Featured June 12, 2013
Mature, 279 pages

Secret societies… They're usually a bad thing, right? Well in this case you'd be half right. In the world of Darklings there are a couple of groups out there in the shadows, one out to harm humanity and the other doing its best to protect it. The monsters of myth and legend are real and they're out to get ya, but long ago some halfbreeds switched sides and decided to help defend against the evil- This is their story and it starts with a young girl newly inducted into this group, a young girl with ferocious powers…
This is a monster mystery action comic. The are is black and white and very reminiscent of pre 17thC woodblock printing in its style.
By Darklings, rated M.

Featured May 29, 2013
Teen, 43 pages

“Handsome” Chris Sly and Ransom Lee Givens are two henchmen for hire. That is, supervillains phone up the henchmen agency and Handsome and Ransom are then assigned to some megalomaniacal fellow bent on doing naughty things. Being a henchman is hard work, you have to face off against vicious hero sidekicks, and if your villain gets captured or killed you might not even get paid for all your hard work!
This is a hilarious alternative take on the super hero genre. Mostly drawn in black and white this action adventure buddy comedy had its genesis in the Heroes Alliance community webcomic.
By fukujinzuke, rated T.

Featured May 22, 2013
Everyone, 30 pages

The transition to the future won't be as shiny and clean as many sci-fi stories would have you think. It'll be uncomfortable and bolted on, bits and pieces of new slowly edging out the old, to create a strange clashing scenery. Helio the Great is as outdated as his furniture, and he doesn't like it. Unfortunately he takes his rage out on his son, a golden-haired boy as oppressed by his dad as he is by their poverty. But he's still got a spark of imagination. The comic's description is that the comic is “a science fiction story where humanity is found in the most unexpected places,” but it seems like there's a bad side to humanity, too.

by Fino Rexall, rated E

Featured May 15, 2013
Everyone, 42 pages

The Adventures of Alec Immortal is about a crazy, headstrong, some might say “belligerent” young lady. Nothing will get in the way of what she wants to do, no matter who gets in the way or gets hurt. This is an entertaining comedy comic. It's very stylised and cartoonish and also pretty funny! The pages are mostly in colour. The writing mostly consists of a series of very short comedy story arcs.
The order of the pages is a funny quirk, but it doesn't take you long to get used to the backwards nature.
By Jewel's Lips, rated E

Featured May 8, 2013
Everyone, 153 pages

The noble kingdoms of The Land Ever After and The Far, Far Away are on the verge of war. A sinister plot is in play. The young Princess Faere has been mysteriously kidnapped. And all the evidence of the foul deed points to The Far, Far Away. Chevalier the mouse goes off on a hero's quest to save the missing Princess, stop the looming war between two kingdoms–And fulfill his destiny.

A light and lovely little tale from our own Coydog. Very much a fairytale storybook and full of lots of delightful little things hiding in many pages- not even counting the mice!

by Coydog, Rated E

Featured May 1, 2013
Everyone, 41 pages

A monster's job is to go forth into the world of little children and scare the pants off of them! But the poor little froggy monster Fear has fears of his own, mainly the dark. Coming the the real world in search of candles to fight his biggest fear, he inadvertently makes a friend…
This is a comic aimed at younger viewers. The storyline is very simple and straight forward and the art style is bright, bold, extremely professional, but also quite simplified. It would make a great picture book or animated cartoon. Even so, the story is touching enough for people of any age.
By penicillin07, rated E.

Featured April 24, 2013
Teen, 376 pages

Hephaestus - the son of Zeus and Hera, the Greek god of smithing and crafting, and a pretty laid-back workman with a few stories to tell. Although the art is pretty rough, the writing is fun. The Greek pantheon has always been full of bizarre stories like a mountaintop soap opera, and this comic focuses particularly on our pal Heph. (We can call him that because he's married to Aphrodite.) His life isn't all fun and games though. There's hardly any, in fact. There's a lot of work, he feels underappreciated, and actually he was rejected from Olympus as a baby, raised by a lady only pretending to be his mom, and coerced into coming back to Olympus later. So he's got some family drama. It's not all bad though. There are perks to being a god.
By selecthumor, rated T

Featured April 17, 2013
Mature, 431 pages

There's this funky new comic shop called Blitz! It has Manga, hentai, normal western comics, card game things and all the rest of the stuff people like to go to such places for. The owners are Ruby and her husband Xander. These two are competitive, funny, fun-loving people. On the way they acquire Juri (and her terribly weak bladder), then Dante and Abby.
This is a funny character driven comedy. So if you like the whole weebo culture, comics, manga, conventions and fun then Blitz will appeal to you. The art is bright, bold, colourful, and engagingly manga styled and the story flows at a fast and light pace. There are many pages to get into so this is a work you can enjoy for a good long time.
by Raziel_X007223: Paris Hurdle and Kate Fazekas, rated M

