Featured May 23, 2007
Mature, 95 pages

When Larry (an ice skating rink attendant and all-around loser) goes out drinkin' in the woods, he comes across a meteorite, still hot from its fall… There's a local toughman competition coming up, and his friends think there is money to be made! Great characters, charming writing, and likeable Euro-comic style art! (Rated M)

Featured May 16, 2007
Teen, 31 pages

Six years ago, Carter made a promise to someone. Now no matter how far he runs, the past is always catching up to him. Wonderfully detailed artwork accompanies this well written story! This teen-rated webcomic is definitely worth checking out!

Featured May 14, 2007
Teen, 89 pages

Angn is pretty excited to be the new administrator of a space station. But why is it that all the previous admins of Galactic Hub Serreven have been killed? And can a sarcastic robot, a federation officer, and a charming alien waitress save him?

Featured May 9, 2007
Mature, 1613 pages

Dragons, earth gods, skeletons, vampires, vampires' ex wives… all for Phineus and his wife Sara to put in their place. A magician for hire's job never ends (although most trouble seems to come to him and not the other way around). Their adventures are the slightly cheesy good fun that is very entertaining, and guess what? This comic is shamelessly full of babes! The lettering is rough at first but hang in there.

Featured May 7, 2007
Teen, 4 pages

War and chaos have swept through the land for thirty years, leaving the world torn and broken. Peace was declared but our heroes realize that something is amiss. Good art, good writing, interesting characters! Come check it out!

Featured May 4, 2007
Everyone, 52 pages

In the distant future on Jupiter's moon Europa there exist a Starbucks Jones. As a political battle rages over whether the civilization on Europa, Galileo, should join the Federation, Starbuck Jones solves mysteries! Goes on adventures! Gets saved by his friend SmalTuf! A nicely put together comic well worth reading!

Featured May 2, 2007
Mature, 0 pages

Cluster is a mature rated horror anthology that features the works of Avery Butterworth and various writers. Beautiful black and white pages accompany these dark tales. Some morbid, some dark, some with a twist…but all very good!

Featured April 30, 2007
Teen, 369 pages

Relax, take a break. Sit back and enjoy Allan, a comic about… Allan. Want to know about his day, or stuff he thinks about? well here you go! Allan's a nice fella (according to his comic - it COULD all be lies) and we think you might want to stop by his place and get to know him. Hang out a bit. Steal one of his Dr Pepper's. Ask how his date went! Rated: Teen

Featured April 27, 2007
Mature, 66 pages

Slick, professional, and just… REALLY awesome! I really can't think of a better description for this comic than the one the author already wrote: SoulDriver is a grown up fairy tale, a violent and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. Told with a mouthful of grit and a pocket full'a bullets! It ain't cute..it ain't fluffy and it ain't pretty. Rated: Mature

Featured April 25, 2007
Teen, 384 pages

The world has retreated to more idyllic times and remnants of its destroyed past lie dead on the landscape, best left alone and forgotten. A young village wise-woman is dragged unwillingly into its ruins and forced to help a dangerous enemy break the curse he's under. During the journey, she begins to learn that the past is much closer than she thinks… Rated: Teen

Featured April 23, 2007
Teen, 84 pages

Two people who meet each other on the Internet, but whose lives are seperate and lonely, find themselves in a strange situation when a god begins speaking to them through their computers. This CLAMP-inspired manga has its own unique atmosphere- a feeling of loneliness, disconnection, and uncertainty. Rated: Teen

Featured April 20, 2007
Mature, 109 pages

Horribleville is a true and accurate depiction of the life of KC Green, comic artist extraordinaire. Join him for his amazing weekly adventures - his crummy job, his untrustworthy cat, his face peels, his shocking yet hilarious suicides. Sorry man but when you killed yourself it was pretty funny. Rated: Mature

Featured April 18, 2007
Teen, 108 pages

Zac's Luciefer is the bored teenage daughter of Satan. She does her best to please her dad and keep hell running smoothly, but that's just not enough for a an adventurous young demon gal! So she decides to come to earth… and that's when the trouble begins. Rated: Teen

Featured April 16, 2007
Teen, 89 pages

What could be more brooding and gothic than a black dragon who is cursed to another form, spurned for his heritage, has no real friends, and and lives in a swamp? Blackjack undertakes a dangerous self-searching mission for his past and the solution to his problems. This dark fantasy comic is done in a lovely, dark, painterly style. Well done! Rated: Mature

Featured April 13, 2007
Teen, 46 pages

Hello NANO is drawn in FAL's unique and inimitable, realistic, yet minimal style. In Hello NANO we're introduced to the narcoleptic Samuel, and Nano; a bizarre and insatiably curious little imp who manifests as a side effect of Samuel's narcolepsy medication. Rated: Teen

Featured April 11, 2007
Everyone, 73 pages

After a tragic flamewar that left 600 banned, Platinum Studios decided to pass the DrunkDuck Registration Act. Now all users must give their true identity or face the consequences! A very awesome and fun community project that anyone can join and enjoy! So…whose side are you on? Rated: Everyone

Lost by Sysli
Featured April 9, 2007
Mature, 312 pages

This may be a comic of few words but it's still a great comic worth checking out! Very stream of consciousness style with nicely matched photographs to go along with the mood. A very pleasant experiment!

Featured April 4, 2007
Everyone, 63 pages

Charming, lovable characters, hilarious jokes to fast paced quips, Applied Living has it all. Accompanied with a bold refreshing art style, this comic is certainly not one to be missed. Well done Acadia!

Featured April 2, 2007
Teen, 260 pages

Ultimate X is a comic by geeks, for geeks. A fun, bright art style and a host of strange characters (the kind you probably shouldn't like, but do anyway) make this comic a great read for any day- sunny, rainy, slightly overcast with winds from the NE at 4mph, a plague of frogs, whatever! So if you like nerd jokes, creepy stalkers, and violent women… okay, well it's good really!

Featured March 28, 2007
Everyone, 63 pages

Unique and organic art combined with a lighthearted storytelling style results in For God's Sake, a comic about the happenings of Heaven and Hell. If the afterlife is like this, then it's a lot more interesting then we thought! Come check it out!

Featured March 27, 2007
Teen, 42 pages

A talking banana, a spaceman, an unlucky target…together they bring you Nonsensical Ravings! A comic about anything and everything! Please leave your logic at the door. :)

Featured March 19, 2007
Teen, 69 pages

This story starts off with a boy that has mysterious demons following him around where ever he goes. Finally, they capture him with plans to kill him, but he is rescued… Twenty five years later he is visited by a Detective Sarah at his home, and we have yet to find out what happens next… this comic is definitely worth bookmarking! Great artwork!

Featured March 8, 2007
Everyone, 154 pages

A Completely entertaining comic with great style, meet Edgar Allan Poo and a broad range of curious characters! Excellent story and artwork! Bravo.

Featured March 6, 2007
Everyone, 246 pages

Adventures of a bunny with a pink nose! And black magic, color magic, and wizards? This comic is very cute and sweet, with a somewhat mysterious plot. But the artwork style is downright radical!

Featured March 5, 2007
Everyone, 333 pages

Ever wonder what happens when two aliens disguise themselves as dogs to observe human life? Well check out Zorphbert and Fred then! Great comic that's solidly written, very well drawn, and very charming to read!


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