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Unearthing old comics

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, July 23, 2022

I’m back! It’s been a hot minute hasn’t it? I’ll be taking over a blog spot once a month for a while. And for today I have a very interesting topic (hopefully!).

Recently, I have been helping out with the improvements to the site here. As part of my research, (and by research I mean falling down rabbit holes) I found myself exploring the old Drunkduck website using the Wayback machine. This was also, in part, inspired by hbomberguy’s video on CTRL+ALT+DEL that not only featured the site, but also my my amazing webcomic Dragon Crest at lucky number 11.

Uncovering my old comic was such a good nostalgia trip. It was interesting going back and reading all my old post entries and comments. The amount of times my 14 year old self had forgotten to do their homework because they were drawing comics had me scratching my head wondering how on Earth I had gotten anything done at school.

What was heartwarming to see, was how much progress I had made since then. For one thing I no longer need to include arrows in my pages to tell people which panels they should be reading. Oftentimes, we creators can’t see the progress. It’s incremental. We add a little bit of progress each day. The changes can be so small, they become easy to miss.

If you’re feeling burnt out or down on your comic, take some time to go back and reread your work. Uncover old pages, old stories, old art. This is where you’ll see how far you’ve come.

Have you kept any of your old comics? Would you ever reboot old story ideas? Let us know in the comment section below! And join us on Sunday evening for our Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST)!

Don’t forget you can now advertise on DrunkDuck for just $2 in whichever ad spot you like! The money goes straight into running the site. Want to know more? Click this link here! Or, if you want to help us keep the lights on you can sponsor us on Patreon. Every bit helps us!

Special thanks to our patrons!!

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cdmalcolm1 at 7:14PM, July 24, 2022

There is one comic I want to continue and that is my original comic CPU Basics, which is here on the duck. I got sidetracked to this day on doing a community project which now turned my project, SolarCell. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get a lot of views but I do want to finish it. When I do, I’ll go back to CPU Basics comic and I might redo it as a scrolling comic page. Cool to see that we can go back in internet history like a time machine. Although, some files and pictures maybe lost. Could you imagine if that was like that traveling back in time of corrupted or forgotten times and space?

Gunwallace at 6:09PM, July 24, 2022

Very recently an old comic I co-created and wrote was featured in an Rolling Stone AU (Australia) article. While it was a nice trip down memory lane my name wasn't mentioned anywhere in the piece, and it also revealed some things I didn't fully know about where and how my writing was used all those years ago. (I had material published (uncredited) by one of the TMNT creators!)

Banes at 6:30AM, July 24, 2022

Welcome back!

Amelius at 6:28PM, July 23, 2022

Look at "CAT" up there and consider, what would this site be like if KC had never left. The artist responsible for "This is fine" and other fantastic memes, once contributed to the DD anthology...

PaulEberhardt at 9:50AM, July 23, 2022

Heh! I kept all of my old stuff, too, even if it'd be in the wrong order in places, if I had to repost it. The funny thing is, I disliked most of my old art when it was only half as old, but over time I've apparently developed a more mellow attitude towards it and don't even regret any more that I never had time to redraw certain pages or panels... Funny that!

PaulEberhardt at 9:40AM, July 23, 2022

Good old Drunk Duck... I didn't realise before what a sheer amount of stuff got saved in this Wayback-Machine thingy - I kind of wonder what kind of person does this and what for, but it's great that they do. Totally forgot there were design features like genre icons (I don't miss them at all; I remember now how I thought them confusing if not misleading at the time). Some of the old designs could still look pretty good if they were more adaptable to different screen sizes (while others look cluttered in a way that only hopeless nostalgics like me can possibly think of a charming). It also shows how old our "current" design actually is: it has been in use for more than half of the site's history - success story? Pity that this Wayback Machine doesn't really record how long it took for each design to get rid of its teething troubles.

bravo1102 at 9:23AM, July 23, 2022

I still have all my old files with the exception of one comic. So I can go back and play with stuff as if I was to do a reboot all the time. I already redid my first comic "Go a Viking!" as "Sword of Kings" and still haven't finished it. Now I've started playing with "Attack of the Robofemoids" None of these comics registered with barely anyone back in the day so there are no comments to read. However, new people keep discovering them and reading the archive and even commenting on pages that first saw the light of day a decade ago. Considering all my comics are in one universe current work occasionally references the old stuff and there even did a prequel comic for "Attack of the Robofemoids" to fill in the universe. What is past is prologue.

TheDeeMan at 3:00AM, July 23, 2022

You must have used the way WAY back machine on this. "UNA Frontiers" at #5 belongs to my partner Coydog as does the aptly titled "Coydog's Cafe at #17, and sitting at #6 is me and Coydog's first comic together "GAAK". Ah, those were the days. And like you I sometimes go through the old comics and love reading all the comments from back then. Dee - Succubus (and "GAAk") writer dude

plymayer at 12:32AM, July 23, 2022


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