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Tropes I Hate: Slap n' Kiss

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, Feb. 26, 2022

I revert to talking about tropes I hate, because I don't want to talk about things happening around us but I still want to talk about something I despise.

Tropes I hate it is!

The horrible slap n' kiss or “slap slap kiss” trope.

Especially prevalent in lakorns (Thai soap operas) but also in some mangas or animes, this trope is strictly about romance.

Two people start off hating each other. We're not talking about simple annoyance. No no. This is visceral hate, with frequent abuse (verbal and otherwise), which escalates to pretty terrible levels of attack (manipulations, underhandedness, backstabbings, you name it), and in the end they …kiss.

They end up falling in love. After all the abuse (often it might even be quite uneven, with one of the two being a lot more abusive than the other, but both are pretty nasty), they love each other and become a couple more dramatic in their love than Romeo and Juliet.


It might easily be the trope I hate the most.

It normalizes abuse as part of romance. It reinforces that dreadfully wrong cliche of “(s)he's mistreating you because (s)he likes you”. It reframes horrid people as desirable.

And on top of all the wrong messages, it makes no sense.

Unless we're talking mental disorders, typical human behavior doesn't involve loving your abuser. Period. It's really taxing to watch it being presented as a happy occurence.

So …yeah. Rant over.

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RobertRVeith at 9:22AM, Feb. 28, 2022

One of the few times I saw this trope used effectively was in "How To Tame Your Dragon" with the reoccurring "That's for… and that's for everything else" scenes (c.f.

Ozoneocean at 3:21AM, Feb. 26, 2022

I can see things flipping- I mean it happens in the other direction: you love a person intensely and then you can start hating them very quickly, and then you can start loving them again too...I don't know if it really ever works in this direction first though? How can hate turn to lust or even love? I've no experience with that. There have been people who I did not like at all or I felt weird about but ended up being good friends with, that's the closest I can get I'm afraid XD

marcorossi at 1:06AM, Feb. 26, 2022

I think we always keep some personal distance from others, but in a couple this distance is close to zero. The "first they argue, then they love each other" IMHO is a representation of this crossing of boundaries, however often in fiction it is done in a way that if happened in reality would be 100% abuse, because it is esagerate.

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