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DD's Group Events

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, Dec. 16, 2023

This year we almost didn't get our annual Secret Santa! But the awesome Niccea stepped in and the Secret Santa is on! Unlike most times, the deadline is near New Year's, so you have time to participate. Go sign up today! I'm sure there will be a more official announcement than this one, but why wait?

So thinking about how not having our Secret Santa would feel like something is not quite right, I remembered all the amazing group events that DD is unique about, from the peak DD Awards to the fantastic anthologies happening all around from Lite Bites to Drunk Duck's actual Anthologies.

Ever since I joined DD back in 2006 (or 2005? thereabouts), I remember the community standing out thanks to a multitude of different community events where artists mingled and had fun with comics, their own characters, and each other. It has always been a point of cohesion, making DDers close knit, in a way, and keeping the community positive and fun.

Today we don't have as many events as we used to, though the ones we have are pretty impactful in the way I just described. So going down memory lane, old guard folks might remember the DD round robin comic, where each artist drew a panel (or a page, depending on the game) without pre-agreement in a comic, taking the story in zany directions.The only rule was to take into consideration everything that happened up to their assigned page. The one I remember had a bunch of characters end up fighting a giant murderous slice of toast. It was amazing!

There was also Fightsplosion, where characters from existing DD comics were pitted against each other in a fight, Battle Royal style, in a mega-crossover event that was hilarious and awesome at the same time. There are probably more that I don't remember, so please add them in the comments!

As a new comic creator that didn't know what I was doing, these events helped me learn a lot about comic making and having fun while comic making. It was also a way to push into unfamiliar territory without being overwhelmed or dabble in themes that were beyond the scope of my own webcomic. Of course, it also got me a lot of people following my webcomic that wouldn't otherwise have discovered me, and vice versa!

I honestly don't think there's any other webcomic community that ever offered such a variety of joint events and I'm thinking it might be time to bring some back in addition to the ones we have!

What do you think? Would you participate in a new Fightsplosion or a DD round robin, or more?

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Special thanks to our patrons!!

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Tantz_Aerine at 5:02PM, Dec. 18, 2023

How could I forget Off Hours?? That was so much fun!

PaulEberhardt at 12:48PM, Dec. 17, 2023

Oh yes! Off Hours was a cool idea - had ideas for that, but no time, I remember - and I gotta love Duck and Quail, of course.

Locoma at 7:24AM, Dec. 17, 2023

Oh man the events are the best of DD! I knew so many comics and people thanks to secret santa and fightsplosion, and Off Hours as well... Duck and quail, DD beauty pageant, awards... too many to count with one hand!

Niccea at 7:52PM, Dec. 16, 2023

The round robin comic you are referring to is Fusion.

HawkandFloAdventures at 3:55PM, Dec. 16, 2023

secret santa is awesome! Best of luck with the event

Jason Moon at 11:22AM, Dec. 16, 2023

I'm the green power ranger you guys. 30 year later reveal

PaulEberhardt at 7:13AM, Dec. 16, 2023

I'd love to see the DD Round Robin go into a new round. Last time I think I wasn't an active member yet - at least I wouldn't have had my comic going and, being notoriously internet illiterate, was probably still trying to find my way around, but if this event happens again I'll definitely be game.

plymayer at 12:16AM, Dec. 16, 2023

Genejoke is actually looking for help right now at the Lite Bites Comic Jams: Step right up and have fun.

Andreas_Helixfinger at 12:15AM, Dec. 16, 2023

Fightsplosion sounds like a lot of fun:) I wouldn't mind getting on that:)

plymayer at 12:13AM, Dec. 16, 2023


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