Featured Dec. 18, 2013
Teen, 225 pages

Christmas is coming and this comic hopes to bring Joy to your World! Joy is a snarky, wise cracking young girl how makes me laugh my arse off! Joy to the World is a four panel comedy comic strip about Joy and her daily life, at school, home etc. The jokes have an edge and rarely fail to hit home, the writing is tight and funny, the art is solidly black and white, nicely stylised with a professional feel. This is a slick, entertaining piece of work, read before it gets famous (if it's not already). Updates on Monday and Friday!
Joy To the WOrld, by Wrathbone, rated T

Featured Dec. 11, 2013
Everyone, 128 pages

Jason and Jamie Deroya are twins living on the quiet, peaceful island of Cyana. Jamie dreams of adventures outside of her small world and circle of friends, and her dreams are about to come true when she decides to live abroad with her father. On the eve of her departure, Seven, a mysterious anthropomorphic creature with mouse ears, a tiger's tail, and pencils for hands kidnaps Jamie and carries her into a portal. Now it is up to Jason to save his sister, save the world, and possibly go on another adventure where art and creativity are the greatest weapons of all!
The coloring technique fluctuates between full digital colored pages and pencil/pen with experimental inking styles.
Read Lil Hero Artists Manga Edition, by silvipera and floodgatemartyr, on The Duck, Rated E!

Featured Dec. 4, 2013
Everyone, 92 pages

Candi Bunny is just your average gal trying to get by in the world, working as a waitress for tips. She has some interesting a fun adventures though, not lease of which with her witchy friend Zander Skonk and her horrible Troll room-mate… Then there was the time she was stuck couchsurfing with a succession of weirdos after her apartment got infested by pixies…
Bunny comic is a comedy story comic, with furry characters. The writing is funny and the black and what art is very pro looking!
FYI, If you look around The Duck you might also find Zander in a slightly racier comic. ;)
Bunny Comic, By Dustmeat, rated E

Featured Nov. 27, 2013
Mature, 31 pages

Stuck between the end of college and the rest of her life, twenty-something, Jenny Wren, must figure how to build the bridge to the “real world” and out of unemployment. In enters Jeremy, the laid back coffee shop barista, who makes up the second half this comic's equation. Liberal arts, video stores, Rambo, and David Bowie. Living in the doldrums of the gap year has never been funnier!
The art style is inked in black and white, hand drawn, and arranged in a four-panel, traditional comic strip layout.
Read New Jenny Wren, by Shawn Perry, Rated M!

Featured Nov. 20, 2013
Everyone, 225 pages

Cats are funny creatures; impulsive, silly, primal, and curious. Gundula has a giant one for a pet, a tiger to be precise! For most people having a pet tiger would be pretty dangerous, especially in the heart of urban Bremen (Germany), but Gundula is not a normal woman… she's a 700 year old witch, who's perpetually 25 and has a strong affinity for animals of all sorts. Even so, Gundi still has all sorts of trials and tribulations looking after her big stripy orange friend!
Master the Tiger is a comedic story comic that's mostly in the style of an illustrated novel rather than a typical comic. It's mostly black and white, drawn in a very natural, charming, sketchy fashion.
It also has a version in the Lower Saxon language or Plattdütsch, called “Gundula un de Stuventiger”.
Read Master the Tiger by PaulEberhardt, rated E!

Featured Nov. 13, 2013
Teen, 121 pages

Lydia Mason lives with her older sister in an old, dilapidated apartment building in the inner city. Their skewed relationship could stem from Lydia's constant rebellion and her sister's role as the sole caregiver in her life.
Lydia's world is about to turn upside down when she discovers a mask that turns her into a hero— or at least that’s what she thinks.
Digitally colored, full panel layouts.
By booger, Rated T.

Featured Nov. 6, 2013
Mature, 78 pages

Have you heard about The Devon Legacy yet? Well now is a great time to get into it! JustNoPoint is just re-doing his series now.
In the Devon Legacy we have a complex story with a lot of history behind it. People have special powers like psychic abilities, they help others and keep them safe, especially from alien invasion! The writing is full of action and urgency in this Scifi action drama story comic. The art is brightly colourful and a pleasure to look at.
The current version of The Devon Legacy starts off with something of an epilogue for the previous version of the story (“Prologue”), just to put a hat on things past before getting into the juicy new stuff.
Read The Devon Legacy, by JustNoPoint, rated M!

Featured Oct. 30, 2013
Teen, 77 pages

Gretz wake up into a new world and a new body, one with cat ears! This is a strange place of talking kitty-cats and possession by scary spirits. There's action, drama, comedy and the supernatural in this mysterious tale of cat people.
The art is full colour, it's bright and bold, with nice big pages! The story moves at a good, quick pace too.
By Princess_Gretz, rated T.

