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Of flaws and foibles - creating characters with rough edges

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, April 6, 2024

Hello hello Quackateers! Today, let's chat about the secret sauce that makes webcomics, hell comics in general, pop – crafting a character with flaws so relatable, they spark lengthy reddit discussions!

Think about it. What makes your favourite characters stick with you long after you've closed the comic tab? It's their imperfections, their quirks, their all-too-human struggles that make them feel like old friends. So why not infuse your own characters with that same magic?

Flaws aren't just about making characters interesting, though. They're about making them feel real. Maybe your protagonist has a fear of failure that holds them back, or perhaps your sidekick has a tendency to put their foot in their mouth at the worst possible moment. These imperfections aren't just there for show; they're what drive your characters' growth and make their victories all the sweeter. They're also human foibles that we can relate to as we ourselves are just as likely to make them. Given that we are, for the most part, irrational beings with moments of rationality, having that reflected back to us in the characters we make and read about can help us put our own short comings into perspective.

Real people come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, so it stands to reason that comic characters do so as well. Embrace the beautiful mosaic of humanity by featuring characters whose experiences are informed by their backgrounds, cultures, and various walks of life. What have they learned? What did they have to overcome? Was their something they were once naïve to but are now jaded by? Not only does this add depth to your storytelling, but it also makes your webcomic feel more grounded, regardless of its genre or setting.

Crafting characters with realistic flaws isn't just about making your webcomic better – it's about making it feel relatable. So don't be afraid to let your characters show their rough edges. Embrace imperfection, celebrate diversity, and watch as your webcomic comes to life in ways you never imagined.

Happy creating, friends!

Which of your character's flaws are your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below! And join us on Sunday evening for our Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST)!

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usedbooks at 9:13PM, April 6, 2024

I take pride in being able to see any character trait as a flaw. I believe this unique ability comes from being labeled a "gifted" youth due to my striking character traits as a child that, in time, blossomed into debilitating flaws. Anywho, my characters are all very quirky with useful flaws and assets that hinder them.

PaulEberhardt at 8:36AM, April 6, 2024

Same here! When creating a character these days I spend most of the time working out fitting flaws that are interesting as well. That doesn't mean that more mundane flaws, like being impulsive or terribly shy should be left out; they've of course got their place in the mix where they have to be. It's all the way these flaws play out. --- Another frequent misguided criticism I read all the time is that the characters in this or that work could just have talked to each other, which would have resolved the plot in two pages. This should become a captcha: assuming that people talk to each other in every situation clearly indicates that whoever writes that doesn't know much about being human. ;)

dragonsong12 at 8:04AM, April 6, 2024

Couldn't agree more! The flaws in characters are one of the best parts of media. I actually get a bit frustrated seeing people (not necessarily here, but elsewhere on the internet) get annoyed with characters making "wrong" choices. If it's in-character for them to make that choice, they should absolutely make it 100% of the time. It makes the story better and the characters more believable.

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