Mature, 147 pages

Naval Criminal Investigative Service | A spin-off from JAG

STARRING: Mark Harman as “Leroy Jethro Gibbs”, Jonathan Togo as “Ryan Wolfe”, Eva LaRule as “Natalia Boa Vista”, Pauley perrette as “Abby Sciuto”, Peter Cambor as “Nate Getz”, WITH Linda Hunt as “Hetty Lange”, AND David McCallum as “Donald Mallard”

Updates every MONDAY

Teen, 117 pages

Sci-Fi adventure by 70's comic author Jeff Salty

Mature, 72 pages

Follow the adventures of the folks from a town called Strange Hill, Inspired by South Park and set in the uk and currently going through Phase 1 where I'm trying out the character dynamic, doing a few stories, seeing how it goes, and eventually working towards a break point where i will then change anything that needs changing, and tweek the art work to look nicer.
Strange Hill is basically a tool to teach me how to write characters and stories, It'll be a long process. Constructive thoughts and advice welcomed.

Adult, 114 pages

Join the adventures of sexy Incubus Dhiar and his fabulous friends and family. Full of satire, sensuality, and sexy guys, Incubus Tales has plenty of incentive to keep flipping pages!

Mature, 29 pages

Espio Gaiden is a series I made up which combines two of my favorite game series together, Sonic and Ninja Gaiden. This series is a spin-off to Sonic Unreal and stars Espio the Chameleon.

Mature, 235 pages

It's a god eat god world.

Mature, 110 pages

The road to glory is paved with personal demise - follow the story of Alexandra/Sekhmet, her descent to hell and her tormented raise to power.

Updates Mondays, 12 PM ET!

Mature, 101 pages

No matter how weak a woman is, she has a strong point and something all she needs is her REVENGE

Teen, 90 pages

What do you do after you've had your turn at being the chosen one? What else? Teach at the world's first magical school. Felicity Stone's story unfolds as she teaches a class for those who are either bad at magic or are unable to fully tap into their powers.

Teen, 163 pages

What if Kal-el landed in an anthro Pokemon universe?
Commissioned by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Everyone, 122 pages

The adventures of a little green ball on the distant planet of Zlorpagos.

Mature, 25 pages

The complex lives of mythical creatures in a world where they live alongside humans.

Everyone, 127 pages

A K9 duo watching over and protecting the citizens of their home town of Spring Haven. Brisco and Rudy are Fletcher and Raid, The Watch-Dogs, and they're ready to kick some tail. (There was suppose to be a hyphen between the words “Watch Dogs”). Also, I'll be posting a new page every Monday.

Mature, 492 pages

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with Rock, Hobart, and Doc on the Stumbling Dead; a Zombie Action Adventure Comic Strip.

Teen, 83 pages

An uptight middle schooler gets dragged on paranormal fantasy adventures with her magical grandfather, all while trying to keep her normal life!

Mature, 1 page

A Drunk Duck featured comic and winner of the Drunk Duck Awards for Best Humor Scenes and Most Deliciously Offensive. Plus the artist is an Adonis of a man. Handsome, charismatic, suave. He saved my mom's life once! All in all, this is one awesome guy.

Everyone, 69 pages

Eduardo Ramirez, a young delinquent with modest super powers serves out his court ordered community service on a superhero team that fights for ideals he doesn’t believe in.

Teen, 152 pages

A comic following the Caraways, a team of five sibling explorers who set out to investigate the mysteries surrounding their hometown in eldritch New England. From old temple ruins to secret societies, strange artifacts, and even planes from beyond the waking world, some of the most disturbing things the kids uncover lie in their hidden connection to it all. Tread carefully.

Teen, 100 pages

A cyberpunk detective story set in Italy in 2073

Adult, 436 pages


Everyone, 205 pages

A cosmic explorer finds a curious alien creature drawn to an unassuming planet. He decides to study it and soon enough finds yet more alien species are involved. What secret lies on the planet, and how will its inhabitants be affected?

Mature, 192 pages

Let's go to space!

Everyone, 22 pages

A woman inherits secrets that threaten a powerful leadership. She quickly finds herself entangled in conflict between two schools of magic: Alchemy and Magehood.

Everyone, 139 pages

Panel cartoon based on that lowest form of humor.

Teen, 31 pages

From the mountain the dark plague came
Silent of movement under the cover of the dark
To the victims, the plagues goal was to kill and maim
Before the land was clean and pure but the plague leaves it’s mark
The pain and suffering of the people was stark
The innocents look about for help, a leader
For without a savior death would be the only landmark
So Sarah became Black because the people needed her.


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