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Friday Fashion Spotlight 3: Estelia

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 3, 2021

Welcome to…
The DD Fashion Spotlight!
Number 3.

Today we have our first woman in the DD Fashion Spotlight: Estelia from Cribal Series. She's a warrior wearing chiefly tribal warrior gear. She's obviously from a very hot region so her accoutrements are similar to what you'd see in parts of Africa or the Melanesian or Polynesian Islands.

First, the elephant in the room - yes, this is quite a sexy outfit and that's part of the reason I picked it. It's reminiscent of other sexy warrior woman outfits such as Leela from Doctor Who, or Grace Jones’ character from Conan the Destroyer, for anyone who remembers those. But is it practical or realistic? Yup, 100% actually. Tribal warriors have been wearing similar clothing or less for thousands of years so it has heavy precedent. A good shield and spear are the primary tools of the trade and she carries a great example of each.


So now the defence is out of the way let's cover the clothes. Estelia is dressed for hot and humid conditions, so her clothes are minimally covering with plenty of ventilation so sweat can easily evaporate. Given the look and conditions and the technology and materials available to her people they're probably mainly made from animal parts like skins, bones, and feathers.
She wears wraps around her lower legs and arms, these are to protect her from sharp branches and light cuts. The feathers and band on her head, knees and biceps indicate status and help with recognition and unit coordination during the heat of battle.
She wears a halter wrap top, prominently exposing cleavage. Maybe as a sign of status? The clothing mainly seems to consist of wrapped strips of leather.
At her waist she wears a string for carrying her knife sheath and a laplap style loincloth covering her bottom and crotch.
And finally, a hide covered shield with wood backing and feather decoration.


The rear of the ensemble… Not much here but a fine bum and the back of the laplap.

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Ozoneocean at 1:44AM, Dec. 4, 2021

More comming every week :D

Banes at 4:12PM, Dec. 3, 2021

Very cool - neat that a costume can look so cool and stylized but also be quite realistic in nature!

hushicho at 3:53PM, Dec. 3, 2021

I so love these fashion segments. I really do, and I'm glad they're so inclusive so that those of us on the more mature end of the range can be included too!

Andreas_Helixfinger at 5:22AM, Dec. 3, 2021

Nice! I've always had a thing for ancient tribal and pre-historic outfits like loinclothes, furs and bone ornaments. Stuff that brings out the animalistic side of humanity. I think it's sexy af. And I have to agree with you Oz. That is a fine bum^^

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