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Friday Fashion Spotlight 7: Alison Thunderland

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 31, 2021

Welcome to…
The DD Fashion Spotlight!
Number 7.

Happy new year! This is coming out on new year's eve, so it's the very last newspost of 2021, OMG! What a year it's been… our second year of the pandemic and still no end in sight. Hopefully 2022 will change all that. Hopefully this is the year DD will get its facelift and the revitalisation we've been needing to get back up on top. Plus it will be our 20th anniversary! That's right, the site will be TWENTY years old!
What are YOUR thoughts on 2021?

Annnnyway, on with the show. This week I'm focusing Alison Thunderland. She's from Cigarettes and Carrot Juice by wife and husband team Ashley Witter and Ash Maczko. You might also know Ashley's work from Scorch, Squarriors, covers for Doctor Aphra Star Wars comics, the comic book version of Interview with a Vampire, and so much more!

Alison Thunderland

Alison has a punk/metalhead look here, a look that's remained pretty constant without too much change since its inception and early incarnations in the late 1960s with the birth of the hippy moment and “Easy Rider” biker look. It continues today, almost 60 years later, with the same rebellious and youthful energy that it's always had. That's quite a testimony to a fashion style that can persist this long without looking dated or anachronistic!

She wears a sleeveless vest of either denim or leather, it's hard to tell for sure but my guess is denim since it goes with her “Warrior” aesthetic, plus the amount of seams. On her back in biker style she has her gang symbol: “Nowhere Girls”, then “N” and “G” with a heart and crossed bones between them. Underneath she wears a loose white sleeveless T-shirt with a rebellious slogan on it, this overhangs denim shorts in the hot-pants style. Around her waist she wears a leather belt decorated with square metal studs. We can't see it here but there are cowboy boots on her feet. On her right hand she wears a lace fingerless glove and two studded leather bands. Finally there's her red headband, that and her hairstyle are a direct homage to her fave film “The Warriors”.
On the right we see her wearing black tight jeans and carrying a jacket, this is her night wear.

From her outfit we can surmise Alison Thunderland is a rebel. She's tough, resilient young woman, someone not to be trifled with and she wants you to know it. This isn't a costume or a “look”, this outfit is her personality on show.

Check out more of Bittertea’s work (Ashley Witter) in -


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Ozoneocean at 7:42PM, Dec. 31, 2021

@Andreas- exactly!

Jason Moon at 12:52PM, Dec. 31, 2021

Ashley is an amazing artist*

kawaiidaigakusei at 8:35AM, Dec. 31, 2021

Nice coral color choices.

Andreas_Helixfinger at 3:11AM, Dec. 31, 2021

Cool! The Warriors is one of my favourite films as well. I can picture her just like Luther in that movie, in an old, black, graffiti'd over Hearse clinking beer bottles together and going: "Warriooooors! Come out to playayyyyy!"^^

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