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A girl becomes trapped in a world where shadow and music Reign surpreme

An alien born out of an egg joins a circus - only to find that his fellow performers have made him into a spy after they find that they can use him for doing odd jobs. Although he is not a very sneaky one. Adventure follows! A Platinum Studios comic!

Life was great until those damn vampires started to show up…and those zombies…and werewolves….and….is that Slendorman….@#&k!!!

An Arkola with no future, two monsters who take care of her, and a holy angel who loves her. A bleak future is all she can see and it glares down on her with a sneer. What's a girl to do? Keep going, of course! -Updates sporadically-

Who's that girl over there? Oh her... oh that's Djibril... she's some freak with contagious disease! You know she takes daily blood transfusions, and you know what? I have NEVER seen her eat ANYTHING! What is she, a VAMPIRE!?

Blane, the scourge of the galaxy, his rabbit, Mr. Belvedere and talking belt, seek to escape the Zarplarkian authorities for political space-crimes. They crash land on Earth, in a cemetery, where their ship's cosmic fuel inadvertently reanimates the dead.

A monster that steals disabled children and helps them.A brutal baptiser of sorts .The creature is not gentle in his ways but has good intentions.

A vampire comic! Confirming and breaking vampire clichés, in a nifty greyscale. Updates irregularly.

In an alternate, future world, a Vampire seeks to destroy the one responsible for his curse.

Agents of Darkness have uncovered the INFINITUM KEY, bringing the end of all days with it. The vampire king Blood Rign and Paula DeMaine, the wearer of the Devil Jack, team up to stop them....but can they survive their first meeting?

zombie fight hot babes! the city of gilroy is over ran with zombies and only the bunny can stop them!

A cast of misfit undead characters run a nightmarish amusement park. Killing is their business, and business is good. But it's nothing personal.


Ban is a space colony that has been isolated from the rest of the universe for centuries. Many "monsters" live on this planet. The Y.E.S. wants to "liberate" the colony and has sent in a lone agent known as "Generic" to carry out operation T.B.

A super-powered vampire with pirate-related PTSD accidentally starts collecting friends like a crazy cat lady collects strays, and they all live in a cabin in the woods.

hard-driven heroes, beautiful women, mysterious expeditions with giant monsters and machine men. A mix of steampunk and storylines.

Follow the romantic adventures of the gloomy Pierrot, the young lady Colombine and the ever-smiling Harlequin.

Harleqiun is back, and this time he is fighting for a girl of his own. But how far is the desperate Captain ready to go to stop him?

Aria wakes up in an unknown village, suddenly without her sister, or the important artifact she was charged to carry. When a strange man offers her his protection, she must decide whether to place her wavering trust in him, or to go it alone.

Some legends refuse to die. COTBT is a dark and modern re-imagining of the Golden Age superhero, The Black Terror. An unflinchingly violent and emotional story.

A dark shadow has fallen upon the world of Tymaera and evil stalks the land. Question is, are a cursed black dragon, an Undead werewolf and a half-fay exile capable of turning back this darkness when they're haunted by shadows of their own making?

Dark Eve is about a vampier named Ban Boric and a bounty Hunter named Spade team up to stop a mal violent vampier named Darkos who took over a small town that is overrun by zombie vampiers with plans to resurrec count dracula.

Dead at the hands of a childhood friend, Amber Darrand never knew that life could be so cruel-or death so busy! This is the story of a dead girl who is brought back to life because of a binding contract that has survived the ages between immortals and men

(... DISCONTINUED FOR NOW, JUST HERE AS A FUN MEMORY) A webcomic about a detective-turned-zombie and his wife as they travel through a dark forest alongside a mysterious chain—all in the hopes they can find the one person who can bring him back. They just have a few hiccups along the way, of course.

Alien warriors, tyrannical god-kings and human death squads battle for the soul of a planet.

