm used to it but it sometimes interferes with my daily life sometimes

5. Are you a planner or a pantser in creating your story/plot?

I searched up what pantser meant…I feel so called out…but yeah I just kinda wing it, I've only recently been trying to write seriously and I have a hard time writing and outlining ideas down it's a really bad habit of mine that I'll try to break so my comics feel more consistent one day

6. When you first start thinking a story, is your first idea the beginning? the ending? or perhaps some character, or something else? (by Marcorossi)

Well I usually start with the main theme or the general idea of the story and then I slowly build up the world and when it comes time to make the comic I pretty much wing it.

7. What are the tools of your trade, as in what do you use to create your comics? (by John Celestri)

Well right now I'm using my phone and my finger! The main app I use is pixel brush but I recently got ibs paint so I might change to that one cuz lettering would be way easier. But I mostly learned with traditional stuff, so here's something I made while practicing anatomy if you're curious

Digital stuff is something I picked up more recently

8. Do you have a dedicated workstation where you create? (by JCorrachComics)

Well since I mostly use my phone I don't need a dedicated workstation and I tend to work when I have time and wherever I am, but when I'm at home I do like working on my bed, it's comfy!

Can we seeee?

Uhh sure?

I mean, it's just my bed so nothing special (yes that's my beloved pompompurin)

9.What is your favorite character from each of your comics? Why? (show us a shot of them)

Well for throw away hero's I really like cain, he has a fun design to draw and I like the idea of a retired legendary hero trying to move on with his life

And for VacMan, my favorite is Hoover of course! Look at him! He's just a little guy

And I like the idea of selfish selflessness

10. Would you want to exist in the setting of your comic or is that a big “heck no!”? (by Amelius)

Ah…well it depends which one but yeah I'd love to live in VacMan's world! Demons are real! And a good chunk of them are pretty friendly, and most of the evil ones are in hell or getting hunted by the angels so the death rate(for humans) is pretty low and landscapes are absolutely stunning!

I mean, look at it! It's perfection! But in all honesty I Kinda wanna expand the world a bit and make other comics set in the world and then maybe I could do a big crossover event with the different characters trying to save the world or something

11.How do you balance your schedule to make time for art? (by JCorrachComics)

Well, I'm fairly young and unemployed so there's that but I have a lot hobbies so sometimes I push them aside to do some drawing and writing but overall I'm privileged enough to have time to spare

12. Do you have any early concept art of your comic you’d like to share? (by Casscade)

Original VacMan's name was gonna be scum sucker, and Hoover was gonna have sidekick red vacuum demon but I felt it went against the main theme I was trying to go for, and here's some beta Hoover designs

Look at him! He's so blocky haha! But Yeah Hoover was based of a portable vacuum, specifically a vacuum my dad has, he takes it out when he's deep cleaning the house and I found it funny how the tube stretched to me it reminded me of an elephant trunk and it had little wheels so it scooched by when ever he used it.

Unfortunately I don't really have any throw away stuff though but some character designs and even then the designs didn't really change at all so here's that

13. Show us your favorite pages from both your comics. What is it you love about them?

I don't really have favorites since I keep trying to improve and sometimes when I'm looking back at my older work I feel dissatisfied by it after all an artist biggest critic is themself, but the cover I made for throw away was kinda cool, I remember at the time I was pretty freaking excited when I made and It all came together so I do have some fondness for it

As for VacMan my favorite page would be 12!

It ain't pretty but I had a good laugh when I made it, I even made Hoover from the panel my profile picture for bit

14. Now how about a page you’d redraw or that you don’t like at all from either comics? What don’t you like about it?

Well in some of the pages of Vacman I've been forgetting to add certain details overtime due to the gaps between me making each page for example Hoovers body doesn't have his handle in some pages unfortunately, but this page is where it's most notable (for me at least)

15. Aliens, zombies, ninjas or pirates? (by PaulEberhardt)

It depends on the day but generally Aliens! There's a lot of things you could do with aliens I'm a big fan of speculative biology like all tomorrows or a recent visual novel like “documentary” game called south scrimshaw about alien Whales that have the ability to create a symbiotic relationship with ocean fauna or flora it's really good! But I think only one chapter is out but it's as long as a movie but it's so worth it!

16. Would you survive in a room with your comics’ characters, if they knew you are their story’s creator?

Dead. I'm just dying straight up, I bet even the hero's would have trouble controlling themselves if they knew what I had planned. But I have a feeling that some of them would force me to change their fate and I'd do so cuz I don't wanna die!

17. Caffeine, nicotine, or none of the above? (inspired by Genejoke)

None! I try to have a good sleeping schedule and I don't smoke or chew

18. Do you listen to music or podcasts while you work or are you a sensory deprivation kind of artist? (No distractions!) (by Amelius)

I love listening to music! Usually when drawing i like to put some songs from my favorite bands/music creators like they might be giants, mustard service, ginger root, the Smiths and Luis Miguel. Also I've been just listening to Southern nights by glen campbell a lot, the man is a god with that guitar…But typically I put on lyric less music when lettering so I don't get all mixed up with the spelling

19. What part of the creative process do you enjoy the most? Is it the drawing, the writing (storywriting, character writing, worldbuilding), or coming up with ideas and concepts in your head, or all of the above? (by Andreas Helixfinger)

All of the above! But particularly fond of character design and coming up with the ideas. I'm definitely an idea guy in fact the hardest thing for me is to writing down my ideas cuz I just ain't used to it

20. Do you have a specific “muse” (inner voice) that speaks to you or is a chorus of influences when you create comics? (by Bravo1102)

Nah just me but sometimes when I have a bad day I have the sudden urge to make the most Shakespeareian tragedy know to man for one of the side characters and if it's a particularly nasty day the main characters get the brunt of the pain

Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity, it means the world to me!

And thank you too for an amazing and fun interview Spooky Kitsune! Here's to many more comic pages and even more inspiration!

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J_Scarbrough at 8:17AM, Feb. 21, 2024

You do all of this on your phone? That is impressive! I could never do stuff like this on a phone; they're so limiting, I need to more expansive working setup of a computer to accomplish creativity. Either way, nice to see we also have another fellow southern amongst us!

PaulEberhardt at 10:20AM, Feb. 18, 2024

Great interview again, and eye-opening, too. If anyone had suggested to me before you could draw anything cool on a phone I'd have laughed at them, but now I'm truly amazed!

Amelius at 12:46PM, Feb. 17, 2024

Whaaaa drawn on the phone and it looks this cool?! I gotta disagree that it looks sucky, your style has a lot of personality and good energy to it already and it will only get better with time with such a solid start! Hoover is such a good little guy. Love these character designs for the others too, sharky teeth heck yeah!

InkyMoondrop at 7:57AM, Feb. 17, 2024

Cool. That was a fun read! Keep up the good work! :)

Genejoke at 4:55AM, Feb. 17, 2024

Good interview. timing is interesting as Spooky is the co reviewer in the lite bites review if hawk and Flo adventures which is live now. Well half is.

plymayer at 1:56AM, Feb. 17, 2024

Spooky, keep on truckin' :)

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