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Panel By Panel: Who Will Be Our First Workshop Victim?

hpkomic at 12:00PM, April 19, 2024

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Panel by Panel, a periodic exploration of comic panels around The Duck. I had mentioned a couple of updates ago that I wanted to mix things up a bit and figured now was a good opportunity for that. So I am putting out a call for submissions.

What I want to do is provide an open workshop critiquing one of your very comic pages. The idea is that this week I want to gather potential pages to post for the next update, where one person's page is the subject of the workshop. I'll then gather feedback on the page from comments, and then in a third update, go over the shared advice and weigh in on it all myself. Sounds good, right? The idea is that we can dip into these submissions for multiple workshop posts.

So this week I want you to submit a link to one of your pages in the comments. It can either be what you feel is your best work or a page that you feel you could have done better. You can even let us know where you feel you need to improve. I'll pool these pages for future workshop posts as well. Just comment with an interesting comic page you've created that you think could inspire discussion.

Please note that if you submit a page you consent to a critique not only by myself but commentators on the post where the page may be featured. So if you don't feel comfortable with that, please don't share a page. We're a pretty even-keeled community, so nobody is going to be mean - but still, multiple people critically assessing your work can be intense, too. It is not for everybody - but the intent is that it is done to help everyone improve their craft.

So, please share those pages and we'll see you in a week or so.

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Roberto Fabris at 10:15AM, April 24, 2024

Here’s a page from a my comic. Awaiting your comments!

HawkandFloAdventures at 5:41AM, April 24, 2024

Here's a link to mine

Ozoneocean at 7:50AM, April 22, 2024

This from Facebook, by Ryan Ausbun: An action scene I felt pretty good about. Was inspired by 90s fighting video games. Critique away!

marcorossi at 7:52AM, April 20, 2024

Not sure if it counts but hey, I just published this:

plymayer at 4:42PM, April 19, 2024

This might not be the best one to do but might be fun. From Omegan Survivors, chapter 6: page 4. Originally drawn in 1982 and uploaded to Drunk Duck in 2008. It's a bit primitive. Hopefully, my stuff has improved just a bit since then.

xailenrath at 2:43PM, April 19, 2024

I humbly submit one of the defining pages for my favorite character in my comic:

J_Scarbrough at 2:27PM, April 19, 2024

Well, you already did one of my pages (and offered excellent insight I have to say), so I guess I'll see what others have to offer up.

arspitzer at 2:03PM, April 19, 2024

Sadly, my most interesting and confusing layout is NSFW. But here's one where I break that whole never make your last panel a long vertical one.

KAM at 1:52PM, April 19, 2024

Oh, what the hell.

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