Featured April 10, 2013
Teen, 18 pages

This lovely comic is just starting out, but it's so impressive I think people should know about it as early as possible! Illuminia is an atmospheric story about a conflict between light and dark. In a middle-eastern market, a grotesque demon of the dark crawls from a well. Luckily, a guardian of the light is present. The Illuminant makes quick work of the demon but not before it steals the soul of a child for its master. Gorgeous art, a compelling world, I have high hopes for this one!

Featured April 4, 2013
Teen, 74 pages

This is the second attempt at this comic subject, the first being hosted elsewhere. One day a college student hears a noise in an alleyway and ends up saving a small kitten, little does he know the comedy and drama that will ensue… Spoiler: shape-changing cat girl! Cat Nine is a funny little comedy comic strip in an easy to read strip format. The art style as well as the plot style are solidly manga and are no worse off for that, they follow the form well and the naughty semi-humour style comes across nicely.
Be warned, there is some pseudo-nudity here, but it's really pretty safe.
by cat9thecomic , rated T.

Featured March 20, 2013
Mature, 40 pages

Reed has spent his youth enjoying his life to the full. Funny and athletic- Reed has never wanted for friends, but even in a crowded room he has always felt alone. Today, on his 27th birthday, Reed finds himself drawn to a strange woman, and dark secret his parents can no longer hide…
The newest comic by rana (of The Tainted) is the story of a young man with a hectic life, who encounters a mysterious and kind of frightening woman… is this a romance or a horror?

Featured March 13, 2013
Mature, 67 pages

This featured comic was brought to me by the fantastic kawaiidaigakusei:
The story is about a woman sniper. The way she found herself in that occupation came from a traumatic childhood and a good for nothing father. She is conflicted at one moment on the job because she lets her feelings get in the way of her work and misses a clean shot.
We learn all this from a man being interrogated by two beautiful women in a small room. He's hoping to play for time…
The art syle is similar to the animated part of Kill Bill. It epitomizes Film Noir and the art is pretty gorgeous. The creator definitely puts a lot of thought and attention into each page. It earns its Mature rating because of the gun usage, and the scenes of the sniper's childhood.
Comic by by easydoesit.

Featured March 6, 2013
Teen, 186 pages

Poor stupid, under-performing Dietrich, attending the prestigious University Riedstadt, he's going to have to do something extra special if he's to continue there. Chess is normally a non-contact sport played through inanimate pieces, not in this place. With students representing the pieces, Dietrich is about to learn for himself just what exactly this dark, violent game involves, and it terrifies him!
Clockwork Atrium is a digitally coloured drama horror story comic, with clever art, great characters and excellent pacing, by CZweig, rated T

Featured Feb. 27, 2013
Mature, 134 pages

It's the post-apocalypse. The world above is a vaporized and irradiated nightmare, for all the survivors know. This comic is the story of two of these survivors, who have found shelter in a luxury bunker under a mountain in Arizona. These survivors… are muppets. It's a good thing the bunker has everything they need: books, board games, booze, and a bathtub to cry in.

Featured Feb. 21, 2013
Everyone, 40 pages

Ben Saber is truly a Hero of our time! This magnificent warrior for truth, justice, and the American way strides like a colossus through… stuff… and battles evil and things all the time, Right? The guy is just cool, accept it. Ben Saber is a snappy dresser, he's cultured, has great hair, irresistible to women, smells great, and stabs evil in the face repeatedly with his sword!
This is a hilarious, silly comedy superhero comic, full of dastardly villains like Lemon Head, Captain General, and Doctor Panther. It's all digital, comically stylised, highly colourful, has a great html template and is basically funny as hell!
By Reraser, rated E

Featured Feb. 14, 2013
Everyone, 145 pages

At the very moment of their victory a brave king and his faithful knight are thrown down in utter defeat! Sent by dark magic to a strange new land, Hengroen and Gringolet will have to fend for themselves trying to find their way home, and get into a few battles with brave bronze age warriors along the way.
There's a twist here though: Hengroen and Gringolet are horses, as is everyone else!
The art style is crisp, clean and cute. The characters are very well designed and drawn, the colours are beautiful and warm, Equsopia is one good looking comic! The writing style is action adventure fantasy, it's engaging and fast paced. This one will keep you wanting more!
By Hitokaji, rated E.

