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Character Deep Dive: Stringy from Stringy and Mopy

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, March 16, 2024

Today we’re tackling Stringy from the action-packed comic Stringy and Mopy by MegaRdaniels!

As with every character deep dive, I seek to do as thorough an analysis as possible with what I’m given for the character requested. (By the way you can sign up here if you want your character to get a deep dive with a psych analysis from me!)

Now, though there are many pages in Stringy and Mopy where Stringy is involved in intense action, there aren’t too many where her interaction with others (except Victoria, we’ll get there in a bit), her background and her emotions are shown. And that’s understandable because she’s basically in a fight with a pretty staggeringly dangerous and indomitable looking monster! We don’t manifest personality as much when we’re throwing down simply because there’s no time. If you take a look at MegaRdaniels’ page, there’s a whole set of volumes continuing the story that aren’t yet up, where I’m certain we’ll learn a lot more about Stringy’s world and herself to be able to make a profile for her that’s a lot more detailed than what I can do for her at this stage.

THAT SAID, in this enormous action scene there is a lot of banter and talking back and forth between our heroine and the villainess. Some snippets of background emerge there. I also take the style of dialogue as part of my analysis for Stringy.

So for the purposes of this analysis, and considering what I have to work with, I’ve tweaked the format to best fit a thorough look at Stringy and her intense world. Let’s get to it!

The Setting, the World, the Characters

So let’s dive right in by looking at the world! It looks like it’s somewhere in Georgia, USA. But I’m inclined to believe that it’s the USA of some other world or dimension, very much in the style of superhero stories where the world appears pedestrian and mundane but it contains people with magic, superpowers, and paranormal abilities.

In particular, superpowers seem to be granted by an array of magical amulets that can help their owner shapeshift and basically get a set of superpowers – it’s yet unclear if it’s due to the amulet alone or there are specific humanoid differences, so to speak, between different amulet holders that also require differences in their amulets.

We’re introduced to how devastating these creatures (and their amulets) can be by the main villainess of at least this part of the story, Victoria. She is an undead creature that is on a serial killing streak where she consumes people and assimilates their abilities and experiences. Something like a zombie highlander, I’d say.

This but with zombies, so with more munching

This is where Stringy comes in- she uses her amulet to turn into her superhero self and fight (and hopefully stop) Victoria from continuing on her cannibalistic rampage!

So with the setting and the world in place, let’s have a look at our heroine!

Basic Character Design

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to Stringy’s non-superhero form, I’m a little confused. She appears to be a nun. OR she could be wearing a hijab. I’m starting to lean more towards the latter (from the way she invokes Jesus Christ and other invocations) so I’ll go with her wearing a hijab which makes her an observing Muslim lady.

Modest clothing though goes right out the window when she transforms!

And by “modest” of course I mean modest clothing in a religious context. There’s nothing skimpy about her outfit beyond that.

Stringy is a woman of color, 23 years old by her own declaration, and with potentially extraterrestrial or supernatural origins because there’s a lot of hinting from Victoria that she’s not exactly mortal (and thus it’s not her magic amulet alone that gives her her powers). I am not sure what she is though.
But if the fact that the cousin she has a competition with is called Snow White, and Victoria calls her “wolf” on occasion, I’d think she’s some kind of werewolf. Only more updates will tell!

Personality and Psych Scan

While we haven’t seen Stringy act and interact in many different situations, I think there’s enough to say that she’s somewhat immature despite her being a young adult at 23 (or perhaps, if she’s a werewolf, that may not be old enough yet?).

Her immaturity shows from three things, that I have seen:

1. She relies on getting away with mischief by being Pappy’s “favorite” in a sense, and sneaking out to fight behind his back

2. She doesn’t care much about controlling her power so that she doesn’t cause needless damage

3. She has an alarmingly overwhelming bravado

Bravado is a situation where a person displays unfounded amounts of overconfidence, often pretty vocally or in flamboyant ways. Think of the person that constantly draws attention to how smart they are, or how amazing they are at a sport, or how they will kick your butt if you only let them- and often these assertions never get backed up by actual facts.

Bravado is a symptom of insecurity and a sense of vulnerability- in that it is a defense mechanism designed to “build up” the confidence of someone who is feeling unsure about a situation or about their worth. Loudly professing they are valuable, important, impactful, strong, invincible is their way of assuaging their fear that they aren’t.

And considering the fact that there’s a lot of grandstanding from Stringy when she faces off Victoria, but when she unleashes her strongest attack, it gets summarily dealt with by the villainess, there’s at least some indication that Stringy may not be able to back up all the trash talking she does and her promises of a swift dispatching of Victoria.

Now, I’m not saying Stringy isn’t strong and a good match for the monstrous Victoria- she is! However, the fact remains that she spends too much time telling Victoria that she’s going to crush her and too little time doing it.

The same goes for Victoria, but we’re only looking at Stringy right now!

Where could this insecurity she’s potentially masking with bravado coming from?

There can be a lot of theories but very little actual fact yet to base any on. We need more story!
With what we have right now, my bet would be that at least some insecurity stems from her past.


Stringy used to be like Victoria in that she would devour people and assimilate their power. If not identically the same as Victoria, definitely close enough to come down to the same thing: killing and consuming.

By Stringy’s words, she turned from that path (we don’t know how) and stopped killing people, instead going into law enforcement (we haven’t yet seen her non-superpowered profession, by the way). We don’t know the events that got her into this path and then out of this path, but the fact is that she has a very violent past, mired in blood, and she does need to handle and deal with it.

Right now it doesn’t seem to be burdening her, as she alludes to it like it’s just a phase she grew out of. I’m choosing to interpret that as some level of dissociation from the true ramifications of her actions.

Alternatively if we were to combine that lack of apparent emotional concern for the impact of her past with her apparent lack of emotional concern for any destruction she causes in her wake as she goes to fight Victoria, we might have to look for something deeper- like perhaps indication that Stringy could have some level of antisocial personality disorder.

In antisocial personality disorder a lack of remorse or guilt for transgressions or the hurt/impact caused to others is a major symptom to look out for (impulsivity and aggression being others, but again, context is tremendously important for these things, and we have very little of it).

However, I would need a ton more information to make that theory into an assessment of Stringy. While she has a past of murdering sprees, she consciously chose to stop- this may be where her being religious comes in, too, but again, this is just speculation. Until we know the reason for that, we can’t assess whether there’s guilt there or not.

The fact that guilt doesn’t immediately manifest may simply be another defense mechanism or just a lack of willingness (which is pretty understandable) to appear vulnerable or admit such a thing to Victoria.

Like I’ve often said in this analysis, I simply need more data!

Final thoughts

This entire part of Stringy and Mopy has the subtitle “The Adventure Begins” and I think that’s really telling. We’re still getting to know Stringy and her family, we’re still getting to know the world they inhabit, and we’re still getting to know the villains/antagonists they’re facing (like Victoria).

So far, there are indications of who Stringy is, but nothing definite to make this psych scan complete for my liking. So take it as a hypothesis, and let’s see what gets confirmed and what gets refuted as the story unfolds more!

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Andreas_Helixfinger at 7:41AM, March 16, 2024

It was an interesting hypothetical assessment being made with what data that is available for now. Looking forward to more of these👍

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