Champion City Comics is pleased to present the exciting conclusion to Dr Death vs The Vampire. Dr. Death has taken refuge in Las Vegas following a brutal encounter with a vampire clan. However, his refuge is short-lived due to the presence of a zombie that is terrorizing the city.

Champion City Comics is pleased to present the follow-up to Dr Death vs The Vampire. Dr. Death has taken refuge in Las Vegas following a brutal encounter with a vampire clan. However, his refuge is short-lived due to the presence of a zombie that is terrorizing the city.

In the lands of Scum city monsters and demons dwell. When hope seems lost a group of monster hunters called Dome Busta take care of business. Throughout out the story you will see through the eyes of members of DB. Welcome to complete chaos.

A Haruspex who foretells the future using the bones and organs of dead animals searches for the truth in the dying town of Al-Hijr, who take unkindly to his practice.

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

Almost seemingly by chance during a military attack, two brothers are revealed to a "Flamen" - a hint of the world's past and a spark of their adventure. This is a manga with slices of actions, mechs, sci-fi, politics, and ... girls (yet to come) :o

A comic about a weird bunch of people; the less than sane and quite homicidal Doks, the necromancer Steph, her brother Jak, the zombie Kris, another necromancer, Klick, and one normal kid named Jake. 0% Sanity, 100% Insanity!

A comedy about adolescent monsters and their daily adventures while attending university. A manga that's still alive after 5 years.

Follow the former undertaker Mike Vorhees and the Zion Army as they battle the zombie hordes of the satanic Judas in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world of death. Action, Horror, zombies and lots of shovel action. What more could you wish for?

Grounded Angel stars an unwitting girl named Gloria, who finds out during a really bad day that she's an angel, the herald to the end of the world. Premiering Monday, October 9 and running five days a week!

Take some classic slasher films ala Friday the 13th and Nighmare on Elm Street, add in a dash of bishounen ai, sprinkle with mystery, comedy, drama, simmer in black and white, and cook for adventure.

This comic is dead, very dead. Never touching it again dead.

Can true love really conquer all... even death? Hikari must figure this out for herself if she wants to save her soul. The hunt for true love begins!

Supernatural happenings at a hotel, the demise of it's occupants by the maid, and the subsequent romance between herself and a very peculiar Irishman.Set in a Victorian Europe...

Inami, born in the village of Womooh (wom-oh). She was born as a Kuniko. Loosing her parents and sister to fire and brother to insanity, she searches to remove her major problem...her self.

this is a lil comic im doing just for fun plz take a look if youd like

You know the drill... Small town, little girl, red hood. Basket. Forest. Wolf. It's a story told before: Once apon a time...

[BL] What happens when a zombie rabbit-boy meets his destined one? Complete and utter chaos, that's what.

A science-fantasy comic. It follows a mage who’s something of an electrician/technician living in the last habitable city on earth. He’s a bit green and there seems to be something strange going on in the background…

no description

Follow the adventures of Lancaster the Ghost Detective as he discovers the strange world of the paranormal!

Princesses, maids, swords, sexual ambiguity, romance, and revolution.

Salina is the living dead. A slave. A monster. She kills vampires, demons and whatever else comes in her way. Her perverted boss assigns her missions many to which she hates but cannot refuse. She does so to get her sole back and become human again.

The story of a young woman named Fan who is on an eternal quest to kill her brother once and for all, but with the help of 4 others, will she succeed?

What happens when your life is turned upside-down in a single moment? Ask Lether; who is currently a zombie.

16 year old Koku Katsuragi finds a magical ring, transforming her into a Magical bat-girl! but the ring comes with a history, and even as she spreads her new wings, evil forces threaten to destroy her!

