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BlueSky(s) ahead!

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, Oct. 7, 2023

Hello lovely Quackateers!

Drunk Duck is now on BlueSky! The new social media platform is growing fast. Last month, they achieved the one million users milestone. If you’re on the platform, swing by and give The Duck a follow.

If you’re a regular Twitter user, don’t worry! We’re still active on Twitter as well. Tantz is still hosting the #quackchat it every week 5:30PM(EST) as well so come join us if you want to have a chat! As we grow on BlueSky we’ll begin hosting it there as well. In the meantime, we’ll be posting articles, updates and the DrunkDuck award announcements so keep an eye out for that!

BlueSky is currently invite only. You can sign up for their waiting list here. Alternatively, if you’re interested, leave a comment below, or DM either Tantz_Aerine or myself and we'll send you a code whenever one becomes available. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Don’t forget you can now advertise on DrunkDuck for just $2 in whichever ad spot you like! The money goes straight into running the site. Want to know more? Click this link here! Or, if you want to help us keep the lights on you can sponsor us on Patreon. Every bit helps us!

Special thanks to our patrons!!

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Andreas_Helixfinger at 11:20PM, Oct. 7, 2023

@TheJagged - Not mine, for certain. These days I'm so detatched from it all that I constantly forget that social networks even exists:P

MegaRdaniels at 12:06PM, Oct. 7, 2023


TheJagged at 11:15AM, Oct. 7, 2023

There are decidedly too many social networks out there atm. How a single human brain to keep up with this??

HawkandFloAdventures at 6:56AM, Oct. 7, 2023

Excellent I'm on Bluesky too! i'm down for being mutuals :D

Tantz_Aerine at 4:49AM, Oct. 7, 2023

DD has got one code too, PQ me or Em. First come first served :D

Rachel87 at 4:26AM, Oct. 7, 2023

Hey I have two extra codes now, somebody can PM me as well if they want one. First come, first serve :)

paneltastic at 3:04AM, Oct. 7, 2023

All of these platforms are exhausting. I almost wish we'd just go back to message boards.

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