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What do you think about a commenting EVENT?

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, Aug. 20, 2022

So this is something that has JUST come to mind after reading Hpkomic's blog post. I haven't discussed it with anyone (sorry Oz!) and it might just be something that can't fly.

But why not??

What would you think about hosting a monthly or bimonthly commenting event? Sort of like a Secret Santa, but for comments. Depending on how many people participate, each one gets matched with one or two other people and on a specific date, everyone has to go leave 3 meaningful comments (no “this comic is great yay” and definitely not “this comic is great check out mine”) on three pages of their matched comic. Leaving more is optional.

Comments would have to be truthful but with positive language. Any hard-hitting criticisms would be for PQs only. Comics would need to be either updating (not on hiatus/stopped) or completed.

That way we can get to find out new comics we may not otherwise even consider, and we get some comments to thrive on in return, because who doesn't want that?

I don't think it's much of a coordination nightmare once we get the hang of it, especially if more than one person helps host it.

Would you like to participate in something like that? Would you also perhaps be interested in helping to host it on occasion?

Let me know! If there is enough interest, I'll get a sign up/discussion forum thread and get the ball rolling!

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skyangel at 4:02AM, Aug. 22, 2022

It's a great idea and very much needed! I'm not sure how it would work but as the site has grown I see many comics on my travels that sadly suffer from too little or no reader support and it does kill comics, especially when they all that work is being done for free. I'd be happy to participate, my only problem is that in desiring to leave worthy comments it can be really hard to jump in without having had time to digest what is going on in the story. PS: I think what HPKomic is doing is brilliant because it's a focus on comics that I for one have mostly never noticed before, with an added reason to check them out and share my own thoughts.

Ironscarf at 7:22AM, Aug. 21, 2022

Sign me up already!

Teh Andeh at 3:47AM, Aug. 21, 2022

Sounds like a GREAT idea, actually.

bravo1102 at 1:20AM, Aug. 21, 2022

Allowing completed comics is a great idea.

hushicho at 8:08PM, Aug. 20, 2022

Great idea and very supportive!

hpkomic at 1:09PM, Aug. 20, 2022

This could be a lot of fun.

DylanTale Comics at 12:45PM, Aug. 20, 2022

I'd love to do this. As someone who just started posting my comic, that would be great to get it out there to people, as well as checking out what other artists are doing!

IronHorseComics at 10:13AM, Aug. 20, 2022

I like this idea

PaulEberhardt at 9:36AM, Aug. 20, 2022

Sounds great! Of course, my comic has been on hiatus for ages, but once I get it started again - whenever that may be - you can count me in.

Tantz_Aerine at 7:53AM, Aug. 20, 2022

I'd definitely consider the comments would be only positive/constructive positive. Criticisms would be offlimits and/or for PQs only

Ironscarf at 7:33AM, Aug. 20, 2022

I like the idea - my only caveat is that I tend to view comments under comics as a place for positives only and not constructive criticism, which I don't see anyone else doing much of either. I could definitely see it working as a thread, or via PQs, or some other means, or maybe I'm just overthinking it!

Andreas_Helixfinger at 5:06AM, Aug. 20, 2022

I'd love to participate in that:) Had some really encouraging and constructive comments recently from fresh DD webcomicker Invasivexotic that I feel is helping me get back on the right track with my comics. We need more stuff like that on this site. So count me in👍 I think I might be up to helping with the hosting of it as well.

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