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Kev “Kota” Hayman here. I'm the creator of “The Errant Apprentice” and “Kota's World”. I've been on the duck for a looooong time and I'm STILL on the duck! Errant Apprentice is the only comic hosted here right now, but it's updating regularly and you can head to Everywhen Comics to check out my other series. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to send me a friend request.

Comics By Kota

  • Sci-Fi |
  • 3 pages |
  • last: Oct. 14 2019 |
It's back! The classic series by Kevin Hayman returns with all new adventures! Currently updating on Mondays!
  • Sci-Fi |
  • 130 pages |
  • last: Jan. 18 2018 |
Super powers, aliens, high school, and Death Himself. And these kids aren't even out of highschool yet! Keith McDonald and his friends are about to have very complicated lives.
  • Fantasy |
  • 743 pages |
  • last: Sept. 24 2019 |
In a world where fantasy and magic are reborn, only one man stands for the ideals of knighthood. He is Terry Lingal, the Errant Apprentice.

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Rouge princess finds a change of heart and returns to her home and family, and her troubles follow, not far behind! Can the story end happily ever after? Why it can. It's all over except for the reception!

Phin and Sara use their skills to fight evil in many forms. From vampires and werewolves, to evil mages, foul demons, nasty dragons, zombies, mummies and even time travelling, flying saucer driving Nazis. 25 years and counting!

Four astronauts explore the ruined architectural remains of an ancient alien civilization. Three of them shoot for fame and fortune, aiming for immortality through the discoveries they make. The fourth astronaut…well he’s just Mark. But Mark can see what the others don’t seem to notice: they’re not alone. Kickstarter Campaign for the PRINTED version has LAUNCHED! Check it out here:

Lovecraftian Horror meets Arthurian Legend.

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