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Panel By Panel: 'The New Butler' and Pushing Perspective

hpkomic at 7:59AM, Oct. 20, 2023

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Panel by Panel, a periodic exploration of comic panels around The Duck.

Ever start clicking through the pages of a webcomic and find yourself suddenly stopping, struck by a panel? That is the essence of these write-ups, but it's also neat to realize that for nearly 20 years of reading and producing comics, things still catch me off guard. I love that. One example is a panel from the webcomic The New Butler. This comic, by Tensa1, looks a little unassuming at first. Still, the panel in question indicated some great technical understanding that caught me off guard, given the relative simplicity of the art.

The panel is on page 2 of the first chapter, “Dish.” Check it out below.

Do you see what I mean about the comic seeming unassuming at first? The inset panel depicts a somewhat simple drawing of a character in a scribbly, quick style. That's not a criticism; it's just an observation of the style. However, the second panel offers a technical multi-point perspective establishing a shot of a lavish room in a manor. The textural elements are fascinating, and the angle is impressive because such a perspective can be very hard to do.

The visual storytelling is also quite impressive, providing a real sense of scale as to what this butler's experience is. With a household that large, there is certainly an even larger amount of questions and intrigue to be found. This panel is full of intrigue.

Perhaps what strikes me most, however, is that the complexity of the image is still stylistically on par with the inset panel. It looks consistent with the style - maybe just a little more elaborate, but it is still quite the eye-catcher.

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PaulEberhardt at 1:28AM, Oct. 21, 2023

Oh yes! This really blew me away, too. It's a true work of art, the like of which you don't see very often, and this kind of perspective is ultra-hard to get right. Goes to show: never underestimate scribbly looking artwork! It may look quick, it may even be quick - no way for us to know without asking - but if I had just seen the inset I could still tell that Tensa1 knows exactly where to put each line.

J_Scarbrough at 8:41AM, Oct. 20, 2023

I almost got a little dizzy looking at it at first - that's quite an impressive panel is capturing the sheer scope of just how large this room is - it would feel overwhelming to a first-time visitor.

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