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So you want to know about me… I Josh live in Loveland, CO haven't heard of it… no one has… I attend college and am pursuing a degree in Anthropology and Writing.

I read a lot of books and comics. My favorite people in both buisiness are Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, Mike Allred, Matt Wagner, Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, and Dave Sim.

I game frequently, mushroomcomix on xbox live.

I've been drawing comics since I was like 13, YO! is the brain child of my bestfriend Harry and I
The current issues up are very old and we are trying to rush through those to get to the good stuff…ENJOY!

Mushroom Comix Presents is a new comic that we have started that will update very sporadically for now until we figure out a comfortable schedule. Please check it out XD

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Mushroom Comix Presents or MCP is a random collection of stories and characters. Even some you may know from YO! Comix. Everything from drunk aliens to samurais.
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This here be my fan art, I hope you all like it.
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YO! Comix is your average story about two average guys and their average know, like kidnapping an Everquest obsessed friend and taking him to Mexico, chasing gremlins, going to hell, and aliens. You'll Enjoy it for sure! READ IT NOW! NOW!

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Just a 4 pages li'l story about a dark faerie

Comics Recomended By Mushroomcomix

'Arctic Blast!' is a comic based on the friendship of a Polar Bear (Brogan), Seal (Hyde), Inuit (Mo) and a lost Flamingo (Tiki).

All compilation of jokes too bizarre and difficult to tell on stage.

Do you ever wonder what cows and pigs are doing when they aren't eating all our grass and creating greenhouse gases? Me neither, but with Cowtoon I give it to you anyway.

"Dot Dot Dot..." is a Comic panel that focuses on the hilarity hidden within modern social interaction expressed through three main characters... Mo, Ron, and "Random Girl"! Cheers! by: Graeme Frisque

Hatpire is a dialogue-free, cute comic featuring the adventures of a little vampire named Hatpire. He has a Plague Doctor buddy named Schnabel and a kitty as well as a host of other fellas throughout the entire comic.

Welcome to the 6th DrunDuck presentation by NickGuy! This ongoing series features babes, ninjas, and people who want to beat them up! The intensity will be high, blood and sweat will fly! So strap yourselves in for a high-action, high-octane adventure!

For over a billion years the Phantom Lord and his force of Mastors have kept order in the Universe... but a new threat is on the horizon! A tale of interplanetary intrigue and heroism! Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Even 7 years after his father's death, Randy Miller has had a pretty tough life. Now, teaming up with his old friend Randy sets out to change the world forever with his new invention- a self aware robot. The only problem is his robot is... "different".

Mushroom Comix Presents or MCP is a random collection of stories and characters. Even some you may know from YO! Comix. Everything from drunk aliens to samurais.

I don't know if these thoughts go though your minds or if I'm just crazy, but "No Talent" is a collection of my experiences, thoughts and ideas that have crossed my mind. Also Everyonce in a while something random will come up like, Life of a Marshmellow.

This is not the tale of a young boy turned hero by happenstance, but the story of his arch-enemies as they strive to put right a world in chaos. Who are the "real" villians in their world? Faceless dictators? Zombie invaders? Or pop-culture itself?

Klutzy Tenkyo never expected a new friend to just wash ashore one night, and things only got weirder - from crazed robots to ghost ships, Punk-Pink is a whimsical comedy-adventure not to be missed!

Realm of Mlaer. Started in '06, relaunched in '08. Tis' a fantasy webcomic of magic and stuff. What's that? You think that this comic is all about good guys against bad guys? Why, nothing's a plain black or white out there, sonny.

or "What Happens When You Eat Breakfast in Bedlam"

When Muneko Oppaizaki entered a world full of slimy and grotesque beings, her life was changed forever.

The Carriers is an ongoing webcomic about a war between the Carriers and an oppressive government that has been hunting them. The Carriers must win this war, or they risk the future of their entire race.

His fighting skills are superb... His blade is deadly... and he charges a very small fee. Meet Goh the Fifty-Peso Ninja! *UPDATES EVERY MONDAY AND FRIDAY*

When the war between retail chains got too intense, he wanted out. However, in a world where cashiers carry lightsabers and department managers have battle mechs, quitting is easier said than done. This is the record of his final two weeks.

Strange things have started happening in the local cemetery since Fernando Fritz rose from his grave... could this zombie be the cause of all the weirdness, or does it just follow him? Updates every 13th of the month!