Featured Oct. 23, 2013
Teen, 117 pages

Zipp, Tashi, and Silga are on an adventure. They've appointed themselves a task- to rid their beloved land Rettubia from her dark and sad influence. Along the way they meet Asmael, a mysterious but capable (and handsome) warrior who has the same quest, and they join up. Don't take this comic too seriously, however- the map of Rettubia reveals a pretty distinct shape, and the “Bikini Forest” is pretty aptly named. The cruel sorceress is named Biatchess. And our heroes can be pretty goofy.

Featured Oct. 16, 2013
Teen, 16 pages

Your secrets are not safe. DoorMan is Janus de Nile, an enigmatic time-traveller hunting psychic parasites called the Arcanum, who feed on the guilt, remorse, and regret of those who hold secrets from their past. Sandman meets Doctor Who in this horror / sci-fi / psychological thriller.
The art is solidly black and white high contrast. The Doorman is a pretty professional looking comic with the action viewed from many interesting angles and a lot of work put into character facial expressions. The writing is dark and compelling.

Read DoorMan by Michaelallanleonard, rated T.

Featured Aug. 14, 2013
Mature, 160 pages

In exchange for his family's safety, Richard Olsen has given his soul to a heartless Demi. His only chance for freedom lies in letting her write a song about his life. Too bad Richard is surly and uncooperative… probably because his whole purpose in life is to kill Demis. He doesn't really want to be a hero- what he really wants is to kill the manic animal-child Demi who is both scary and annoying, and will cause his entire family to die if he doesn't play along. (Not only is he uncooperative, he's pretty terrible at being a hero.)

Featured Aug. 7, 2013
Teen, 62 pages

I bet you've never considered Vegetables for Dessert. You should give it a try- it's more satisfying than you think. I'm talking about the comic of course. It's an absurd humor comic around gags, puns, pop culture, and parody. From the disturbing reality of the only girl Smurf to what mice do when they're drunk, they're almost all winners, and a number of them are reminiscent of comics like The Far Side or PBF. Monty Rohde is pretty good at cribbing visual styles for relevant comics, too!
by MontyRohde, Rated T

Featured July 24, 2013
Mature, 413 pages

School of Rumble is a manga battle tournament comic. You know the drill, the new tough guy comes to school hoping to fight his way to top dog, so he starts a fight… and it begins! That's what this is, a classic example of the style. The school has a shadow administration of fighting students, and by battling amongst themselves with honed martial arts skills they establish their hierarchy.
Chapter 1 is currently receiving a beauty treatment, so don't worry if you see pages in there with a lower quality, they'll be fixed soon. The art is fully digital with some nice creative use of patterns in clothing and hair. Some of the anatomy is a little off but this is pretty honed work and a lot of effort has one into it.
Read School of Rumble for a classic fighting tournament story!
By Th4natos, rated M

Featured July 17, 2013
Teen, 534 pages

Will Weasel has been away fighting in the war these past seven years. He's just now returning home to his little home town of Blue Bough. A lot has changed since he's been away and the town is beset by a crippling drought, will feels lonely and strangely disconnected from all that was once familiar to him. This is a story of homecoming, and how war and change can affect someone. May The Rain Come is an entirely character driven story, the art is digital with evocative, textured autumn hues over thin sketchy lifework, with anthro figures.
By Zimeta, rated T.

Featured July 10, 2013
Everyone, 39 pages

It's that time of year again - Maxwell McDuff has got another mystery to solve, this time involving his friend Bill Duck! (Of course there's the usual cast of entertaining supporting characters too.) Gunwallace has provided this year's script, and lovely DDers have provided the comic version! The audio version is on its way, but for now read the story as a comic and enjoy everyone's different takes on the details!

Featured July 3, 2013
Everyone, 88 pages

Yes people, IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! The DD webcomic awards are open for business once more, this time it's the 2013 edition.The ballots are now open. Votes will be accepted until July 20th. We are looking for some brave volunteers to present and judge. Vooote and stuff, go there now. Go. Go. Go! Go now. I command it.
There are some great comics on DD and they need validation and honours heaped upon them. This is the purpose of the DD Awards. Show them your lurv. Please ^_^

Featured June 26, 2013
Everyone, 29 pages

Lovecraft, Jr. is a charming little comic about a charming little guy. HP Lovecraft, author responsible for an entire library wing of writings, features in this comic as a little kid. A surly and socially inept little kid. He's got the cynical outlook and concerns of an adult, but the logic processes and naiveté of a young'un. It suits him, actually, although I'm sure it doesn't represent what he was really like at all, it's a version of him based on his library and cultural impression. The comics themselves are pretty light- gags and soft jokes, with occasional appearances by other authors and perhaps a tentacle or two.
By indigobunting, rated E

Featured June 12, 2013
Mature, 266 pages

Secret societies… They're usually a bad thing, right? Well in this case you'd be half right. In the world of Darklings there are a couple of groups out there in the shadows, one out to harm humanity and the other doing its best to protect it. The monsters of myth and legend are real and they're out to get ya, but long ago some halfbreeds switched sides and decided to help defend against the evil- This is their story and it starts with a young girl newly inducted into this group, a young girl with ferocious powers…
This is a monster mystery action comic. The are is black and white and very reminiscent of pre 17thC woodblock printing in its style.
By Darklings, rated M.

