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The Anthology Project UPDATE

Banes at 12:00AM, March 14, 2024

The next Anthology Project is underway, and coming together, and we are looking for submissions for the COVER!
The theme…is DREAMS

Genejoke sez:

Hey folks,
The second Drunkduck anthology, A flock of dreams is nearing completion and you may or may not be aware we're running a cover design contest.

We have a few designs already but there's still time to get yours in before we open it up for voting at the beginning of next month.

The winner of the vote will (naturally) be the cover for the anthology, and the other designs will feature inside.

Anthology discussion thread

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Hockey Webcomics at 11:57PM, March 14, 2024

what's the deadline for the cover entries? i didn't see it on the thread, just the deadline for the comics. i believe the dimensions are that of the template on the thread.

Genejoke at 1:46PM, March 14, 2024

it absolutely would make a great cover, I'll add it to the potential covers.

Jason Moon at 12:44PM, March 14, 2024

@Genejoke- I'm wondering if that page I did a while back and sent to you for the dream anthology would make a cool cover? Or if it would be better as a stand alone page?

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