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Hey, I'm just a 6 foot tall, ape descendant who happens to love to tell stories, what can I say?

Phineus + Magician for Hire is the brainchild of creator Barry Linck. Phineus was created in 1987, of then a high school senior after reading too much of Matt Wagner's “Mage”, too much Dungeon's and Dragon's and watching too much of John Carpenter's “Big trouble in Little China”.

Over the interviening years Phineus changed from angellic savior, to reluctant hero, to art student who finds he is a mage, until, in 1991, for a comic class at Edinboro University, he became part of a Husband and Wife paranormal investigations team, with Phineus' sidekick and wife Sara.

Barry produced and self published from 1993 to the present 85+ comics with our erstwhile heroes, garnering a small but rabid fan following.
I hope to some day sell out and have really bad Saturday morning cartoons of my stuff (they still do have Saturday Morning cartoons, yes).

Stay with me and see what i do next!

Comics By phinmagic

  • Parody |
  • 25 pages |
  • last: Dec. 20 2023 |
Bastard Who :The Gentleman’s Chronicles is the brother comic to James Riot’s Bastard Who. Both share a universe and are a parody of Doctor Who.
  • Horror |
  • 27 pages |
  • last: Nov. 6 2023 |
The escapades of celebrity monster hunter Bobby Carter, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, pissing off the dark and powerful!
  • Fantasy |
  • 51 pages |
  • last: March 1 2024 |
Maynard and Grimm- A Hole in the World Brother Maynard and Rugnar are sent on a mission to the sewers of Prague, where they find a mysterious portal… Bite sized Chapters post here, originally a 7×7 Exclusive!
  • Fantasy |
  • 1672 pages |
  • last: Feb. 20 2024 |
Phin and Sara use their skills to fight evil in many forms. From vampires and werewolves, to evil mages, foul demons, nasty dragons, zombies, mummies and even time travelling, flying saucer driving Nazis. 30+ years and counting!
  • Fantasy |
  • 55 pages |
  • last: Oct. 7 2022 |
The background of the world of Phineus:Magician for Hire.
  • Fantasy |
  • 67 pages |
  • last: Nov. 16 2023 |
Phineus Beam and his friends in college. The 80's were magical!

Comics Assisted By phinmagic

  • Abstract |
  • 3 pages |
  • last: Aug. 27 2022 |
a collection of my sketches and drawings ! :)
  • Real Life |
  • 30 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Reverie was conceived as 3 page short stories in comic book format. I'm a huge fan of the short story and wanted to bring that to comics.Some of the stories share settings and characters, while others are stand-alone tales that I wanted to tell.
  • Fantasy |
  • 772 pages |
  • last: Dec. 5 2023 |
In a world where fantasy and magic are reborn, only one man stands for the ideals of knighthood. He is Terry Lingal, the Errant Apprentice.
  • Fantasy |
  • 307 pages |
  • last: July 27 2022 |
Think Big Trouble in Little China as a sitcom.

Comics Recomended By phinmagic

no description

What do you do when the greatest love you ever had is taken away from you? You go get her is what!! Only problem is... she is in hell and you might have to make a deal or two to get her back!

A comic about everyone's favorite pirate-themed 80s supergroup, Adam & the Ants!

a collection of my sketches and drawings ! :)

Anthology format. A continuing collection of varying length and style short stories with cynical, horrific, dreadful, and despondent tones. All written, drawn, and lettered by Byron Winton.

From Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering creator, Nate Piekos, comes ATLAND! A long-running fantasy epic of high adventure and lowbrow humor!

Vampires. Russia. Thats a pretty evil combination. A Platinum Studios comic!

It's the Norse gods during their elementary school days. The God of Thunder's a runt, the God of Mischief plays with dolls, and the God of War's a pacificist... how will this pantheon ever survive puberty?

Who are the Chaos Punks?

It's a fantasy comic loaded with unashamed homages to my favorite horror movies, featuring a colorful cast of characters, and for some of them I mean that literally. The cast is mostly non-human, both mythological creatures from folklore and original creatures. A lot of friendship and found family, and a few rampages of revenge.

When the annonynimity of screen names is threatened, two guys who...well...never really cared for eachother to begin with wage an epic battle to decide the fate of internet geeks everywhere...The Drunk Duck Civil War!

A supernatural drama about the consumption of love, desire and power plays out in this demonic love triangle! A Platinum Studios comic!

The Old West, an era when all a man could count on was his horse and his six-gun, and Indians fought a losing battle with European settlers, or cowboys. Until somebody else entered the fight: aliens! A Platinum Studios comic!

A vampire tries to make it in the mortal world.

Devoid of Life (science fiction horror) Following the discovery of a hidden planet in our solar system, a series of horrible deaths occur at an observatory leading investigators to a plot that threatens all human life.

Mankinds first war against an alien race proves to be unsucessful...

Zombies are loose on Drunk Duck. A community project of horror and mayhem. Come join in the chaos for this special (m)eating of minds. Leave brains in the slot after 6:00 PM. -The Management

Follow Eskimo Dave and a wise cracking polar bear named Steve on their quest to save Dave's village from the forces of evil. New episodes of the series go up every Wednesday.