This is a comic made in a style which is a mix between comic book and tale ilustration, It´s the story about two anthro wolf sisters and their feral friend who are gifted with great magic powers, they´re in a journey to save their world from an evil monster demon who wants to destroy it, the comic is full of epic action in dragon ball style, dramatic and fun moments and sex in some parts

Kaillie Taylor a.k.a 5.2 struck her name off the list of Secret Police agents three years ago... but now she is need once more! Teamed up with the mysterious Lock, they must face a crisis which grows more dangerous by the day. A Scottish manga-style comic

Emily finds her life to be droll and uneventful, but when she gets pulled into a world of cartoony silliness and Gothic horrors she starts to wonder if maybe her old life wasn't so bad after all.

It's about zombies. :D

An American teacher in Japan finds romance and wacky misadventures when he gets engaged to a gothy mob princess. We have Time Monkeys.

Prince Jean-Patrick finds young Sarah's bedroom to frighten her. But Sarah isn't an eight year old girl running around in her socks. She's a young adult now and it certainly shows! Together, the Boogey man and human girl journey through their lives. One to become king of his kind and the other to find her place. Two roads cross and destiny determined to keep them together. Monsters do not solely exist in the darkness.

if you like avatar element binding then you will love Moonlight element its a about a girl that is capture and held prisoner by the fire king and but before the king can do anything the water kingdom comes and attack the fire kingdom chasing the royal fam

Rhea is a girl that's down on her luck. With no family to call her own she's forced to live the life of a petty thief. But after getting a "lucky" koi everything starts to change.

Two high school pitted against each other. One full of preps and the other full or monster and freaks. Moonshadow is no ordinary high school and these are no ordinary teenagers. Main characters: Phantom, werewolfs, zombies, vampires, Hyde, witches.

my bloody nobelmen is kind of a dark story a young girl named violet who comes from a very rich family her uncle has killed her mmom and dad so she is left to live on the streets after a failed atempt by her uncle to kill her read the manga for more info

Nancy, a ditzy, buxom necromancer. Emp, her demonic, alcoholic sidekick. Arandu, a zombie who couldn't find a brain with both hands and a map. And Walter, the temp.

In a time of great transition after the fall of two warring gods, a mysterious beast-like "elf" named Narou wanders the world of Kelvren in search of adventure with his new friends.

Seth, a promising young student at Animus Tristi University, has his life re-arranged after a series of fantastical events. His newfound abilities allow him to search out answers as a masked force of redemption.

Annie McCourt's life is turned upside down when the mysterious Eric Frost appears. Warning: full of ooey-gooey shoujo-style teenage romance. Contains vampires, angst, and angsty vampires. UPDATING AGAIN YAY

Many people have heard the story of Adam and Eve. The fall of man and original sin; but what if "the fall" was meant to be? Follow the story of Eden, told through Eve's eyes. **This is MY INTERPRETATION of the story of Adam and Eve.**

A troubled girl with aspirations of stardom, Christine Daye is visited by a mysterious figure every night in her dreams. He calls himself the "Angel of Music" and teaches Christine to sing like an angel herself. A modern Phantom of the Opera story.

Even in a magical world, unexplained phenomena can happen. That's where Eredicus, Aries and their colleagues come in. They explore the paranormal in a world of fantasy, mythical creatures, and strong magic.

Linley Trent is an ex-cop, currently Hell-bent on taking revenge against his previous employer. The only thing he wants to do is murder in peace, but his drug-dealing buddy Fingers keeps trying to remind him that his love-life is more important.

Falling chandeliers, strange stage hands and lots of girls in shorts skirts put into cautionary tales--Oh, my! It's been 100 years since the time of the Opera Ghost and many things have changed--except one: The Opera Garnier will always have a Phantom.

"A wish... a wish from the deepest part of my heart..." Not many dolls are born with souls upon their creation, but the little clown doll Pierrot was somehow special enough to have one... and even fall in love. Shoujo-ai/yuri/lesbian themes.

A classic tale of a "kinda" super villian and a "kinda" superhero who join forces to eradicate a greater evil who has come into their town known only as the White Rabbit. Who is he? Why does he want revenge. Does he have a fluffy tail? But first, Science!

Miki visits her boyfriend Toshiya at a rainy night...

