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Friday Fashion Spotlight 6: Black Santa

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 24, 2021

Welcome to…
The DD Fashion Spotlight!
Number 6.

Merry Christmas! Well, Christmas eve, haha! Today we have a webcomic seasonally themed fashion icon, to whit: Black Santa. He's a distinguished gent with his own particular style and personal fashion and he's happy to experiment and show it off. I hope you're all having a great Christmas eve and that you all find time to buy last minute pressies and wrap them! Happy Hanukah, Kawanza, seasons greetings, festivus, and merry holidays.

Standard gear

This is Black Santa's normal gear. On his head he wears a red beanie with a white pompom. Also called a toque or a ski-hat. It's a very traditional Santa type thing to wear, but modernised. Two golden earrings adorn his ears and he keeps his hair and beard nicely trimmed. He wears a white, long sleeve T-shirt under his top which looks to be a red rugby jumper. He sometimes wears it with the sleeves down and sometimes rolled up to show the white T-shirt sleeves underneath. Finally he sets it all off with a gold chain and gingerbread man pendant. Very much a Santa suit for the modern day!

Fashion gear

Black Santa doesn't rest on his laurels! Oh no. He's got quite a lot of different alternative looks on show here. I can't go into exhaustive detail or it'd be way too much so I'll be brief. Suffice to say he's as dapper as they come with a fine selection of head-wear from fedoras to a beret and even a fez, coats and blazers in red and white, scarves, collared shirts and ties in all sorts of combos. Throughout all he retains his Santa theme of red and white, with the occasional black accent stripe. It's all cool weather gear, not exactly cold, indicating this is for a milder winter than the North Pole, and it's all very stylish and distinguished.

This is a Santa who not only knows how to dress and look great, he knows how to fit in too!

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