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Friday Fashion Spotlight 4: SWALLOW Vamps in the Big City

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 10, 2021

Welcome to…
The DD Fashion Spotlight!
Number 4.

Vampires are usually very stylish people, Trilby Carlson and London are certainly no exception to this! These two very fashionable women are the main characters of SWALLOW Vamps in the Big City. Both women have simple yet lovely looks on show. They’re by no means the only fashionable characters in their comic though, so you should take a look for yourself. SWALLOW is a comic about two rival groups of fashionable female vampires who each stalk the same city… both fight over the young innocent vamp newbie Trilby. London is the head of one of the clans.

Trilby Carlson

Young Trilby here is showing off a classic look in an unusual fabric texture choice for this style. It’s a 1950s style off-the shoulder strappy number with a short figure hugging bodice, while the lower half fares out and bells over the hips. It seems to be made of a lovely lilac herringbone tweed wool fabric (though I DO own a silk scarf with the weave), so it’s deceptively strong and hardy for this style. It features quite elaborate stitching and shaping on the bust with bra cups designed to show cleavage but apart from that it’s relatively simple. It’s accessorised with a small clutch purse and strappy heels in matching colours. The dress gives Trilby a look of classic, innocent beauty, which matches her disposition, while the tweed texture points to hidden resilience and complexity.


London is the more experienced of the two characters and it shows. She has an air of slightly world weary sophistication. Her dress indicates more sexual power and dominance. A classic “little black dress”, perfect for high end occasions; parties, galas, clubs, and events. It hugs her figure closely and features a deeply scooped neck to show off the full curve of her cleavage, rather than the slight hint of Tilby’s dress. The long slit up the side indicates that it’s designed for action and fighting. She’s shown here accessorising with simple matching black heels, but also a short, wrinkled red leather jacket with a bolero cut. This shows her common, practical touch, she’s more than just an unattainable beauty. Colourwise the black dress goes beautifully with her hair, while the red jacket sets off her lipstick.
The orange colouring shown as a lining is symbolic rather than part of the dress.

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Andreas_Helixfinger at 8:56PM, Dec. 10, 2021

@Oz - Elder vs neonate. Could be:P

Ozoneocean at 8:50PM, Dec. 10, 2021

So... Experienced vs a new recruit?

Andreas_Helixfinger at 5:45PM, Dec. 10, 2021

It is a very telling contrast. In Vampire the Masquerade terms the former would be a clan Ventrue and the latter a clan Lasombra. Lovely stuff

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