Featured Feb. 11, 2013
Teen, 1422 pages

Faced with troubled pasts and uncertain futures, three women must choose forgiveness, justice, or revenge. Closely guarded secrets and old foes threaten their friendships and their lives as they attempt to live peacefully in a used book store. A complex, noir-ish drama and a longstanding DD favorite!

Featured Feb. 7, 2013
Teen, 413 pages

Eternity Complex is a very complicated story! Young Fae comes from Earth to a new strange land, just dropped in like a fish out of water into an alien new place. This new world is actually very old it turns out and Fae has a destiny there she has no idea about. Accompanied by two people whose motives she's very unsure about, cynical Adrik and empathetic Enya , she's lead deeper and deeper into this new place and its mysteries. We learn of the hated magical Demis, Irving the evil trickster, and the even more mysterious “Hopes”.
The art here is digitally coloured; lustrous, warm, and textured, with highly stylised characters. The writing style is sometimes hard to follow, a lot is left out and left unsaid, but if you stick with it things all make sense after a while.
By Zarya, rated T

Featured Feb. 4, 2013
Teen, 44 pages

Meet the BlackGuard- a team of all-black specialists created by leader Eli Mercer to raise the morale of his people and see themselves in a powerful, positive light. The trouble is… well, they're trouble! Not so good at being heroes, not even so good at getting along… but they've got a contract killer, a gangsta-ass ninja, a mad black scientist (and his mad-fresh sidekick), and a black supremacist. And a personal assistant. BlackGuard is jam-packed with colorful and energetic art, aggressive humor, and lots of personality!

Featured Jan. 31, 2013
Teen, 406 pages

The town of Alandale has a bit of a problem with monsters, good old classic B-movie type monsters, you know, the fun ones! Len, Ron, Noa, and Eva share friendship, lodging and three letters in their names. They're a funny bunch, Ron is a lecherous pervert, Len turns into a wolfman al the time, and Noa and Eva have magical witchy powers, together they cause all sorts of silly things to happen!
This is a traditional style gag comic, very funny, with cool characters developing over time in story arcs. The style is pen and ink, manga influenced, with limited colour. Looks very stylish and has a great HTML template too! - with over 220 pages for your reading pleasure.
By Synwels, rated T.

Featured Jan. 28, 2013
Mature, 132 pages

Jan Lumenski and Jeremy Tanner were inseparable best friends from childhood through high school, but Jan wanted more. When she didn't see things going her way, Jan left for college and never looked back. It's been over a decade and Jan's now living the life of a successful fashion designer while Jeremy is overweight and depressed. A chance meeting throws them back in each other's lives, but will Jan get what she wants this time around?

Featured Jan. 24, 2013
Everyone, 56 pages

Stargazer is a magical purple cat. She's still young and finding her place in the strange wider world away from her family, but she's determined to use her unique magical power to help other creatures in need. On her way she teams up with a fellow magical cat, the yellow coloured Lightning, who is a smooth-talking, charming tomcat. Together they have even more interesting adventures!
The story here is a gentle family friendly comedy. The art is extremely colourful, highly stylised and digital… and of course very, very cute!
By One Wing, rated E.

Featured Jan. 21, 2013
Everyone, 461 pages

Welcome to the Beluga Weekly, a family-friendly weekly comic about a bunch of doofy animals being silly (and sometimes a bit thick). There's a little bit of jabbing at modern culture, a little bit of insight into doofy animal life, and lots of bright color! A cute comic just right for a rainy day. (Or other days too.)

Featured Jan. 17, 2013
Everyone, 1621 pages

Josh is the Don of Kelaps Residence at Wareham University in the great white land of Canada, (America's furry hat). He's not a Canadian though, he's from that great big country of people south of the Canadian border… Initially there are some pretty ridiculous culture differences between him and his “friends”, it only gets funnier and crazier from there!
The art style here is Pixel-art, similar to sprite comics, but the art is original and the figures were never ever animated sprites, so the artist isn't limited by copyright or the restrictions on the original art style and repertoire of library of cells.
Don Josh is a hilarious comedy comic strip, updated frequently. There are over a thousand pages so dive in!
By jercoxthealmighty, rated E

Featured Jan. 14, 2013
Mature, 249 pages

Alexandra Carter has had a rough couple of months. If you call isolation, torture, and being coerced to confess to a huge crime she didn't commit ‘rough.’ She's a tough nut to crack though, and after not saying a peep that whole time, something her captor says sets her off. It's time for vengeance! Turns out she's got some people on her side, although it seems even with a missing arm and eye she's still one of the most dangerous things around. This is looking like it will be a somewhat dark affair…


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