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Give Me Your Characters! (to analyze)
Tantz_Aerine at 5:14AM, Feb. 9, 2023
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The People Have Spoken!

Since it looks like you're interested in some character design analysis and the like, let's get down to it! In this thread or in a PQ if you're feeling shy, suggest webcomics (and a specific character from it) for me to focus on and analyze!

The analysis will consist of the following:

1. Basic character design
2. Psych scan (meaning, I'll be attempting to find behavioral patterns, possible mental/emotional health issues if any, what a therapist would see, history background, etc)
3. 2D vs 3D (meaning, how this character would manifest in a 2D design vs a 3D design. I WILL NOT be making any judgments on whether the character is done correctly. This is not a critique, it's just an analysis of the premise and the work already done on the character)
4. Environment and how it would have contributed to the resulting character personality, etc.

The “Character Analysis” articles will not have judgment or comments on quality. As I already mentioned, my aim is not to make critiques or give marks for character design. I believe every character has enough design in them that we can all learn from them, be inspired, and even develop their journey further. That's the aim of the series.


1. Webcomic must have at least 10 pages (or three/four scenes) where the character in question is featured prominently enough. I can't really work with two panels of the character being a wallflower. That said, ANY character (not just protagonists/antagonists) are up for analysis. I'll gladly do it. If the archive is in the 100s of pages, please point out to me page numbers or chapters where the character in question is prominent

2. If the character is from a movie, they must have at least a few scenes where they're engaging in behavior that's more than a prop (i.e. don't tell me to analyze the cashier that appears in one scene and never talks or does anything beyond working the cashtill).

3. If the character is from a TV show, please point out to me the episodes where you feel we can get a lot of quality footage with the character in question.

4. I have no restrictions on characters, genres, or anything. However, should the work be Adult (as in X rated, or porn), please make sure it's one of the works that have storylines, not excuses for quick-jumping to the porn scenes.

The character your suggest can be your own, someone else's or from a commercial IP.

I WILL NOT BE ‘FIXING’ CHARACTERS! If you feel strongly that a character is badly designed and you'd like me to ‘fix’ it, I won't be doing it in this series and CERTAINLY NOT for webcomics. I can do it if you like for established IPs, but it'll be a different article and ONLY in good taste. No bashing, trashing, roasting, or anything else.

That said, please gimme characters!!! One a month at minimum will be the rate I work through them :) I reserve the right to NOT do it in a first-come-first-served manner, but I generally probably will.
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InkyMoondrop at 6:27AM, Feb. 9, 2023
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Some of my favorite characters are Yuzuru Nishimiya from A Silent Voice and Griffith from Berserk. Silent Voice is a manga / anime movie, while Berserk is a manga / multiple anime series.

Yuzuru is perhaps the most complex character I grew to love, but the manga provides further context to the motives and behavior we see in the anime.

Now, I'd think you're familiar with Griffith unless you avoid gore but if not, he's a main character in perhaps the most well-regarded manga Arc ever written: The Golden Age arc, that was adapted to three anime movies wearing the title and a series in 1997 (these were the notable adaptations). He's also very Shakespearean imo, would be glad to see what you have to say about him. I'd point out some specific scenes, but honestly, if you don't already know him from the series or chapters of Berserk you'd rob yourself of an experience by not watching / reading The Golden Age arc.

Feel free to go with whichever you please.
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Banes at 7:49AM, Feb. 9, 2023
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I will be bold and submit TK from my comic “Typical Strange”, if you care to. I will hunt up relevant chapters/scenes that feature him.

Would love an analysis on Luke Skywalker as well, especially an Empire/Return of the Jedi/The Last Jedi from your pov xD – dare I dream for that?

Edit: TK has a few scenes where he raises chaos but he's
featured in this chapter:
Typical Strange: I Hate You, Tommy Soul

and then here:
Typical Strange: TAPEHEADS

and here:

Typical Strange: Pop Goes the World

Tantz forcing herself to read my comics? This is such a gift! My excitement and guilt and pity are at unprecedented levels!

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J_Scarbrough at 8:12AM, Feb. 9, 2023
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I submit Levana, the titular character from my comic, VAMPIRE GIRL (like in signature).

Now granted, she was a vampire who managed to have her desire to become mortal come true . . . but, it would seem that she is now in trouble for it among her own kind.

Joseph Scarbrough
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arspitzer at 4:53PM, Feb. 9, 2023
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Okay! I submit Grenadine Luncher from my Ripping Off King Arthur webcomic.

The various strips she's appeared in (that have redone art) are:

#13-15, 70, 73, 76, 80, 83, 94-95, 101, 120, 124, 131

And in webcomics that I haven't had time to redraw so that they're in the original not so great art:

Grenadine Luncher's High School Reunion Arc (#152-#169)

And she's appeared in more, but that's probably enough to get a sense of her.
Ozoneocean at 5:18PM, Feb. 9, 2023
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Please do Polly from Bottomless Waitress:

She should be a juicy subject.
fallopiancrusader at 8:23PM, Feb. 9, 2023
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What a fun project! I would love to see your analysis of Khthonis from “Tusk”
MegaRdaniels at 10:19PM, Feb. 11, 2023
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I submit Stringy from Stringy and Mopy!
For those who read it, she is a cocky superheroine fighting monsters.
Your text to link here…
Furwerk studio at 9:49AM, Feb. 17, 2023
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You can take a peak at Nakamura Rex, just to warn you it is NSFW.
Andreas_Helixfinger at 11:02AM, Feb. 27, 2023
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Interesting:) I'd love to see you do an analysis on my main dame Molly Lusc from her titular webcomic. The entire first story arc I've covered so far is entirely focused on her so I think there should be enough material there for you to get a descent peak into her complicated psyche.
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usedbooks at 9:47AM, March 10, 2023
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It would be interesting to get your take on Raidon.

I keep track of my character arcs through tags. This is a link to Raidon's tagged pages:

(Most recent to oldest, with several pages at a time.)

If another one of my OCs piques your analysist interest, feel free. Character list is here: You can click names for tagged pages.
takoyama at 2:44AM, March 15, 2023
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cool concept

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