Featured Oct. 4, 2006
Teen, 807 pages

Lola is the story of an introverted girl, her friends (some stranger than others), and her unusually attractive grandmother. All Lola wants is a bearable middle-school experience, and perhaps to figure out her family's mysteries. Don't miss the animated updates during Week 6.
Lola has a distinctive one-panel, black-and-white style that is further defined by its enjoyable low-key humor.

Featured Oct. 3, 2006
Everyone, 153 pages

Sometimes comics can be the means of approaching a subject that otherwise could be difficult if not unconfrontable. The Chelation Kid chronicles the life of one family's experience in helping their autistic son Jack using bio-medical interventions. A well-executed and professional comic that handles the subject matter in both a thought-provoking and humorous manner.

Featured Oct. 1, 2006
Teen, 33 pages

The lighter side of scurvy. A day in the life of Swabby, filled with sailors, pirates, dancing mini-dinosaurs, inane social commentary, and some not very PC humor. Great illustration adds to the experience.

Featured Sept. 30, 2006
Teen, 32 pages

Not exactly what you would expect from the title. Not burning with the elemental flame? Try dealing with the evil Lord of the Prismatic Shade Dominion over Five Shards of the Shattered Plane. Or multiple dimensions, fireballs, officiates summoned from the shade realms… Oh, what are a pair of 13 year magically empowered girls to do?

Featured Sept. 29, 2006
Everyone, 127 pages

One of Volte6's favorite's – “I dig this comic!” – This cute, sweet, and often laugh out loud funny comic is drawn in a retro-modern style and features the adventures of a girl and her, well, her not so understanding of human ways robot. The writing is most excellent.

Featured Sept. 28, 2006
Mature, 118 pages

X-Files meets 28 Days Later. A seriously well illustrated pencil comic that doesn't hold back on zombie termination through the blowing'em apart with guns or choping them to bits with an axe style horror. Start reading and you can't stop.

Featured Sept. 27, 2006
Everyone, 436 pages

Fast approaching its 50th strip, Bird & Worm is one of the Ducks few daily strips that runs every day, Monday through Sunday. And lucky we are too. The strip by Sean Pendergrass reminds you of your favorite Sunday comic, the one you couldn't wait to read. Excellent illustrations, great characters, and endless sarcasm and wit.

Featured Sept. 26, 2006
Teen, 62 pages

If Douglas Adams was writing a comic strip about three luckless low ranking soldiers in the Space Corp it might read something like this. Something like it. Fans of Hitchhikers Guide, Galaxy Quest and the like should pay attention. Now if only Mimarin would update more often…

Featured Sept. 25, 2006
Teen, 76 pages

If there was a sick and twisted comics festival, Creepy Carly would be right at home. It’s a creepy, sick and twisted comic, and funny as hell too. Updated twice a week by Carly Mizzou, a relative newcomer to the Duck, Creepy Carly is quickly building a following of readers, and for good reason.

Featured Sept. 24, 2006
Everyone, 163 pages

Classic grand fantasy questing and adventures with the added benefit of excellent illustrations and characters. Originally started in 2001, Geejay Fua has brought it back to life here on the Duck. Of interest is the improving illustration quality, from good to great, as you go through the adventures, now on Chapter 7!

Featured Sept. 23, 2006
Mature, 35 pages

Science fiction, cute female heroes in skimpy clothes, and a skateboarding cyber otter. What more could you ask for? With excellent illustration and cute gun toting babes Terroquita is back with chapter 2 of Thunderstorm Trouble. Let's hope he updates frequently!


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