Teen, 24 pages

Miara is a lone, small cherub who must deliver a dragon egg to a sacred chapel to be sworn in as the successor to the ageing “Dragon Guardian” of Relia.

Updates bi-weekly.

Everyone, 36 pages

A woman inherits secrets that threaten a powerful leadership. She quickly finds herself entangled in conflict between two schools of magic: Alchemy and Magehood.

Teen, 47 pages

company house HERETIC ~ this is the story of a girl who did NOT cry a river and drown the whole world she just thought she was special (but she's not)

posting this here because YAOI SETH IS HERE idk why it says the page count is lower than it is

Mature, 76 pages

Tras casi morir defendiendo a su amiga en la tierra, Deivid es transportado a otro mundo en guerra junto a un sistema que se moldea a sus deseos mas profundos, todo con el propósito de sobrevivir en un mundo caótico controlado por el puño más fuerte.
Debajo de otros, destino controlado y deseos suprimidos, "De ahora en
adelante haré lo que quiera, controlaré mi propio destino y todo aquel
que intente detenerme ¡¡TENDRÁ QUE SUFRIR!!

Everyone, 79 pages

In 1983 my friends and I accidently got our Algebra teacher fired….this is our true story!

Everyone, 14 pages

I made this comic series on this website: https://superstarsaga.comic.studio/
Make sure to go ahead and try it out yourself

Mature, 56 pages

A small comic about a small town

Everyone, 131 pages

Ups and downs of life in a cafe owned by a dog (Señor Banana, a Chihuahua) and a cat (Bok Choi, a Siamese).

Everyone, 29 pages

“Creation” is a series of comic strips which adapts mythologies from various cultures.

Mature, 53 pages

A group of snazzy individuals who challenge and try to change a corrupted society to its core.

Adult, 90 pages

Created by Furwerkstudio. Characters owned by Boneywolf.

Nakamura Rex, a deity that walks the streets, a mage for hire, a man of immense power.

And he is just bumming it in Beach City, taking the occasional supernatural case to support his life style.

Adult, 27 pages

Sometimes, to learn the future, one needs to look to their past…

Teen, 236 pages

90 Years after The American War. The Last Aviatrix still flies above the ruined wastelands of this rotted skull of an earth. The radiation and atomic nature of the worlds demise has given rise to a breed of atomic powered wizards that want to take her out of the sky. Her plane, The Albatross, an ancient B-29 powered by an atomic bomb keeps her in the air. Along the way she meets companions Henry and Clementine. Can our Aviatrix traverse these wastes?

Teen, 436 pages

The town of Azure is the last place on Earth standing after the world fell apart due to the event known as Endlocke. The story follows 8 different characters who uncover the truth behind the event and what their government is hiding from the citizens.

Teen, 136 pages

Space pathfinders exploring the galaxy, one comic strip at a time.
Updates on Sunday

Everyone, 66 pages

The stories of a depressed gamer. A comedic look at gaming, friendship and life in general.

Teen, 27 pages

A spinoff from Coga Nito. Follow Liz as she navigates a strange blue forest, tries to make friends, and gets through youth and super-powered combat.

Everyone, 3 pages

A fish out of water comedy about a duck in the human world.

Teen, 15 pages

Stone Age Soap Opera

Teen, 190 pages

Strong rule and weak suffer! Those are the rules in Kronos High School, where violent hooligans constantly fight for power! But here comes new student, the warrior of justice! His name is Marcel and he has two goals! To punish the evil oppresors and to find his sister. But is he a hero, or just another delinquent? “Super Impact High school” is an action packed, over-the-top story full of fighting, crazy characters and dark secrets. I hope you have fun reading my first comic.

Everyone, 43 pages

Part 0: The Last Space Wizard! In This action packed remake of Hawk and Flo's first adventure, discover the world of Twist verse like never before. With enhanced art work, Lettering and the addition of previously deleted scenes! In the distant future rogue corporations build Militaries to steal the natural resource of Zirbicadium. A rare Alien Radiation that grants Magical powers. This has brought with it chaos as the Last surviving Space Wizard now Needs to be rescued from Evil's clutches!

Everyone, 22 pages

Random shorts from the lives of Bally Williams and her friends in the 1990s! Spin-off from the webcomic series, Space Pack!

Mature, 27 pages

Meet “Mr.Davis”, a man gifted not only with “Mindscape Materialization” but Complete Immortality! After leaving his post as the top assassin for the legendary MOOKA tribe, he begins to build a plan for worldwide POWER by developing a magical drug that no one can resist, and he'll let no one or no thing get in his way to becoming the most powerful being on the “NEW EARTH”!!! This is a selfmade action adventure comic series from MC DAVIS COMICS that contains violence, profanity, and occasional nudity and sexual situations! PLEASE ENJOY!!!!

Adult, 29 pages

Warriors of Tonlan is a graphic novel series about a planet of Amazon Clans.The jungle planet is a very hazardous place…pitting the clans against each other…and beasts that were also placed there…and multiplied.

Teen, 3 pages

a Semi auto-biographical comic leaning heavily into Fiction loosely based around the life a man who has no life but is actively seeking a better life than what he has right now.

Updates once a week currently on Mondays….. follow along to see where this story goes.


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