Yeah, I don't even know what the plot is, you'll have to check it out yourself. (It does involve phantoms, zombies, possessed bunnies, and an odd guy with a catmask)

Story of a revenge in the world of vampires

Stella had never been popular, transferring from school to school. But no matter where she went, her lack of speech and strange eyes had been a target. But when she sits next to the most popular (and clumsiest) boy in school, everything changes.

A short "manga" about why you shouldn't go to Mars. Or marry nobility.

A Yuri; girl x girl love; lesbian; shoujo-ai. A girl with the odd hobby of sewing living monsters and there some argument if she is human or not. Now her world changes when an unlucky student comes to her school and she looks yummy. (A creepy-cute comic)

The tale of Katie Frankenstein, trying to cope with normal girl problems like hormones, annoying little brothers, highschool, and being brought back from the dead as a monster.

The Fomorii were mighty warriors who conquered ancient lands, One Fomorian warrior now stands against a coming evil that is going to destroy the world, Will He succeed and if he does will he pick up where it left off?

When a guardian angel comes to a despondent, middle-school artist, she finds her life to be much more than it seems.

Life seemed like a boring journey for Akemi Shizumiya until she was possesed by an ancient demon trapped in an old shrine scroll. Now her life has turned one of adventure battling ancient monsters, romanced by gods

Nancy was wandering in the forest when something crossed the sky above, screaming and crashing among the trees. This is how she meets Herbert, a wandering "witchfinder" on the run from demons, who stumbled by sheer luck into the only village they can't approach...

When their village is attacked by soldiers, Kristen and Maria are captured and brought to the castle of Corbin, a handsome yet cruel warlord with a secret, where they are made into servants bound to the castle for the rest of their lives.

Rikichi never was one to stand out, and is just a little caught off guard when the daughter of satan chooses him as her new boyfriend.

A story of death, betrayal, and power. Zombies and voodoo come included.

Victory has a average life of a boy living in a walled city from going to school, to losing fights, and even meeting a strange visitor that tells him that every human-being has the ability to turn into monsters. Mild nudity & gore. Read from right to left

The result of an unholy union between radioactive waste and organic matter would really like to be left alone in the sewers, but the surface has a way to affecting his daily life.

Rogue bounty hunter Taivore is forced into a rescue mission. But the girl he is to rescue is more trouble than she is worth. She seems to be a magnet for trouble and attracting all kinds of weirdo's.

Welcome to Cornerstone City where Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and more have been living side by side with normal folks for years. Meet the Midnight Shift. A Special Police Task Force created to handle all "monster"-related crimes, made up of monsters

A human girl is taken to the planet of Kenah, turned into a Dragon, and given a destiny to fulfil. It seems to involve a lot of colourful magic, people supporting a rebel Dragon, and pirates who trip while flying. All she wants is to get back home.

A word falls to chaos as a virus that brings the dead back to life runs rampant, but it seems that the humans aren't the only ones having trouble surviving.

Aryan, the silver fox, meets a human girl, Emily.

Joey is a ghost possessing his own zombie. The problem is, he can't always keep control. Follow him as hunts strange monsters, fights strange foes, and just possibly... finds the cure everybody has been looking for.

Sworn through blood to destroy demons and other evil nether-entities, the Daemonslayers: Blackjack, a cursed black dragon; Shade, a dire werewolf and Soul, an immortal half-fay travel their world Tymaera waging a three-person war on daemonkind.

The world of Terra is plagued by a living nightmare in the form of an angelic child. Ancient beings that give Terra life can no longer control what they have created and the only way to awake from Terra's nightmare is for the planet to die. This is the tale of a girl created solely to assist a planet with it's own suicide.

