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Real name : Ross Brennan

Age : 15

Location : Paisley, Scotland

Fave Comics: VG cats, Penny Arcade, stuff on the right, anything involving Deadpool, Battle Royale

Favourite superhero : Deadpool

Favourite games : Golden Sun, Halo 3, TimeSplitters 2, Call of Duty 4, Half-Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, MegaMan Battle Network 4 and 5, Pokmon Emerald, Final Fantasies 4,7 and 10, the Thing-Thing games

Fave Music: Slipknot, Disturbed, Sonata Arctica, Dragonforce, Aerosmith, Jonathan Coulton, Nirvana, Videogame music (especially music from Halo), Drowning Pool, Green Day, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup, Linkin Park. Lots more.

Interests: Warhammer 40K, writing (sci-fi), gaming, reading, spriting, making comics, music, watching movies, and probably other stuff.

Friends (IRL): Kieran, Ryan, Amy, Fraser, Jason, Debbie, Jordan, Heather, Andy, Ruth, Matthew, the other Ruth, Ally, Stephen and other peoples.

Comics By dark link

  • Fantasy |
  • 11 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
An 8-Bit Comic following a group of adventurers as they go on a quest to defeat evil...IN MY OWN SPECIALLY CREATED WORLD! With dragons, Dragon Knights, Mage Knights, Elemancers, and a cameo from Gilgamesh as Prince Gilgamesh, you'd be crazy to miss it!
  • Sci-Fi |
  • 5 pages |
  • last: July 18 2011 |
  • 1 like
One In the Chamber is a sprite comic based around a Red vs Blue-type concept. Featuring a fully-fleshed out universe (not really) and some hilarious (ie. cringeworthy) jokes, do not miss One In The Chamber!

Comics Assisted By dark link

  • Sci-Fi |
  • 5 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
A story set in the future of 3000, gone wrong.
  • Fantasy |
  • 5 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
A mocking guide to games

Comics Recomended By dark link

The future... Sonic corrupted... Destruction on a massive scale... Can anybody stop this... I hope so... For we are the resistance.

A comic about 8Bit Video Game characters!

About a teenager named Evan, who goes to a school to teach him how to be a supervillain! But he's no good at it and hilarity ensues!

This is all of our other comics, other than Hey Look, Zombies! and another comic coming soon, The Black Arrow, we have no update schedule and its just all these tarded comics we made in our spare time, enjoy! :D

An action packed sprite comic about a brave warrior that defends Justice throughout the world. With some useless junk in between.

A comic for Bionicle fans. On the island of Dosa Nui, the Toa Dosa, a highly dysfunctional Toa team pit their wits against Maita, the world's worst villian for the fate of Dosa Nui, who's mystery is quite an unnessessary, yet interesting one.

a war between the demon world, Soldon, and the Angel world, Rine.

no description

no description

Comic tutorials for the webcomic artists online. Anyone can contribute in this. Just send me an email at ephanmyATyahooDOTcom.

The misadventures of Cru, a demented dwarf with a questionable grasp on reality and a penchant for perviness.

A story about Dark the hedgehog.

History about Dark the hedgehog in the most dark times that the Sonic team has ever been in.

Zombies are loose on Drunk Duck. A community project of horror and mayhem. Come join in the chaos for this special (m)eating of minds. Leave brains in the slot after 6:00 PM. -The Management

A party of a fighter, mage, and rogue sit around, get drunk, launch cows, and kick all ass with amazing photoshop colors. All this and more in Dungeons and Dumbasses, It's DnD exactly like you've seen it before!

Our story start with a group of friends discover this mysterious card game .They soon figure that this is more then a card game. After they recieve a mysterious cards they find themselfs stuck in a world that they are destined to save. Will they succeed?

Brought to you by the FOX network, it's Feeling Rushed!! Starring Sonimy and Shadow.

FF4 REAdvance is a humour driven comic (though wont always be funny) that follows the story of Final Fantasy IV. However it seems the characters and plot are not quite how you remember them.

Every story has a beginning and Final Fantasy is no exception. Join some of your favorite characters as they go through one of lifes' toughest adventures...high school!

A story set in the future of 3000, gone wrong.


A mocking guide to games

A Pokemon comic taking place in the Hoenn region. 15 years have gone since Team Aqua and Magma disappeared, but now they have returned! Follow Cawey and Kiro as they try to regain the Orbs and save Hoenn from a disaster.

The spin-off from my main comic, Rockman: Fully Executable. This is the comic where I 'store' all the fillers, and, like the name suggests, make comics of 'how it could've been. Now doing it on demand.

A random manga full of randomness.

Sprite based comic, with original sprites! For real. Updated irregularly, but usually once or twice a week.

I'm in ur reality, and I'm twisting it to my own liking.

I had a dream once about you and I. We lived in separate worlds with separate lives. I give to you my heart, my dreams, my entire being. I give you to key to all the key to Everything...

The end is here, nothing you can do, all 7 chaos Emer. has began change, a lifeform from space hit the planet and ruined the Chaos Contanit, and split it into 8 Islands. Theres a Chaos emerald in each, but there isn't 8 chaos emeralds, and what is this...

no description

no description

A comic made with sprites taken from the online game Maple Story. Made with MSPaint. Enjoy and remember, keep on smilin'! ^_^

This story starts as Zero Dies at Ragornot...

Following the life of a weird kid, this webcomic is full of quirks and funnies, guaranteed to make you regurgitate.

