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Merry Christmas

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, Dec. 25, 2020

It’s Christmas.

As we wind down from this exhausting year, take the time to relax and count all the rays of sunshine amongst the gloom. In spite of the upheaval in work structures, I have found more time for my hobbies and art. In spite of the lockdowns I have maintained the support and friendship from friends and family.

And in spite of all, we still have Drunkduck.

Thank you all for a wonderful year. It has been a tough one. Let us now wander into 2021 with grace and let’s not anyone say “Well that year was the worst ever!”

We don’t want 2021 to reply, “Hold my beer,”

Take care everyone and have a wonderful holiday season.

Until the next year!

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L.C.Stein at 4:56PM, Dec. 28, 2020

Hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday season and getting some rest! What a crazy year it has been!

area5_1 at 10:02AM, Dec. 27, 2020

Merry Christmas all.

PaulEberhardt at 12:22PM, Dec. 26, 2020

Merry Christmas to everyone! They (whoever that may be) probably ripped us all off with a used year from the junkyard. Let's hope we'll get a bit more mileage out of the next one.

Banes at 7:15AM, Dec. 26, 2020

Merry Christmas - And big thanks to Alexey!

Tantz_Aerine at 7:04AM, Dec. 26, 2020

Merry Christmas and everything else <3

hushicho at 5:02PM, Dec. 25, 2020

AMEN. And happy holidays one and all, no matter what you celebrate, even if it's just a quiet evening at home. I'm so happy the Duck is here for me. This has been a dumpster fire year that deserves to be forgotten, even if we must remember all the lessons we learned from being in such a harrowing environment. Let's not forget the people and things we lost, but let's also head into the future with hope in our hearts and a resolve to pull things out of the fire wherever we can. Thanks to you all, and thanks to the Duck. May he ever be here for freedom in webcomics!

Avart at 2:09PM, Dec. 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

plymayer at 10:19AM, Dec. 25, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy Hunakka everyone,

Scott D at 4:30AM, Dec. 25, 2020

Here's to 2021, and happy holidays and season's greetings not just to all the wonderful creators on this platform, but to all our beloved readers!

Andreas_Helixfinger at 3:21AM, Dec. 25, 2020

Things have been managable, all things considered, and it has even been fun thanks to this wonderfully positive and creative community. And for that alone I feel rather blessed this year. I wish you Emma Clare and the rest of the awesome people here on DD happy holidays, with no worries, as I patiently, as well as eagarly, await a new year to come. A new year full of stories to be told and art to be witnessed in the magical landscape of the Duck Webcomics.

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