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Panel By Panel: 'Thirley Peak' and Evolving Craft

hpkomic at 9:19AM, April 5, 2024

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Panel by Panel, a periodic exploration of comic panels around The Duck. This week I want to look at the work of one of the most recently prolific creators on the Duck. I wanted to look at the growth of creator HawkAndFlowAventures, by looking at the latest page of their comic, Thirley Peak. They have posted a lot of comics and hit some impressive milestones over this past year, so I wanted to see how they have grown in their comic craft.

Part of the impressive speed of HawkAndFlowAdventure's output comes from a pretty consistent pattern of panels that convey the story quickly. For example, there are a lot of panels that consist of character reactions with a close-up and some dialogue. There are also zoomed-out panels showing actions that tend to have a very icon-based style with very planar elements. This all works very well to crank out those pages, especially when combined with the vertical scroll style. However, sometimes that pattern is disrupted and I would love to see more. Take this panel from the latest page.

I really like the growth and confidence that this panel shows as it contrasts so heavily with the usual mode by which the comics operate. The angle at which the car is drawn is well-handled and mixes up the style of the paneling on the page. Even the tilt on the panel does a lot to disrupt the usual flow of the comic and helps the panel to stand out.

I really hope to see this creator keep pushing these angles and mixing up the format further.

This isn't the first time they have done this either, but I gotta say, I appreciate the level of confidence and growth in the craft on display here. I am excited to see what the coming year brings.

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Ironscarf at 5:11PM, April 6, 2024

The choice of angle really does add to the sensation of breaking too, along with the angle of that front wheel. Even the choice of red at the bottom of the panel says stop, which wouldn't work nearly as well without the angle.

skyangel at 4:04AM, April 6, 2024

Hawk and Flo definitely deserves a mention for it's sheer determination to make it's mark in the comic world! I've seen many a comic with greater art fall by the wayside because they didn't get enough attention but Hawk and Flo is proof that putting as much effort into publicity as well as in the making of a comic pays off and it has to be a lesson to us all! The art too just gets better all the time and I too am keen to see how this artist develops and grows over time because there is just so much enthusiasm burning here!

HawkandFloAdventures at 9:47AM, April 5, 2024

Wow thank you for the Panel by Panel showcase this was a wonderful surprise! :D

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