Week Daze follows the week to week exploits of Johnson Jones and his fellow friends and workmates at a multi-media company. Characters include pop culture fanatics, a homicidal pet cat, a curmudgeony Metal Head and the typical boss everyone hates...

Meet Wonkedo DePest, an impish and idiotic dunzoid (from Dunzoia; go figure.) that refuses to stay out of trouble! What will he do next? What won't he do next? Read and find out!

YO! Comix is your average story about two average guys and their average know, like kidnapping an Everquest obsessed friend and taking him to Mexico, chasing gremlins, going to hell, and aliens. You'll Enjoy it for sure! READ IT NOW! NOW!


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warefish at 10:51PM, Feb. 9, 2009

No worries, man. You're free to use Derrik any time.;) I like him too. He's real easy to draw :). The only problem I have with him is having to draw the head. Circles are sooo annoying >:(!

SeriousQuiche at 5:32PM, Feb. 9, 2009

Thanks for the Add :D:D

Aghammer at 1:16PM, Feb. 9, 2009

Thanks for the comment bro. I didn't know about Neverwhere ... that is good news! We did go see Coraline on the 6th. It was a good movie but there is a very scary scene involving pasties... yikes :D Loving your new comic... comic stores are cool. Especially when they don't have any pokemon, heh.

ShinuZero at 11:28AM, Feb. 5, 2009

Sweet! Sounds good :]

ShinuZero at 11:20AM, Feb. 5, 2009

no prob and thanks for checkin out Despotize. I'm on xbl a lot I'll add you so we can play sometime :]

Tcb at 2:49PM, Jan. 26, 2009

hey i just want to let all my friends know that my manga is coming in some progress and theres a video of me drawing a volume cover for the manga i'm working on that is on my page. you can view and rate it if you have a youtube account do leave a comment so i can friend you. thnx yu for watching my vid. it will keep me inspired to know there are people who like it so far.

Artie at 9:57AM, Jan. 24, 2009

you're welcome! *only just figured out how to make comments show and how to even get to them to begin with*

warefish at 1:16AM, Jan. 15, 2009

Thank you muchly MC!! We will need need it! :D

robzidious at 2:10PM, Jan. 14, 2009

I thought it was cool you got the fact that Bob was playing Twilight Princess in that strip. I didn't know if anyone would get that reference or not.

warefish at 8:33PM, Jan. 13, 2009

Hullo... yeah...

warefish at 2:14AM, Jan. 10, 2009

Fightsplosion has started!! Come support SeriousQuiche and I at this [url=]link[/url]. Thanks MC!

MintyMints at 5:26AM, Jan. 4, 2009

Anytime, man! I thank you too for recommending mine! Have a great year, and keep those pages coming! ;)

Aghammer at 9:10PM, Dec. 31, 2008

Hey man.. thanks for the comment and Happy New Year to you too!! I hope 09 is a great year for you and I look forward to more fun comics from you. Thanks for your comments in 08... helped me to keep going. Later Bro.

Sea_Cow at 8:25PM, Dec. 30, 2008

Why thank you! I gave up on spriting a while ago, but I'll update Blammo if I ever get my lazy ass around to it.

Ironscarf at 7:05PM, Dec. 29, 2008

Thanks for the add Shroom: sorry to hear the bad news. When the going gets tough...

Aghammer at 12:30PM, Dec. 24, 2008

Merry Christmas my friend!!! Loving your XMas storyline. Hope all is well!! If you haven't heard it recently, you are awesome :D

LittleDude0013 at 8:04PM, Dec. 21, 2008

No prob, and thx! ^_^

quo at 7:58PM, Dec. 21, 2008

thanks! like your avatar too ^^

AWCramer at 6:13AM, Dec. 17, 2008

Thanks! I hope I can keep Week Daze funny!

YukiHana at 5:21AM, Dec. 17, 2008

Thanks for the add! :D

warefish at 11:05PM, Dec. 16, 2008

Cheers! I like your avatar too! I never knew that Christmas mushrooms existed up until I saw your display pic ;). Have yourself a very Merry Christmas, Mushroomcomix!

quo at 7:04PM, Dec. 16, 2008

^-^ thank you for adding me too.

Aghammer at 12:48PM, Dec. 13, 2008

Hey bro, digging the XMas icon... HA.

Oh Captain at 11:15AM, Dec. 6, 2008

No sir. Thank you.

Tacster002 at 4:04PM, Dec. 1, 2008

no prob, dude! thank YOU for reading my comic!

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