Adult, 1 page

Pennys Gadget nes experiences

Mature, 24 pages

There could be the lack of Truth, Love, Sincerity and loyalty in this world and the search of all these will led you “Beyond the Stars”

Mature, 12 pages

in this universe the eternal hustlers have created a substance that not only relaxes every nerve of the body, but heals all injuries and sickness!! They will soon find out that running a business selling this substance called BLISS will make them targets of every powerful figure in the universe that wants to control the miraculous substance for themselves!!! Join Mike-D, Judah, Row, and Three-Sixty as they battle and out scheme every greedy and jealous entity that wants to steal their BLISS!!

Everyone, 53 pages

In 1983 my friends and I accidently got our Algebra teacher fired….this is our true story!

Everyone, 74 pages

A mysterious substance nicknamed “Devil's Blood” is infecting citizens and Nicodemus Blacroft is looking to find a way to contain the spread. He is untrained and mainly passing the time and soon finds that despite his successes, he may be in well over his head.

Mature, 13 pages

Cooper Dawson is an 18 year old high school senior with a secret or two; He is a cam model… and he's half possessed by an ancient demon. All he wants is a normal life, but the strange occurrences in the town of Crimson Valley seem determined to thwart him at every turn.

Teen, 60 pages

The adventures of two friends Steve and Melvin
(Read from right to left)

Mature, 13 pages

Time is of the essence, 3 brave adventurers must embark on a perilous quest to avoid all out war, but can the survive the Fortress of Dread!?

Teen, 16 pages

A collection of comics!
The world from the perspective of the Hong Kong ball(♀)!

Adult, 24 pages

Tales of Tonlan is a graphic novel series about a planet of Amazon Clans.The jungle planet is a very hazardous place…pitting the clans against each other…and beasts that were also placed there…and multiplied.

Teen, 4 pages

A modern day private eye who lives in the ancient past

Teen, 27 pages

Far away in a distant land, a boy lived all alone… But one night, a witch broke into his house. Now the two must team up if they hope to survive.

Mature, 19 pages

Cloned from the only half man half djinn to EVER to exist, The man known as Mike D would become the vessel for the power known as the infinite source, giving him total control over the 6 areas of all existence, TIME,MIND,POWER,REALITY,SPACE, AND THE SOUL, but having this power has given him a ton of enemies who wish to steal the infinite source for themselves!! Join the adventures of the Infinity King as he faces villains from all walks of life and tries his best to be a low key apartment tenant!!!
this comic will combine all adventures from my MCD UNIVERSE, so if you've read my other incomplete comics, know this one will tie everything together! STAY SAFE OUT HERE!!!!

Adult, 16 pages

A massive army is sweeping through the land, threatening the volcanic lands of Stephome. Can our heroes stop the horde in time?

Teen, 74 pages

A young and hot-tempered hydreigon on a search for power, is ripped away from his previous life and turned human in an ambitious and impossible project run by a mad scientist.

Everyone, 18 pages

In Which Yuji Sakai and munch discover timeline

Everyone, 17 pages

You’ve heard the fairy tale story of where an innocent victim gets killed, then is resurrected into some sort of hero, or heel, so they can be given the opportunity to avenge they’re past..

Well then this story is kind of like that,,,,,,
Well,,,,,,,, Sort of…….

Dylan Martenson awake’s one night, from what seemed like a real morbid nightmare,, not knowing who he really is, and not knowing where he is, or why he feels so numb, he tries to focus on the full moon above, then Dylan sees the silhouette of a figure kneeling over him.

Now Dylan here ain’t no hero, no sir, he’s not.
Nor is he a heel.
Now that you mention it, I don’t really reckin’ if he’s dead,,,,, or even alive!

But what I do know is that he’s the proud Sheriff of the city of Demontreville,,,,,
Welllll,, I wouldn’t necessarily say Demontreville is a city,,,,
More like a gateway to another world,,,,,,,,

Well Goddamn!

I’ve already said too much…….

Everyone, 15 pages

Some lawl from our beloved DC characters.

Written by Mark Bowers, Art by Joey Jarin

Teen, 67 pages

Anthology of comics involving the Space Monster Sublimation

Adult, 165 pages

A Heroine whose methods in crime fighting finds her on the wrong side of Law Enforcement.(two cops are assigned to haul her behind in) talk show host Monica Jones watched her mother and sister get gunned down when she was in college….she has sworn war against all evil doers, and fights them…as Neva Knownes.

Everyone, 47 pages

Various design, tests and general odds and sods that don't belong anywhere else.

Everyone, 24 pages

A baker gets an offer she can't refuse - a royal order for a wedding cake. She has 24 hours to deliver. The story began during a 24-hour comic event, aka “the noble failure” because it's noble to try but most everyone fails. (updated weekly)

Teen, 21 pages

When an up-and-coming freelance adventurer is conned into starting an intergalactic war, her only hope for redemption may depend on the notorious pirate who framed her.

Adult, 3 pages

Trap has to get a job

Everyone, 5 pages

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