Ethereal Legacies is a fantasy-themed comic set in an alternate past Earth. The story line follows two Elven sisters, Bianka and Gatan, set against a backdrop of war between Light and Dark Elves.

Evergreen is a slice-of-life comic with a pinch of absurdity and surrealism added for good measure. Evergreen is written and drawn by Dan Greenwald and published as often as humanly possible.

Somewhere in central U.S. a mysterious orb crashes to the Earth. An energy emits from within the ancient, other-worldly relic that awakens the dead and commands them to feed. Five years later, the world as we know it is in shambles and a group of surviors

A classic war of good vs evil set in a Dystopian future. The Triads, a group of civilian soldiers, sworn to protect the greater good battle the ever growing ancient evil army known as the Eldan.

Grey Legacy was one of the first recipients of Peter Laird's Xeric Grant. It was first published in 1993 in magazine form. It is a SciFi/fantasy series that deals with real life (how's that for Interstitial?)

Guts is a SCI-FI HORROR STORY. Resident Evil meets scanners if you will. Set in the near future, a crack team of special ops soldiers have been ordered to investigate why contact has been lost in a remote government facility. Only terror and death await

For over a decade, spanning some 4000 nights written in these journals, Lt. David Day Became HERO BY NIGHT, protecting the innocent and punishing evil wherever he could find it, until one day...HE VANISHED. A Platinum Studios comic! Updates Monday-Frid

Fearing an imminent breakdown, the Grim Reaper decides to take a Holiday. After an exhaustive search for a replacement, he finds only his cousin’s nephew’s son to collect the souls of those who are perishing. He is… Jim Reaper.

When Harp, Fleet, and Flow become separated from their tribe they have no choice but to make the journey to their winter camp alone. Can they find their tribe, and perhaps find themselves along the way?

An undead's quest to learn his mysterious past.

The world has become besieged by the undead. Our tale joins Jonas Milton on his adventure to discover what happened and more importantly, why he didn't die!

The land of Lovaria is threatened by the return of a powerful tyrannical sorcerer long thought dead. Now, its future rests in the hands of a mage novice, a battle-hardened knight, a mysterious rogue, an adventure-loving warrior and a meek Gifted priest.

Two Dwarfs, Wheels and Boat are commissioned to start an institute in post war Terra. They are to promote understanding between the former enemy races. Wheels has a pet project as well. Study the Mythical magicless race called Humans that once walked Terr

A story of a man who just can't seem to stay dead. This is the product of my labours at 24 Hour Comics Day 2007.

Action comedy and drama in war-torn Feudal Japan.

Concept and extra art for Click Track Lolita!

Phin and Sara use their skills to fight evil in many forms. From vampires and werewolves, to evil mages, foul demons, nasty dragons, zombies, mummies and even time travelling, flying saucer driving Nazis. 30+ years and counting!

Pinky TA is a diesel-punk comic set in an alternative version of the 20's. It features the sexy Pinky, war, blood, steel, and fire!

3 out of 5 pookas enjoy this comic..

Creatures that seem to have come from an artists imagination get up in his face and his fridge. It's in the humor category because "Zen Farce" is not an option!

A mind-bending tale of alternate realities. They say if you travel the road long enough, you eventually meet yourself. Join Nick Vargas, weary record store clerk, as his life is dramatically changed by an ancient and alien artifact.

A character-driven superhero comic, set in the UK? One that's not a spoof? Oh, you'll be wanting Shades then!

In a world that seems normal enough, there are dark things lurking in the shadows. For one girl being "normal" means not be be hunted or to lose all she ever cared about but some things cannot be hidden forever.....

Short stories from the gang at Strumhaus comics!

A zombieinvasion caused by the radiation from a crashed spaceship's fuel takes over a small town. This is only a preview. To buy the entire story, go here:

This comic updates every Monday and Friday. For more information, please visit

The Electric Owl! Hero of Point City...and the World!

In a world where fantasy and magic are reborn, only one man stands for the ideals of knighthood. He is Terry Lingal, the Errant Apprentice.

This comic updates every Wednesday. For more information, please visit

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan were mortal once. Now each one is learning the limitations - and lack therof - of their newfound positions as gods. CURRENT STORY "Consequences": New gods learn about their powers, and deal with ancient pantheons. Fun!

A comic about talking trash cans and a load of strange characters. Mostly single panel right now. Theres no plot yet just gags and whatever.

A twist on Super Hero comics.In this comic the story is about the villain,his struggles and inner demons.

After Sam Garrison and his pregnant wife move into the rough inner-city, Sam and his neighbor Mark decide to bring justice to the streets as vigilantes called the Watchdogs. But Sam learns that Mark has a darker agenda... A Platinum Studios comic!

Think Big Trouble in Little China as a sitcom.

In a world where the age of magic is fading, a myth has returned.

Ben Benson was a slacker comic illustrator until one fateful day when the God of the Dead Anubis gave him the power to turn into a zombie at will. Now he's a slacker superhero bringing the villains of the polluted city of St. Fredericks to justice!

Somewhere in the desert, a lone man wanders a tangled path through a world beyond reality and a mind beyond insanity. "Zona" is a darkly beautiful tale of the surreal that will leave your soul itching.


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