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The DD Awards Nominees And Some Announcements

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, July 16, 2022

The DD Awards Nominees are here!

Thanks to the amazing Niccea your votes have been tallied and the DD Awards Nominees have emerged!

You can see them all here!

If you are a Nominee, congratulations!! I need your attention for a moment:

As the DD twitter admin, I want to make a few threads promoting all the Nominees in the context of the DD Awards (there will be a new hashtag #DDAwards !) which I will start making consistent tweets about from now on.

This is where you come in.

PQ me (DO NOT MAIL ME) with the following:

1. Your preferred name/handle (and any pronouns if you feel they aren't inferred) as the creator of the webcomic
2. Your twitter handle if you have one
3. Your webcomic title
4. A chosen image for a twitter post dedicated to your webcomic, which you feel represents it
5. (optional) anything else you'd like me to mention in the twitter post dedicated to your nomination.

Please do this by Monday July 18.

If you don't send me the info, I'll fill it in for you as best I can. If I don't know your twitter handle for example, I won't attempt to look for it because chances are I'll be tagging some other person. But I will choose a twitter image (like a thumbnail) of my choice from your comic.

While this is NOT a threat (I want you showcased) please don't trust me like some DDers seem to do! XD I mean I'm honored if you do but if you can spare me the process of selecting an appropriate image, I'd appreciate it!

Again, congratulations!

We're also looking for judges and presenters, so contact Niccea if you feel like contributing!

Don’t forget you can now advertise on DrunkDuck for just $2 in whichever ad spot you like! The money goes straight into running the site. Want to know more? Click this link here! Or, if you want to help us keep the lights on you can sponsor us on Patreon. Every bit helps us!

Special thanks to our patrons!!

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ShaRose49 at 8:21AM, July 19, 2022

Shout out* not choir lol

ShaRose49 at 8:21AM, July 19, 2022

I’m sorry I didn’t see this post till today (;^^) thank you for the choir out on Twitter, and for the nomination! That’s so cool!

Tantz_Aerine at 6:13AM, July 16, 2022

I will :)

davidxolukoga at 3:52AM, July 16, 2022

Please post a link to the thread when it's ready

hpkomic at 12:13AM, July 16, 2022

Congrats to all the nominees and automatic winners. I plan on campaigning next year, so enjoy your victory while you can! Mwahaha.

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