Featured May 29, 2013
Teen, 43 pages

“Handsome” Chris Sly and Ransom Lee Givens are two henchmen for hire. That is, supervillains phone up the henchmen agency and Handsome and Ransom are then assigned to some megalomaniacal fellow bent on doing naughty things. Being a henchman is hard work, you have to face off against vicious hero sidekicks, and if your villain gets captured or killed you might not even get paid for all your hard work!
This is a hilarious alternative take on the super hero genre. Mostly drawn in black and white this action adventure buddy comedy had its genesis in the Heroes Alliance community webcomic.
By fukujinzuke, rated T.

Featured May 22, 2013
Everyone, 30 pages

The transition to the future won't be as shiny and clean as many sci-fi stories would have you think. It'll be uncomfortable and bolted on, bits and pieces of new slowly edging out the old, to create a strange clashing scenery. Helio the Great is as outdated as his furniture, and he doesn't like it. Unfortunately he takes his rage out on his son, a golden-haired boy as oppressed by his dad as he is by their poverty. But he's still got a spark of imagination. The comic's description is that the comic is “a science fiction story where humanity is found in the most unexpected places,” but it seems like there's a bad side to humanity, too.

by Fino Rexall, rated E

Featured May 15, 2013
Everyone, 42 pages

The Adventures of Alec Immortal is about a crazy, headstrong, some might say “belligerent” young lady. Nothing will get in the way of what she wants to do, no matter who gets in the way or gets hurt. This is an entertaining comedy comic. It's very stylised and cartoonish and also pretty funny! The pages are mostly in colour. The writing mostly consists of a series of very short comedy story arcs.
The order of the pages is a funny quirk, but it doesn't take you long to get used to the backwards nature.
By Jewel's Lips, rated E

Featured May 8, 2013
Everyone, 153 pages

The noble kingdoms of The Land Ever After and The Far, Far Away are on the verge of war. A sinister plot is in play. The young Princess Faere has been mysteriously kidnapped. And all the evidence of the foul deed points to The Far, Far Away. Chevalier the mouse goes off on a hero's quest to save the missing Princess, stop the looming war between two kingdoms–And fulfill his destiny.

A light and lovely little tale from our own Coydog. Very much a fairytale storybook and full of lots of delightful little things hiding in many pages- not even counting the mice!

by Coydog, Rated E

Featured May 1, 2013
Everyone, 41 pages

A monster's job is to go forth into the world of little children and scare the pants off of them! But the poor little froggy monster Fear has fears of his own, mainly the dark. Coming the the real world in search of candles to fight his biggest fear, he inadvertently makes a friend…
This is a comic aimed at younger viewers. The storyline is very simple and straight forward and the art style is bright, bold, extremely professional, but also quite simplified. It would make a great picture book or animated cartoon. Even so, the story is touching enough for people of any age.
By penicillin07, rated E.

Featured April 24, 2013
Teen, 376 pages

Hephaestus - the son of Zeus and Hera, the Greek god of smithing and crafting, and a pretty laid-back workman with a few stories to tell. Although the art is pretty rough, the writing is fun. The Greek pantheon has always been full of bizarre stories like a mountaintop soap opera, and this comic focuses particularly on our pal Heph. (We can call him that because he's married to Aphrodite.) His life isn't all fun and games though. There's hardly any, in fact. There's a lot of work, he feels underappreciated, and actually he was rejected from Olympus as a baby, raised by a lady only pretending to be his mom, and coerced into coming back to Olympus later. So he's got some family drama. It's not all bad though. There are perks to being a god.
By selecthumor, rated T

Featured April 17, 2013
Mature, 431 pages

There's this funky new comic shop called Blitz! It has Manga, hentai, normal western comics, card game things and all the rest of the stuff people like to go to such places for. The owners are Ruby and her husband Xander. These two are competitive, funny, fun-loving people. On the way they acquire Juri (and her terribly weak bladder), then Dante and Abby.
This is a funny character driven comedy. So if you like the whole weebo culture, comics, manga, conventions and fun then Blitz will appeal to you. The art is bright, bold, colourful, and engagingly manga styled and the story flows at a fast and light pace. There are many pages to get into so this is a work you can enjoy for a good long time.
by Raziel_X007223: Paris Hurdle and Kate Fazekas, rated M


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