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Banes at 3:47PM, Oct. 16, 2018
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Hey all!

I've been reading Afterlife with Archie, which is great but on years-long hiatus.

What horror comics do you like? Are there standouts in print, on the Web, or here on the Duck that you know of?

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Ozoneocean at 1:15AM, Oct. 17, 2018
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Here's a horror title I just found on DD:

There's also THIS little babe too…
That's the second version. The original Xtin was fricken HEAVY. It was as extreme a vision of horror as I've ever seen. It really went beyond normal horror into the surreal, and that's not hyperbole. It had a huge focus on body horror: limbs being dismembered, people being skinned alive, blood drained from their bodied, impalings… It sickened me.
It was amazingly well drawn, all in black and white too!

Then there's Death porn by El Cid, I'd definitely say that was horror.
Genejoke at 5:52AM, Oct. 17, 2018
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Hmm, well there was a few horror stories in lite bites. Also blood and water slides slightly into horror, but I haven't really gotten to the nasty stuff yet.

Underbelly was largely a horror action comic, I may even finish that one day.
bravo1102 at 6:26AM, Oct. 17, 2018
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Most of the comics I have done have been pretty horrible 😉.

Interstellar Blood Beasts was my truest foray into the genre. Even got a DD award nomination for horror. Some of the Belle's Best bits will be more classically scary horror as opposed to exploitation and gore. Got a pile of cemetary and ghost props. There's always great scale scary ghost hangings and spider and rat miniatures out at Halloween. I have scripts and story seeds. We need more real horror with long shadows and creaky old houses around here.

GOOB was supposed to be a lot darker but in the tradition of so many low budget producers, I forgot to put in the effects! 😂

There are some horror bits in Sword of Kings like the ghouls and skull knights. In fact there's supposed to be a skull knights stand alone that'll have all the fantasy horror features.
Ozoneocean at 5:15AM, Oct. 18, 2018
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This one is great!

It's a traditional slasher at a camp, but also a comedy. It's fantastic!
Amelius at 1:14PM, Oct. 25, 2018
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Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's “Beasts of Burden” (Darkhorse Comics)is one of the better horror comics out in print right now, in my opinion! And every year I get real ticked that some kid on tumblr scanned an entire story arc and didn't even credit the authors, so there's always a thousand comments going “OO scary I don't know what this is from!” as it gets passed around. Plus there's no consideration to the spoilers.
It's fantastic, it looks like it is going to be a cute animal adventure but then it gets genuinely unsettling.

Webcomic wise, DD's own Crater's Edge is a visual treat to look at, the artist puts so much time and detail to hand-inked and colored pages, and the monster designs are a delight! All kinds of beasties crawling and screeching all over the pages!

I'm also still very fond of DeadLeon, a comic that pays homage to zombie stories from classic to contemporary. And it's got one of my favorite monster types in it, the Alp. :D

Bad me, here comes some non DD plugs!

Behind You- awesome art and animated GIFs in creepy little vignettes, a good one to read alone in the dark!

Daniel- Continues to be the best vampire comic I have read, hands down! The suspense is still fantastic, and the villain protagonist uniquely awful and charming all at once.

Goblin Stone
- Has a nice creepy atmosphere and lots of fantasy creatures in a modern setting, and a character who is 100% done with all this magical BS!

Doe of Deadwood- one of my favorites right now, the author is a master of leaving the reader on the edge with each update. Heavy on character drama, just hows I likes it!

TheJagged at 1:46PM, Oct. 11, 2022
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I love horror. I love comics. Yet, not a lot of horror comics i can think of…. might be that my taste in horror is just very out there.

Would anyone regard Sock Monkey as a horror comic? I sure do. The art is absolutely terrifying in my eyes. The story with the Bluejay messed me up for good. I should point out, i read this as an adult. This thing is considered a kids comic…. ( ° ͜ʖ °)

Anything by Michael deForge is sure to haunt my nightmares. Ant Comics is just… i don't even know how to describe it. And the deer… those damned, eldritch deer…

Probably goes without saying, but Junji Ito really is as good as everybody raves.

Mermaid Saga by Rumiko Takahashi (yep she used to do horror before going all in on Shonen) was one of the first horror manga i ever read, and it's still as good as i remember. There aren't enough takes on the creepy version of mermaids, Mermaid Saga is one of the best out there.
sleeping_gorilla at 1:27PM, Jan. 13, 2023
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DC had a line of Horror Comics from Joe Hill, (Locke and Key, Stephen King's son) the stand-out one was BASKETFUL OF HEADS which has a girl trying to solve a mystery while avoiding men trying to kill her. She accidentally picks up an antique axe of healing. As she beheads people they start talking back to her.
davidxolukoga at 11:59PM, Feb. 2, 2023
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Horror comics rock! Who else is reading something is killing the children?? If anyone wants to collaborate on making a horror comic, I'm down to illustrate. Inbox me.

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