Boston 2096. The city in the midst of a bloody drug war, the world on the edge of Environmental collapse Federal Bounty Hunters Adam Winthrope and Tonya Mills are contracted to hunt the 3 most dangerous human beings the U.S. Government ever createdââ‚

A couple of wannabe awesome dudes find themselves in the middle of an EPIC supernatural apocalypse...nevermind that though there's only one question on everyone's mind "What is the Golden Edge?" - Join the team as they battle their way through zombies, gremlins and monsters to find out! Based on an old webcomic still hosted on DrunkDuck!

The Island of March is a peculiar place for it's divided in half by a chalk line. One side of the island is populated by regular people, led by the wealthy merchant Sliced Hamm. On the Other Side however it's a different Story: pirates, lead by Nino Magliani, a mysterious tribe, a dissatisfied poet, Machiavelli's grandson and a bouquet of strange characters make life incredibly chaotic for Nino's daughter, Roxanne and her best gay friend Errol. But Roxanne has a plan to make the chaos stop, stipulate a peace treaty between the People and the Pirates, constantly at war. It all seems to work, until the owner of the island comes back.

What if the long feared Zombie outbreak was already upon us, but these ghouls in sheep's clothing were almost impossible to spot with the untrained eye?

A woman stumbles upon a ribbon and releases a monster commonly known as the Big, Bad Wolf. Now Emily Richards must deal with the consequences of her actions and become the new Ribbon Keeper.

In a dark and deadly world ruled by evil gods and beasts, one human boy is tortured by the one that dwells within him, but yet it could be the key to creating a savior.

While looking forward to life after graduation, several Catholic schoolgirls are suddenly faced with life after death. Beguiling vampires and elegant gothic lolitas haunt this modern tale of naked fangs, forbidden love, and plaid gone bad.

Dark version of Alice in Wonderland, with a Sadistic Queen of Hearts, a Wonderland in trouble, a bishonen white rabbit and an impatient Alice from a different dimension!

Kyra's plan to become a mermaid and be together forever with her merman beau Aiden backfires when she catches her man kissing another woman on the beach.And to top it all off, he's already been turned into a human!

((SECOND COMIC - ONGOING)) Stand alone sequel. It follows two characters – one who lives at the bottom of society and one who lives at the top – coming together in a city to navigate a dangerous situation and learn that they world may not be as simple as they always thought. ((FIRST COMIC - COMPLETE)) Magic was sealed generations ago by Nareth Guren's great-great-grandfather, so how can it be that he finds himself switched into the body of a slave? Now forced to see the world from a new perspective, can he do anything to fix the problems he finds?

A male dark elf, by the name of Vlos, undertakes a journey to become more powerful in the magical arts. He's led by a dark god, and is accompanied by a human girl.

Two greedy bandits that came back from the dead and cause havoc in a wild west-like world until a misterious little girl hires them in order to help her father. This manga raises from the dead to bring you the Wild Weird West. Beware of violence and foul language. Read L-->R Comment plz!

Adventures of a junkie-punky nuclear physicist bent on world domination in a militant war-torn society and also some zombies. Now in print!

A journal comic of a character animator in his early 20's, updated whenever something happens and I've got time to whip something up.

"You must give something in order to fulfill a wish..." Follow the story of Nero as he grants wishes in order to fulfill his own wish. We got demons, angels, and of course...humans.

A dark fairy tale is a fictional story based on the lives of present day mythological beings/creatures. The story revolves around a shape shifter named Artemis who tries to uncover the truth of the dark past of werewolves and vampires. ---> Mature: blood and gore, violence, nudity <--- Updates will be Sundays and Wednesdays ( hopefully ) ^^;

Lunarstar is a one of a kind pony, living in a world where Winged unicorns don't exist. She will soon discover she's from another world and learns just how important she is.

The story of two disfunctional brothers, and their friends, as they become submerged in a world of monsters and demons after the eldest of the two turns out to be a portal to hell.

Ben Benson was a slacker comic illustrator until one fateful day when the God of the Dead Anubis gave him the power to turn into a zombie at will. Now he's a slacker superhero bringing the villains of the polluted city of St. Fredericks to justice!


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