Mixed Martial Arts Warrior turned Crimefighter. Jason Cord now stalks the night as the two-fisted fury NightFist!

no description

The World of NUL, taking Video Game Endings To a New Level. The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Mario Bros. and many MANY more video games shall come together in this Epic Adventure. Now: On Hiatus. Hope to be back SOON! -May 2011-

Not just another sprite comic! See what happens when all standard conventions are thrown out the window! That, and a bored teenager (plus his crazy Dutch internet friend) gets a hold of MSPaint.

Megaman was designed to feel emotions, but what if he couldn't handle them? What if he was terrified of an enemy, realized he was no better than one, or even broke the laws of robotics? Updated once a week.

It's a comic woo... eh whatever.

Join May, a beginning trainer, and her two new friends, Hayley and Taylor, as they travel through the Kanto region in hopes of May fulfilling her dream of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator Master!

A young boy named Ty moves to the Sinnoh and stumbles upon a mysterious cave, holding a powerful Pokemon. With Ty's Piplup they can take, and use Arceus to "purify" the Earth.

A sprite comic based on Fire Emblem (7). The travels and adventures of a dysfunctional group of fighters.

A collection of random moments on fire emblem.

Just random stupidity.

Three inventive teens with talent for building robots are forced to go head to head with a big, unscrupulous Robo-Tech company that wants their robotic designs. Fortunately these kids have some special secrets in their past! Full Color 3D CGI graphics

A couple of months after the deletion of NebulaGrey, Netto and RockMan have peaceful days once again. However, a new organization would try to interrupt those days, but with what goal?

It's grand! It's epic! It's horribly cliched! Coming at least four times a week, RPG Quest is the epic tale of one inept adventurer, a mismatched group of warriors, a dark ruler bent on destruction, and a truly life-changing quest. Probably.

Hello I'm from Holland (so my English is not so good) this is my comic. I change it

Shiloh is a young, unsuccessful swordsman. Until he meets Katherina, a young girl of the elven race. She tells him that she was sent into the past to retrieve a Knight, Magic Swordsman, Wizard and Brawler to stop an uprising threat before it happens!

Being a noob in an MMORPG isn't easy. Watch this guild rise the ranks and become a serious group of veteran players. No, they never will, because they can't do anything right.

A little operation thats been going on for a few years now. Sonic Online has had it's ups and down but is finally here to stay. I'm always looking for new characters so if you have one and would like to be linculded send a PQ to me shisno15.

The story takes place in the internet, in the setting of the main character SJ the hedgehog. Knowing there's more out there to see, is how his adventure begins...

Speesheez is the profiles corner here in Drunk Duck.

In a land of magic, of great kings and empires, where legends become true, a great evil is rising, and with it young heroes to face it...but maybe to young to prevail.

Cajun-spiced, hot-n-heavy, dark-n-deadly, supernatural science fiction goodness in every ever-lovin' spoonful.

the dark side of Mobius

A tournament/story based around the super smash bros game series.

The joke strip version of Team52.

People trapped in a video game fighting for their life. sprite comic fire emblem style

An online game appears out of the blue known as The Game. Using 3D virtual reality software, the players gain a new kind of control to the video game. Millions of players begin to join from all over the world. And with this many players comes problems.

shadow silver and bloof, enuff said

Soldier from a home world that has been all but destroyed, on the run, and carrying a secret with unimaginative power. All the while on a quest to find his best friend.

A sprite comic made by Lamehero and I based on what we believe a Robotmaster's routine might be.

Venture through Natalie's life as she has her twists and turns, ups and downs.

A fresh new start, Odell, a Black Mage/Blue Mage blend, sets out on adventure in the world of FF1 with several other cohorts to thwart evil! Along the way they make new friends, foes, and experience lots of mayhem and wackiness!

A sonic comic starring Sytthe the hedgehog and other cameo appearences.

The Thesaians are a powerful alien race that destroy other planets all because their own planet was obliterated many years ago. Now they have arrived at Earth, all that's standing in their way of Earth's destruction are two scientists and their creations.

Tony, Razor, and the Sonic gang fight the forces of evil! Or ya know, goof off and fight just for fun. A Sonic related comic with lots of fighting and comedy.

Following on from the Final Zone novels, this comic explores life after death. But even this isn't peaceful. Pretty soon, the afterlife is just as chaotic as the duringlife!

This is my comic, World of War but in sprte form! It is set years after the events in my World of War. Follow even more adventures of Asri and Gunta as they travel through the World of War!

Iah, an ambitious Mystic Knight woman, travels around the world to put ends to the senseless, greedy global wars caused by her corrupted sagacious Aelkeepean King, Balthasar, before everyone dies or Balthasar gains ultimate power, with friends helping.


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Happy B-day, bro! Hope you enjoy being 15!

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Yo man, thanks for the add! Much appreciated, honestly. Thanks.

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I'm on reccommended! :'D Thank you! n_n

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wow, strange, its been what, 2 weeks and you havent started a new comic!

Zippo Prower at 7:15AM, Sept. 23, 2007

Your comic rules!!!

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Fixed it!! Sorry 'bout that. My head has been in the clouds. *nods*

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Thanks for the friend add. wolverine, deadpool, and spiderman are my favorite super heros. And Metal is always good listen too.

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cheers for the add little bro

Quacklin at 7:06AM, May 27, 2007

Sure you can join, post it in the comments then I'll mute it so noone can steal it.

Nightmare Zero at 8:22AM, May 22, 2007

Nice to meet you. Check out mine when you have the time.

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Yay, I like your comics tooo!

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