Everyone, 120 pages

Shanku has left her nest behind to explore the wide world around her. Out of her small forest home she finds more of her own kind and new friends. Love, loss, and adventure await her as she discovers the secrets her clan struggled to hide. But at what cost?

(This is the webcomic that ran from October 2009 until October 2015.)

Everyone, 16 pages

Everyone is a lonely planet,but some small brain holes in the homestead planet, the simple and joyful daily lives of little boys and cats, a special and ordinary “multi child” family, take you into a simple and easy healing dimension.

Mature, 128 pages

Secret Agent: British Intelligence II - The Spy Who Killed Me. Agent Biff Thrash returns in a new adventure, taking on old foes and new as he finds himself in darkest Russia, facing spooky evil and twisted villains. This man is dangerous!

Everyone, 76 pages

Follow Zeep as he grows and evolves to explore his world. What surprises are in store for our little critter and what happened to the human race? Only time will tell.

Growlution was designed from the start to be an in-depth story with drama, happiness, and even the occasional laugh from its inception. It's an adventure comic that has been called biology based, brightly colored, anthromorphic and even sci-fi, although it is not intentionally any of those things. If asked Zeep would say “Zeep is Zeep.” Thus Growlution is Growlution. A tale of growth and evolution. Currently drawn by Marika Kapogeorgakis and colored by me. Support us on patreon to see the buffer without the wait. Site design (Comic Fury) by Matt Comics.

Mature, 129 pages

You Call That A Stick Figure Comic? 3D stick men comic with bonus cringeworthy attempts at humor. Sometimes plays host to other comic pages with nowhere else to go. (Buns of Steel has moved to its own comic now, and so has Nottynghame. Links to other comics at the bottom of every comic page.)

Adult, 9 pages

Amber cautiously descended the crumbling stone steps that led into the shadowy depths of the dungeon.

Adult, 28 pages

To Move the Shade

Drako must defend a beautiful elf from an army of orc-like demons. He also needs to protect her from the assassin leader, Rhabar Nadim. This story is rated “A” for adults only. It contains sex, nudity, drugs, and violence and is not “Office Safe”.

The title is based on a sword technique from famous samurai, Miyamoto Musashi’s “A Book of Five Rings”.

Mature, 28 pages

A slice of life romance featuring an unlikely pair.
(Contains strong language and sexual humor.)

Teen, 88 pages

They walk on the shadows of illusions, death becomes a key factor in the siege of paradoxes and the outcome of a war of time and space rests on the shoulders of mortals who once lived life in the eyes of a gamer. Will they become destined gods or executed war heroes?
(being remastered)

Everyone, 67 pages

She Used To Be Fractal is a semi-serialized slice-of-life and fantasy webcomic about a non-binary trans woman navigating her life and maintaining relationships while struggling with mental health. The world is messy. So is her room.

Teen, 105 pages

The adventures of two friends Steve and Melvin
(Read from right to left)

Mature, 55 pages

“Honestly, Indiana Forrester! Why aren't you a girl?!” College student and photojournalist intern Indiana Forrester's girlfriend of one year broke up with them upon learning she had mistaken them for butch lesbian. But, despite her rudeness, her parting words made Indiana wonder if they knew they were a guy or if they'd just never had reason to question their gender. Naturally, they decide the best way to find out their gender and sexuality is to put on a skirt and jump into the deep end of a dating pool. A pool conspicuously filled with college football stars, mafia hitmen, sleazy photographers and maybe one entire roller-derby team.

Everyone, 64 pages

Maynard and Grimm- A Hole in the World
Brother Maynard and Rugnar are sent on a mission to the sewers of Prague, where they find a mysterious portal…
Bite sized Chapters post here, originally a 7×7 Exclusive!

Teen, 309 pages

Coolstar Comics Master Files is a guide to everything in the CSCU. Need to know something about the characters, places and things in the CSCU? Look no further!

Mature, 97 pages

Old comic strip I did back in 1993 when I was in highschool.

Teen, 90 pages

A teen dealing with typical things in life. Bullies, school, falling apart, girls. Same ol same ol

Teen, 249 pages

The story of a Kung Fu 70's style detective band, that's the only thing standing between the forces of good and evil.

Adult, 23 pages

Finger Man

Portland private dick,Tag Forester must find an old flame of his for her ex-husband.

Finger Man has a lot of different definitions. One is of the guy who fingers or points out a guy who the triggerman should kill. The one that comes to Tag is someone who finds people. Then there’s the Urban dictionary version, which could also pertain to Tag.

Everyone, 70 pages

He likes jam

Mature, 30 pages

A gunwoman looks for a new job.

Teen, 99 pages

An assassination attempt on the King of the Sea turns out to be more than one girl can handle as she's thrown into the perils of a great undersea war. Images of those around her warp and change, and the entire sea is caught between industrialization and the primal way of life.


Everyone, 6 pages

A dragon girl with the power to Shapeshift into many other animals as well as go on adventures along the way

Mature, 99 pages

A group of middle aged role players reunite for the adventure of a lifetime.

Teen, 68 pages

Sword Princess Yukisaki II - Yuki and her faithful cat Tetsu return in a new adventure! The accidental appearance of a heavenly being heralds bad news for everyone. Mystical fantasy feudal Japan shenanigans from the maker of Forest Reckoning, Buns of Steel, You Call That A Stick Figure Comic? and Ninja Island. No wait, that last one doesn't exist yet!

Teen, 57 pages

A book wants to help his friend.


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